Aspire Triton Mini Tank Review

I can’t figure out why Aspire has such a spotty track record when it comes to introducing new vape gear. Sometimes they hit out of the park, and other times they strike out. Some say Aspire likes to take risks, others say that Aspire doesn’t understand western vapers. Perhaps it’s a little of both. With the Triton Mini, I believe Aspire lacks commitment.


The Aspire Triton Mini is, I suppose, a decent enough tank. It does bear some of the Triton design aesthetics, enough to be called a legitimate member of the Triton family, but when it comes to performance, only a certain type of user will find it worthy.

Materials and Basic Functions

The Aspire Triton Mini Tank is constructed with high-grade 304 (kitchen grade) stainless steel and glass, as is the other Triton tanks in the Aspire line. If you are impressed with the looks of the other Triton tanks you will be impressed with the Mini as well.

Similar to the Triton v2, the Aspire Triton Mini Tank uses the latest airflow control valve. The improved airflow design allows for precise control over the drags you take, to a point. The issues I’ve had with the Triton Mini could be easily remedied, and I’ll talk about that a little later, but the airflow has never been an issue with a Triton tank.

Triton Mini by Aspire - A Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewLike the Aspire Triton 2, the Triton Mini is equipped with the same top-fill e-liquid method. The mouthpiece, or drip tip, screws on to the top cap and when removed reveals two slots for filling. Turn the top ring to the liquid drop icon to open the slots (making sure the bottom airflow system is shut to avoid leaking), choose one slot for filling (the other allows the displaced air to escape the tank), then screw on the mouthpiece cap, turn the ring to the icon of ‘vapor’, open the airflow slots and vape away.

The Aspire Triton Mini Tank can be fully disassembled without worrying about any gasket/grommet distention like Aspire Cleito tank. The Triton Mini comes with an extra glass just in case you break the original during cleaning or other damage scenarios.

Triton Mini Coil Heads

Triton Mini by Aspire - A Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewThe Triton Mini package is equipped with two coil heads, 1. 8-ohm Clapton build, and a 1.2-ohm coil, both Kanthal wire coils. While other Aspire Triton tanks can be called “sub-ohm tanks”, the Triton Mini cannot…not with the coil heads in the package anyway. And this fact presents a challenge for this reviewer, although there is somewhat of a saving grace.

Both coils, the 1.8 Clapton and 1.2, are not lung hit coil heads. Combine these stiff draw, high-ohm coil heads with a narrow mouthpiece and the Triton Mini seems to be built for mouth-to-lung vapers only. I know I had a very difficult time attempting to lung hit with either coil head. Aspire did recently release Ni200 coil heads rated at 0.12-ohms, and with the airflow wide open it does offer a better lung hit with TC mods, but that narrow drip tip prevents any kind of serious lung hit, except with a 50% PG or better eliquid. I discuss this a bit later.

Rightly or wrongly, the Aspire Triton Mini can make use of any leftover Nautilus coil heads you may have stashed away. While the performance of the Nautilus coil heads has been surpassed for a long while now, I suppose mouth to lung vapers looking for a 1. 8-ohm non-Clapton coil might consider them.

Triton Mini – Real World Usage

As a big fan of the Aspire Triton and Triton V2, I was looking forward to using the Triton Mini. Both Triton sub-ohm tanks are on the large side, though the Triton 2 has trimmed down a lot from the original, so I was hoping the Triton Mini by Aspire - A Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewTriton Mini would be my go-to tank for the smaller box mods, like the IPV D3, but the actual experience wasn’t even close to what I expected.

The problems with the Triton Mini are specific to how you want to use to the tank. For my use, any tank I spend money on must provide a good lung hit experience, otherwise it’s going to wind up in my “vape box” of abandoned vape gear. Aspire did not address the needs of people like myself, and I wonder if Aspire put any thinking into the Triton Mini beyond going through the vape gear playbook; release, upgrade, miniaturize… repeat.

So, who would benefit from owning the Aspire Triton Mini, other than Aspire and the vendors that sell them? Actually, more than you might think. Despite this huge move to high wattage, lo-ohm vaping there are still a huge number of vapers that have not gone that route yet. Plenty of vapers still use the mouth to lung style, and the Triton Mini just might be among the best mouth-to-lung “tank” for this type of vaper. The flavor production from the Triton Mini is very decent, especially with eliquids that have a 50:50 PG/VG ratio, or even higher PG. These eliquids are thin, flavor intense blends, and the Triton Mini does a good job vaporizing this viscosity and producing good flavor. Vapor production is okay, but in all honesty, there isn’t enough of it for this vaper.

Triton Mini by Aspire - A Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewThis first version of the Triton Mini will never be a lung hit tank due to the narrow mouthpiece. The next version, if Aspire wants to sell enough of them, will have a wider mouthpiece and it will ship with at least one sub-ohm coil. If they don’t make these changes the Triton Mini will always have limited appeal.

What I fear are the “high VG, high wattage, sub-ohm” users buying into the Triton name and thinking the performance will be on par with the other Triton tanks. It will not be. The Triton Mini is a very good mouth-to-lung tank, and for that reason I would have loved to see Aspire call this tank the Triton MTL (mouth to lung) in order to let buyers know up front what they expect. Since Profit is everything, that kind of honesty just doesn’t exist.

Recommendation: I give high marks for the Aspire Triton Mini for a mouth-to-lung tank. If your style is mouth to lung and you want a good looking, high grade tank, you would probably love it. Lung hit vapers need not concern themselves with this tank. Interested vapers can purchase the Triton Mini by Aspire at Vapor Authority.

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Aspire Triton Mini Tank Features:

  • Made With 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Glass Tank
  • Bottom Airflow Adjustment Valve
  • Top Cooling Airflow Adjustment Valve
  • Dual-Notch Heat Fins
  • Top-Fill E-Liquid System
  • Wide-Bore Drip Tip
  • Wide Variety of Compatible Coils
  • Outstanding Vapor Production
  • Extremely Tasty and Robust Flavor Production
  • Can Be Fully Disassembled

Aspire Triton Mini Tank Specification:

  • Manufacturer: Aspire
  • Body Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Threading: 510
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Height: 3.38 Inches (86mm)
  • Diameter: 0.62 Inches (16mm)