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  Assistant Editor Julia Barnes recently spoke with Lisa Ciarlone of Vaporetti V-Drops to discuss several interesting issues concerning the modern eCigarette industry as well as several topics about Vaporetti V-Drops specifically. Below are the highlights of their discussion. Click the link if you have not yet read the Spinfuel Review, 

SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking to talk to you guys for some time now. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Thanks Julia.  My name is Lisa Ciarlone and our company, Vaporetti® LLC, produces and sells luxury, high quality Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquid to discriminating vapers worldwide.  Vaporetti® products include our elegant, sophisticated electronic cigarettes, such as the Don-C, Capo-C and Vaporetto-T models and their coordinating accessories, as well as our wide selection of exquisitely authentic tasting, high quality 100% natural V-Drops line of e-juices.

SPINFUEL: What positions do you hold in the company?

Along with me being the Founding and Managing Partner at Vaporett®i LLC, I am also the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing .  My fiancé David is not only a silent partner. He also oversees our Product/ Packaging Development.

SPINFUEL: Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business? 

My own transition from traditional smoking into the world of vaping and my personal use of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid inspired my interest in this market.   I basically just started out blind, armed with a laptop and a strong desire to create a luxury e-cigarette product since there were not many in the market.  I wanted to produce an e-cigarette brand similar to a high-end fashion designer’s clothing line with an opulent Italian inspired concept…like the Versace of vaping products.   That is how the idea for Vaporetti® started.

SPINFUEL: You are located in Rhode Island. Is there a community of e-cigarette companies/brands in that area? Do any of you have any connections or prior work history with any e-cigarette brands that are located there?

Yes, we are located in Darlington, Rhode Island, but to my knowledge, it is not an area well known for producing e-cigarettes or e-liquid. The only prior experience I had with this industry was my own personal experience with the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquid.SPINFUEL: How did you decide on your first set of flavors?

Initially we decided to not carry e-juice since we were strictly an e-cigarette company.  But then we reconsidered and wanted to create a complete luxury vaping experience for our customers and extended the Vaporetti® top quality philosophy to our first set of V-Drops e-liquids.  Our first set was only 12 flavors, supplying enough different ones to please everyone’s palette, such as traditional tobacco flavors, including menthol, as well as fruit and dessert flavors.  Along with my vaping friends, I researched the most popular and currently trending flavors at the time and then we put our one of a kind, premium Vaporetti® philosophy into them and Vaporetti® V-Drops were born!

SPINFUEL: How would you describe your flavors?

True to life flavors that are as good as the real thing, maybe even better!  Because Vaporetti® uses only 100% natural flavorings in our V-Drops E-Liquid, only the true flavor shines through with no nasty artificial tastes.  Tobacco flavors that truly taste like tobacco…fruit flavors that taste as sweet and juicy as the fruit itself…dense and delicious dessert flavors that melt in your mouth…you will find a V-Drop™ flavor for every occasion, for every discriminatory palette.  As I previously mentioned, I wanted to create a whole feeling or experience with Vaporetti that transported the user to the classically rich and sumptuous decadence of Italy.  This concept is clearly reflected in our V-Drop flavors, such as Italian Tuscan Trifle, Strawberry Gelato, Espresso Italiano, Peach Bellini, and Limóncello, just to name a few.  We wanted to transport our customers to Italy with each vape of our V-Drops and we believe we have achieved that with our superb e-juice flavors.   

SPINFUEL: Do you have a goal in mind as to the number of flavors you would like to offer in the next year?

Over the next six months, we plan on adding at least another 20 to 30 more V-Drop flavors to Vaporetti’s® 100% naturally flavored, custom blended menu of e-liquids.  We want to make sure and provide our customers with the highest quality flavors they enjoy and demand.

SPINFUEL: Do you steep your eLiquids before they are shipped? If so, how long do they sit before you ship them out? If you do not, do you suggest that customers ‘home steep’ them before vaping?  

It is always our recommendation that the customers steep their e-liquid and make sure to shake well before each use.  Our Vaporetti® V-Drops™ are individually hand crafted and every bottle is made to order

SPINFUEL: What sizes do you offer?

