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Can there be any doubt that the UWELL Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank would be a major performer? That the clouds of vapor would be ginormous and the flavor incredibly spot on? Certainly not! Anything made of Valyrian steel is guaranteed to be top-notch. In case you don’t know what the Uwell Valyrian is made from, here’s a little something from the Game of Thrones Wiki;

“Valyrian steel is a form of metal that was forged in the days of the mighty Valyrian Freehold. When fashioned into bladed weapons, the steel can hold an especially keen edge, remaining sharp forever without the need for honing.

Aside from its sharpness, Valyrian steel is recognizable by its strength and light weight in comparison to ordinary steel[1], as well as by a distinctive rippled pattern visible in blades made from it.[2] Along with dragonglass, Valyrian steel is one of the few known substances that can kill White Walkers, although this property is not widely known, apparently not even to the White Walkers themselves.[3]Since the destruction of Valyria, the majority of the surviving Valyrian steel weapons serve as heirlooms in the various noble Houses of Westeros.”

Game of Thrones WIKI

So, okay, Uwell is having a little a fun with the term Valyrian. This sub-ohm tank is made from high grade stainless-steel, and is packaged in a deluxe plastic tube that really makes me want to keep it on display rather than use it. Who knows, I might buy another one to do just that.

About the Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank

The Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank truly delivers an amazing vape. The chassis design is sophisticated, the materials used are first rate, and with a 5mL juice capacity, this tank lasts a while before needing a refill. There is also an option to extend the maximum capacity to a staggering 8 milliliters (sold separately).

Speaking of refills, the Uwell Valyrian uses a hinged top-fill system. To pop the top, there is a small button on the front side of the tank. Press it to release the top cap and reveal the two nice size fill slots. Once filled, snap the top cap down and you’re ready to vape again.

Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Innovative Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm

I’ve never seen this before in a sub-ohm tank, and to be honest, I’m not sure this innovative approach to increasing performance of cloud formations or flavor, is worth the trouble. But it is impressive. The Uwell Valyrian sub-ohm tank uses one of three “pins” in the coil system that changes the behavior of the vape.


These interchangeable airflow pins integrate with the coil systems, and at first are somewhat confusing. This is supposed to be a sort of “crowning achievement” for Uwell, in that it introduces the concept of the interchangeable airflow pins to create a custom airflow style and flavor delivery. Had I simply purchased this tank for personal use I doubt I would have tried the pins because the performance of the default tank is wonderful. But, since this IS a review, I tried them out.


Each Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank comes with three distinctive pins that are press-fitted onto the interior base of the tank. The Pin is also a part of the 510-connection.


The Unrestricted Pin is for a standard airflow style of vaping, with a focus on creating clouds of thick vapor with the 0.15ohm Dual Coils head. Another Pin is a Spiral Pin and another a Wave Pin. These Pins change the cloud production and flavor fidelity of the tank itself.

At first, I believed this interchangeable Pin thing to be a gimmick of sorts. But, as I switched from Pin and Pin, I was convinced of their sophisticated abilities to alter the vape experience to fit the needs of the Vaper. No other sub-ohm tank uses this feature, yet, but I’m sure others will, patent or no patent.



The Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank is 25mm in diameter, so most modern mods will have no trouble with overhang.


There is so much of a high-quality look and feel to this tank, with precision details, including the AFC ring and contrasting O-ring colors in each package. The drip tip works like a dream, and is slightly sloped and narrows at the top. Despite this non-wide-bore drip tip, the sheer size of clouds with a Direct Lung pull is as great, or greater, than the direct lung pull on a SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King, and that is no exaggeration.

Vaping the UWELL Valyrian

My first pull on the Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank startled me. I did not expect such a magnificent cloud of vapor, nor the pure flavor that came from the standard Valyrian set up. Since that first pull, I’ve been using it more and more. I regret not buying a few more, despite the price tag of $34.95 a piece. (Element Vape)  After breaking the coil in, I found the optimal wattage for my favorite e-liquids to be 93-96W. (HighVG or MAXVG)


The top-fill design works well now, but I’m a little shy about the hinge mechanism lasting as long as other parts of this high-quality tank. Only time will tell though, but it shouldn’t sway you away from picking one up.

The Wrap Up and Score

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Listen, I know that most new sub-ohm tanks coming out this year are all basically good and decent tanks. Everyone has their favorite brand, or model, and peoples vape experiences different. Having said that, while I have agreed with most of our Uwell tank reviews, including the Crown series, I can say I truly believe the Uwell Valyrian is the best sub-ohm tank Uwell has ever made. You might feel different, especially if you’re looking for a wide-bore vape, or something else, but for me, the Valyrian is it. Therefore, the score for this sub-ohm is:



The UWELL Valyrian Sub-Ohm is available in many colors, black, stainless, blue, rainbow, and so on, but in my opinion, only the stainless-steel model gives off the Valyrian Steel look.

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