Tesla Two Sub Mod Review

Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh

Early last week a friend of mine in the vendor part of the business dropped by to talk about the future of the vape industry. As always, she came bearing gifts. She didn’t want a review, or anything else, she just wanted to bring “a little something” for the gang. As it turned out, what she handed out to everyone was the one-year-old Tesla Two Sub Mod, an unregulated 4000mAh box mod that puts out up to 100W at 4.2v …

..I’ve seen this mod sell from as low as $28 to as high as $40. Most companies, of the vendors I trust anyway, sell it for $34.95. Try Element Vape, I’ve been ordering a lot of Council of Vapor stuff from them and I trust them. Besides, when you can buy a mod on the cheap and you don’t know the vendor there is a decent chance the place sells knockoff’s and counterfeits. The vendors we deal with do not, would not, sell knockoffs.

Simple on the outside, sophisticated on the inside, the Tesla Two Sub Mod is the kind of box mod that makes a great, no-nonsense, sub-ohm/RDA battery source I would happily recommend to just about any knowledgeable vaper.

Tesla Two Sub Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh Available in Black (rubberized finish), teal (blue?), red and gray, the Tesla Two Sub Mod is simplicity in the extreme. The packaging is bare bones, The actual box is about .33 inches boxer than the mod itself. It comes without a USB cable, but it does have small manual. Chances are when you buy one there will be at least a partial charge in the batteries, but I still recommend pulling out a spare micro-USB cable and charging it before using. Who here doesn’t have a drawer full of micro-USB cables?

Fully charged the Tesla Two Sub Mod will output 4.2v at up to 100w. You can get a truly nice vape going until the voltage drops to about 3.3-3.7v, and then you’ll need to think about recharging it. It’s 4000 mAh battery (actually two 2000 mAh batteries) means you’ll have hours and hours of vaping time before you’ll need to recharge it.

The outer exterior has a firm-grip rubberized paint but beneath that is an quality aluminum alloy chassis. The spring-loaded 510 PIN is copper plated silver, and its 22mm width is perfect for most sub-ohm tanks, and many RDA’s and RBA’s.

In addition to its 100w max-output and 4.2v, the Tesla Two Sub Mod delivers up to 40A. You can fire down to 0.1-ohms and up to 3.5-ohms. So far I’ve used several sub-ohm tanks on this small mod with excellent results.

Sub-Ohm Tanks I’ve Used

  1. Naturally the Kanger Subtank Mini, with the stand .5-ohm OCC. I also used the Atom Vapes gCeramic and gClapton’s with it, all with excellent results.
  2. The Uwell Crown and Rafale Stainless Steel and Kanthal wire coil heads work exceptionally well, just don’t try to use TC-capable wires like Titanium and Nickel.
  3. The Tesla Tornado Tank with the 0.4-ohm single, vertical build coils. The Tornado is a nice match for this mod.
  4. Council of Vapor Defiant and Phoenix tanks, both with Stainless Steel coils. I wasn’t so sure the Defiant was going to work as well as the others, but it did. Vapor and flavor were outstanding.

Unregulated but Safe

If you’re a recent convert to vaping chances are the devices you’ve used up till now have been regulated mods, Tesla Two Sub Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh with Variable Wattage/Voltage, and chances are good your mod also features a Temperature Control/Limiting/Sensing system. When you read (or hear) the word “Unregulated” you might get nervous. You are basically using a mech mod, or mechanical mod, and more and more vapers are tuning out on these these mechanical mods for lack of features like those mentioned above.

The Tesla Two Sub Mod is unregulated, but what does that really mean? Well, it means that the device starts out at one voltage level and as the drains the voltage decreases. That drain of the voltage output affects the quality of the ‘hit’ you take from the tank. The Tesla Two Sub Mod doesn’t offer a display showing the battery charge that’s left in the unit, or the current output, so for these reasons alone I would never recommend it, or devices like it, as a primary mod, or even a secondary mod to new vapers.

All that being said, the Tesla Two Sub Mod does have several safety features built in. Tesla added a unique feature to assist users so they are not completely in the dark. The Tesla Two is equipped with an LED Light Display Indicator system that surrounds the silver activation button.

Using The Tesla Two Sub Mod

Tesla Two Sub Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh We’ll start off with the Tesla being fully charged. As a charged device the voltage is between 4.2 – 3.7 volts, and its LED will continue to flash BLUE whenever the fire button is depressed. (10-second firing limit) When the power of the internal batteries depletes below 3.7 – 3.2 volts the LED will flash RED. When the voltage goes below 3.2 volts, Tesla has added a safety feature with the LED light flashing 15 times in RED, and at that point the Tesla Two Sub Mod will no longer function and it will automatically power down and turn off.

Another safety feature in the Tesla Two Sub Mod is the built-in Overheating Protection. If the user vapes over 10 seconds, the LED light will flash 8 times and will automatically cut the power to the coils being used in the tank or RDA.

Other safety features in this device includes Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection and Over-Current Protection. Now that has to ease your mind, doesn’t it?

Conclusions and More…

 So, do I need the Tesla Two Sub Mod?

