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Let’s talk about the Truth – I have sat with my laptop several times in the past month. I have tried, and tried, to talk about the recent e-cigarette war tactics. I’ve also tried to see if I could identify any honest motives, from the “ban it all” people, to the “ban flavors” people. I so wanted to find some honest people on the anti-vaping side, to discover just what the hell was their problem with e-cigarettes, besides the horrible name for our vaping products.


Regretfully, after at least half a dozen attempts to sound even tempered and sane, by the 4th paragraph or so I was so livid, typing foul words, hate-filled words, because what has happened since the very first person that made the decision to make bootleg THC cartridges using an untested ingredient to ‘cut’ the THC, vitamin E acetate. Our peaceful vape community has been under siege.


Vaping THC cartridges with a long slim battery, has nothing to do with vaping flavored e-liquids. In fact, e-liquid and cannabis products are totally different animals. Vaping to get high and vaping to stay off cigarettes aren’t even close enough to be kissing cousins.

Uptight Short-Sighted Hypocrites – Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Flavored THC Cartridges


Until two weeks ago, flavored THC cartridges was something I’d never heard about. I’ve been vaping e-liquid (3mg nicotine) for 8 years, and never once really knew anything about THC cartridges (the truth!) , and I work as a reviewer for Spinfuel VAPE! I know atomizers inside and out, I know box mods, vape pens, pod mods (yuck), wattage only mods, direct voltage mods, temperature control systems, and on and on. I know a hundred brands of e-Liquid. Yet, because our worlds are so far apart I’d never run across flavored THC oil or cartridges.


Two Serious Problems of Which ‘We’ Hold No Sway


A couple of days ago we reported the finding that New York, North Carolina, and California have joined together to sue JUUL, a closed pod mod system. Closed systems simply mean that when you decide to vape JUUL you’re stuck with the e-liquids they sell. You can’t refill a closed pod system.


The two things that me and others, don’t like about JUUL is that it is a closed pod system, and the pods have 59mg nicotine salt e-liquid. 59mg of nicotine salt e-liquid can cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea when over-vaped. This, some teenagers call, a ‘cheap high’ and are the reason teenagers use them.


Since, well, forever, there has been certain teenagers in every generation that seek out anything from household cleaning products, to alcohol, and now high-level nicotine pod mods to get high.


These teenagers just want to check out of the real world for a while, and for some ridiculous reason high nicotine pods in JUUL devices do the job. If a teenager gets caught with a JUUL electronic cigarette, they are not arrested. It’s not exactly a crime, except they are too young to buy them.


Having said that, I can see why these states might want to bring a lawsuit against JUUL. I just think the way they’re going about it will muddy the waters and the case will be dismissed.


This brings me to the second problem we are facing, which is also the second actionable (?) part of the lawsuit.  These states are blaming JUUL for enabling the current Vaping Crisis. That alone will get the lawsuit tossed out of court.


Since the ‘Vaping Crisis’ was 100% caused by bootleg THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate, JUUL doesn’t have anything to do it. People in the THC world are to blame, and they are being busted and arrested all over the US. These people, these businesses, are the ones responsible for killing people and getting thousands seriously sick with lung disease.


You have wonder, how their legal gymnastics made the leap from high nicotine pods to poisoned THC cartridges.


Yes, I understand that these states are also suing JUUL for targeting minors. But again, the inclusion of the vaping lung illness and deaths have nothing to do with JUUL. Clearly a judge will see this.

The Corrupt Media

Also playing a part in this evil play to rid the world of the only safe method to kick tobacco addiction and save millions of lives and billions in healthcare, is the media.

Here’s a perfect example…


A couple of days after people began getting sick and dying of this lung disease, President Trump said that the US needed to ban flavored e-liquid… without even understanding the issues at play.  Trump knew less than I did about flavored THC cartridges. He knew nothing about bootleggers cutting THC with Vitamin E acetate and selling them on secret websites or even on the street. If he had I don’t think we would have even mentioned flavored e-liquid.


The minute Trump said what he said a firestorm inside the media erupted and has just recently began to ever-so-slightly calm down….

The Truth about Corrupt Politicians


Remember, this entire “crisis” is over tainted bootleg THC cartridges. However, corrupt politicians picked up on this so-called crisis and ran with it. The Dictator, I mean, Governor, of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, used Executive Powers and outright banned ALL vape products for 4 months. Today he’s about to sign this total vape ban into Law, permanently. Despite the fact that e-liquid and vape gear had nothing at all to do with the lung illnesses and/or deaths.


For the Dictator it doesn’t matter. This man doesn’t care about the health of his citizens. He doesn’t care about the loss of jobs, the loss of all the small businesses, not does he care about Vapers using these products, which has been proven by various studies, are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.


This is happening in other states as well, especially the e-liquid flavor ban. For no other reason than money.


Oh, and Marijuana…


States can’t wait to legalize marijuana because it can be taxed, a lot. However, THC cartridges live in that world. In fact, in Massachusetts has legalized both medical marijuana and recreational use of Marijuana! Once the legitimate world of vaping is destroyed in Massachusetts, the bootleg THC/Vitamin E Acetate market will explode there. And in other states as well. People wanting to get high can spend $60 for a THC cartridge, or $20 for bootleg THC cartridge. And when the Dealer swears on his mother’s life that there is no Vitamin E acetate in HIS cartridges… what do you think the young people will do?

Good Luck Charlie

In addition, thousands of e-liquid Vapers will return to cigarettes. That’s the truth.  We wish they wouldn’t do it, but they will. Going back to cigarettes is exactly what corrupt politicians want. Lots of tax money in cigarettes, and lots of money to collect from the 20+ year old tobacco lawsuit.


Don’t we live in a GRAND world?


What do you know? Nearly 1000 words in and my mind hasn’t exploded all over my keyboard.


Maybe, just maybe, Trump has learned the truth, and a lot about this THC & Vitamin E acetate problem. Maybe he now understands the truth …  it has nothing to do with vaping e-liquid. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll listen to reason and work to stop this insane war on vaping. Maybe he won’t ban flavors, (something adult Vapers need and want), and maybe, just maybe, Trump will explain to those that refuse to listen that Bootleg THC Cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate is the ONLY problem.


Truthfully, it feels like we’ve been at war over vaping forever. Constantly under attack because the number of smokers is shrinking, and the money spent on cigarettes have gone down. Imagine being under attack because you make a product that is 95% safer than tobacco products.


The FDA has a lot of nerve even classifying mods and e-liquid as tobacco products. It’s not the truth. Never has been.