Vaporetti® V-Drops™ e-liquid comes in 2 sizes – 10ml and 30ml bottles. Our V-Drops™ come in sterilized PET plastic dropper bottles with childproof caps. Our 10ml bottle has a needle nose style dropper that makes it easy to fill cartridges and tanks without making a mess and our 30ml bottles have the same features but without the needle nose style dropper.

SPINFUEL: How are your eLiquids packaged?

After ordering and testing many brands of e-juice on the market, l found that many e-liquid companies I ordered from had the following issues:

LEAKAGE – once the order arrived and I opened the package, inevitably the e-liquids had leaked during shipping thereby leaving me with half the product I ordered, which is nothing but disappointing, not to mention, a waste of money.

POOR LABELING – if my e-liquid order didn’t leak during shipping, the next thing that would make me crazy were the labels. There is nothing worse than ordering e-juice and then 2 days later you have no idea what flavor or strength it is because the printing on the label has worn off or the label has come off the bottle completely.

These are the things I never want our customers to experience when ordering from and these are the very reasons we package our products the way we do. We believe in quality from start to finish.

It does cost more but it ensures that our customers are going to get a quality product every time inside and out. Our V-Drops come in sterilized PET plastic dropper bottles with childproof caps.  All our bottles are labeled with a waterproof permanent label to ensure that you always know what is in the bottle or what flavor and strength it is.

We take the extra steps when fulfilling orders to ensure our customers that every time they order they get 110% quality from We don’t cut corners to save a few extra dollars. Our customers will never have to deal with leaking bottles, missing or peeling labels or labels you cannot read because the ink has come off.

After each bottle of our V-Drops is mixed and labeled, it is then sealed in a FDA approved food-grade plastic shinkwrap to ensure there will be no leaking during shipment and freshness will be maintained.  The V-Drops bottles are sealed, then inserted into our Vaporetti® box packaging, and finally they are sealed in plastic again. This way, if you want to store your e-liquid for a while it will stay fresher longer.

SPINFUEL: Please describe your ‘mixing’ area? Where do you do your mixing?

Our mixing area, or our “Mixing Clean Room,” is cleaned and sterilized daily with Non-Toxic EPA registered disinfectants. Hepa-air purifiers are continually running 24 hours a day and all our tools are cleaned and rinsed in distilled water.

SPINFUEL: Does your crew wear any type of special clothing when they are mixing? 

Absolutely, yes because we take cleanliness very seriously, no one may enter the “Mixing Clean Room” unless they have completed our mixing lab checklist before entering.  That checklist includes the following steps:

 No outside shoes allowed.
Hair net must be worn at all times.
Hands must be washed for at least 30 seconds with antibacterial soap and rinsed well. 
Lab coat must be worn at all times. 
Must foam in, which means hands must be sanitized before entering the mixing lab by using a hospital grade hand foam sanitizer before entering the mixing lab.
Safety goggles must be worn at all times.
NIOSH N95 Face Mask must be worn at all times.
Nitrile Gloves must be worn before mixing, handling bottles or equipment.

SPINFUEL: Do you mix everyday?

Yes, all juices are made fresh for each order. When we are not mixing orders, we are testing new, upcoming flavors to add to our Vaporetti® V-Drops™ e-liquid menu.

SPINFUEL: Are your eJuices best used with cartomizers, tanks, and clearomizers? Does it matter?

 Vaporetti® V-Drops e-liquid is formulated with the perfect blend of PG/VG and exclusively produced to give the best flavor & vapor production in all types of equipment including all cartomizers, clearomizers , atomizers , tank systems and rebuildables.  Because of our precise formulation, it will never clog your equipment, giving you the perfect vaping experience every time.

SPINFUEL: What types of hardware do you use when testing your liquids? Do you vape your flavors using a variety of hardware? How consistent is the flavor of your eLiquids across the spectrum of hardware; i.e., Variable Voltage devices, mini-batteries, eGo’s, etc.?