Of course not, as long as you have a primary device you’re happy with and a secondary device you like and is dependable.

What if I don’t have a good secondary device?

Well, there are thousands of mods to choose from, all of which could probably fit the bill as a good secondary device. But, at, $34.95 you won’t find a 4000mAh, 100W, 4.2v mod, and it certainly wouldn’t be the same build quality of a Tesla.

Would YOU buy one?

Let’s see… If I pretend that I didn’t already have one, and 100 more devices in every price range sitting on my shelves, yea I probably would.

The reason I would is that every sub-ohm tank I’ve used with it has produced excellent vapor and flavor.Tesla Two Sub Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh It means that as long as I can use any tank with Kanthal or Stainless Steel coils at 0.1-ohms or higher, safely, then the Tesla Two Sub Mod makes a great backup or secondary device. I’ll never be caught without a viable mod, and my ‘vape’ won’t be unpleasant. Besides, for $35 I’m not going to break the bank. So, the answer to your question is a resounding Yes.

What’s the biggest selling feature?

Come on, that’s easy. 400mAh built-in battery and 100w max output.

What’s the biggest negative about the Tesla Two Sub Mod?

No display at all. No battery indicator, no current settings, no nothing. Not a dealbreaker, but it would have been nice to have at least a battery indicator.

With no real manual, no USB cable, and no display of any kind, how do I use the damn thing?

Read below – Bookmark this page, or print it out. It works as follows:

Basic Usage Functions

 The Tesla Two Sub Mod has a simple On/ Off feature. You can lock the fire button so there are no accidental button firing when the device is in your pocket or purse. Here’s how…

To Lock 

  • Press the Fire button 5 times fast.

The color LED ring around the Fire button will flash 3 times and you’ll know its ready to go.

To Unlock

  • Press the Fire button 5 times really fast.
  • The Color LED ‘ring’ around the Fire button will blink 3 times
  • Red LED if the Power is: 3.2v- 3.7v
  • Blue LED if the Power is: 3.7v- 4.2v

Charging The Tesla Two Sub Mod:

The Color LED Ring around the Fire button will light up during the charging of the battery.

When the Fire button is pressed you’ll see the color Blue if the battery is between 4.2v and 3.7v

When the Fire button is pressed you’ll see the color Red if the battery is between 3.7v and 3.2v

Tesla Two Sub Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review Unregulated Box Mod 4000mAh When the Tesla’s battery reaches 3.2v the LED color ring will blink Red 15 times letting you know it is time to charge the battery. At this point the Tesla Two Sub Mod powers down.

To charge the battery you just have to plug a micro USB cable into the charge port on the bottom of the Tesla and into any standard USB outlet, such as your computer.

Once the cable is connected to a computer or other charging port the Red and Blue LED lights up and it will blink both colors at the same time… for 3 cycles.

When disconnecting the LED lights will blink 6 times. Are you writing this down?

Once the device is fully charged, the LED Color Ring will blink 20 times in just Blue, then the light will go out. Whew!

That 10-Second Cut Off

The Tesla Two Sub Mod has a 10 second cutoff timer. Taking a hit from your tank/RDA for more than 10 seconds the LED will blink 8 times then power to the coils will stop dead in its tracks. It doesn’t shut down, but it will stop sending power to the coils.

If you reach that 10-second Cutoff you’ll need to release the Fire button and wait a second before you can press the button again.

Lastly, if your Tesla Two Sub Mod senses a ‘Short’ or if it reads an atomizer below 0.1-ohm, the LED color ring will blink 5 times Red and then turn itself off. Same thing with an atomizer over 3.5-ohms, but who uses 3.5-ohms these days? Or higher?

And that’s all there is to understanding how the Tesla Two Sub Mod works, and the safety features that will assure a pleasant vape experience.

I know it sounds like you have to memorize a bunch of numbers and how they relate to what’s happening to your device, but the truth is, it is a lot simpler than it seems. 99.99% of the time you’ll vape, charge, vape, charge. So far I’m getting about 12 hours per charge, and I vape a lot.

John Manzione

Features, Specs, Package

Tesla 2 Sub Mod 4000mAh Box Mod Features:

  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
  • 1 Amp USB Charging with Micro USB Port (cable not included)
  • Built-in 4000mAh Battery
  • 2v – 3.7v of Power Left = BLUE LED
  • 7v & under = RED LED
  • Spring-loaded Copper 510 Pin
  • Maximum output wattage: 100W
  • Maximum output voltage: 4.2V
  • Maximum output current: 40V
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.1ohm – 3.5ohm
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection

Tesla 2 Sub Mod 4000mAh Box Mod Specs:

  • Threading: 510
  • Material: High-grade Aluminum
  • Resistance: 0.1 – 3.5 Ohms
  • Battery: Internal (charged with USB cable, not included)
  • Power Level Indicator:
  • 2v – 3.7v of Power Left = BLUE LED
  • 7v & Under = RED LED
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 47mm x 76mm
  • Available Colors: Black and Gray

Tesla 2 Sub Mod 4000mAh Box Mod Includes:

  • (1) Tesla 2 Sub Mod 4000mAh Box Mod
  • (1) User Manual