 Yes, we test our V-Drops™ e-liquid in all type of devices, as well as cartomizers, and of course our own Vaporetto-T™, Don-C™ and Capo-C™ models as well, making sure our flavors taste perfect and consistent no matter what vaping device is used.

SPINFUEL: How important is it to use pharmaceutical grade ingredients?

At Vaporetti® we feel it is crucial to use only the highest grade of ingredients that money can buy.  Premium ingredients are what make Vaporetti® V-Drops the best tasting, top quality e-liquid available today.  We pride ourselves on using only:

  •   100% natural flavors with absolutely 0% artificial flavors
  •   99.9% pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  •   100% USP Kosher food grade Propylene Glycol
  •   100% USP Kosher food grade Vegetable Glycol

SPINFUEL: How do you make sure that your flavors are always consistent, that each batch or bottle delivers the same flavor and nicotine levels time after time?

Our recipe is exact and followed precisely for each bottle. Every ingredient is exactly measured out for each bottle and it is the same recipe whether it is for a 30 ml or 10 ml bottle.  Consistency is key!

SPINFUEL: Do each of you come from an analog cigarette habit? If so, what made you decide to quit smoking?  

Yes, I was a smoker for 28 years.  The funny thing about it is I always took really good care of myself physically despite the fact that I smoked cigarettes. There was something about smoking that helped me relax because I am naturally a high-strung person. I have tried to quit a few times though over the years but that never seemed to work.  After my health started to deteriorate due to years of smoking and having both of our family members die from smoking related diseases, I knew it was time to make that important change in my life by quitting my smoking habit.  I finally switched to electronic cigarettes with the help of my friend, Nicole. Having Nicole make the switch with me made it that much easier.

SPINFUEL: How long did it take to completely leave analogs behind?

It took about 4 months of vaping along with the help of my best friend, Nicole, switching to electronic cigarettes with me.

SPINFUEL: How often do you vape? How many hours per day?

Personally I vape all day long and I am actually vaping our V-Drop™ Vanilla Crème Cake right now. lol

SPINFUEL: Do each of you have your own “favorite” flavor? What is your favorite category of eLiquids for your personal vaping?

Yes I do have a favorite. My one true love is our V-Drops™ Vanilla Crème Cake.  I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth.  I really enjoy the dessert flavors and that definitely shows on our menu.

SPINFUEL: What makes a good eLiquid? In other words, what order of importance are flavor, vapor, and throat hit in a Vaporetti V-Drops flavor?

100% USA Made Quality ingredients with 100% natural flavorings with NOTHING artificial and just the right blend of VG/PG makes for the perfect e-liquid.  That is the true secret to the superiority of Vaporetti®V-Drops™    

SPINFUEL: What advice do you have for people that are new to vaping?

Do your Research!  Vaping is so very different from smoking traditional cigarettes and you can spend a lot of money on e-cigarettes, e-liquids and the accessories.  Researching the method and tools of vaping and the different brands and companies that sell vaping products can help you find the best products and prices available.  

SPINFUEL: Where do you think the eCig industry is headed? Are eCigs the future of smoking?  

ECigs are definitely the future when it comes to smoking.We believe that traditional tobacco cigarettes are a thing of the past and will be obsolete in the next 10 years, if not sooner.

SPINFUEL: Why should our readers buy their e-juice from you?

If your readers want only the finest quality, 100% natural USA-made handcrafted premium e-liquid, specifically made for each order, then they definitely should give Vaporetti® V-Drops™ a try.  They will not be disappointed.  Although, they should be prepared because once they have tried the high quality, luxury of Vaporetti® V-Drops™, they will find it hard to use any other brand of e-liquid!  We have many loyal customers that love our Vaporetti® V-Drops™ and they always keep coming back for more.

SPINFUEL: Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Julia, I just want to thank you for this opportunity to share the philosophy behind the creation of Vaporetti® products and our desire to provide the vaping community with the highest quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid on the market today.  Our goal was to produce the absolute finest vaping experience available with Vaporetti® and we hope SPINFUEL readers will see for themselves what a true, luxury Vaporetti® vape is all about.