Vaporfi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Crafted by Cosmic Fog

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Not since our review for Vaporfi’s Grand Reserve have we enjoyed an eliquid this much from this vape gear and eliquid company. Only this time, Vaporfi shares the credit with the well-known Cosmic Fog on Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream eJuice.

NOTE* Although most of our eliquid reviews are US based, our UK audience has grown tremendously this year. That being the case, we wanted to let our readers know that Vaporfi Grand Reserve, and this new creation from Vaporfi/Cosmic Fog is available in the UK. From Tank Puffin. Head over to the website to purchase this eliquid and the Grand Reserve. We’d like to thank Sophie from Tank Puffin for giving us the heads up! .

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is an elusive mixture of three excellent flavors combined in such a way as to make it one of the smartest all-day-vapes we’ve had the pleasure to vape. The delivery of the three flavors almost lines up with exactly what a real life strawberry shortcake with ice cream would. I say almost because in real life we would all taste the ice cream first since it sits atop the shortcake and strawberries. Here, the first flavor you catch is a sweet, ripe, strawberry, followed by a sliver of shortcake, then ice cream (French vanilla?) on the tail end of the vape.

Vaporfi’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is $19.99 for a 30mL glass bottle – Nicotine – 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, and zero-nicotine. It is also Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl Free, and its 70% VG, 30% PG.

“VaporFi and Cosmic Fog have come together to craft the perfect dessert treat. Think back to summer’s passed, hanging out with your buddies and munching on a creamy strawberry shortcake ice cream. Exclusively crafted by Cosmic Fog for VaporFi; this vape juice throws it back with a juicy strawberry front note resting upon a delicate bed of cool ice cream. The vapor will travel across your tongue revealing subtle hidden notes of cream. Strawberry Shortcake finishes with a delicate crumble cake back note leaving an after taste you will chase into the clouds. Buy your 30ML bottle of Strawberry Shortcake Crafted by Cosmic Fog and VaporFi today!”


Vaporfi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Crafted by Cosmic Fog – Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Julia: 5 Stars – I love the way VaporFi and Cosmic Fog describe this new strawberry shortcake ice cream. They use words like “subtle” and “delicate”, to impress upon potential life-long customers that this eliquid is crafted as an all-day-vape and you’re not going to be overwhelmed with these layers of flavors. What they say is accurate, and I noticed it with the first pull from my ceramic coiled Kanger Protank 4 and my Freemax Starre Pure (vaping at 70W) with its ceramic cylinder core.

I also noticed that the delicacy of the flavors could get lost, almost completely, if the vaper switches from any dessert/custard eliquid to the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream.

Yesterday morning, I started my morning vape with a fairly strong vanilla wafer flavor that was sitting on my nightstand in a Vaporesso Guardian One completely unaware that I was in a review period with this strawberry shortcake delight. When I realized what I had done I sat the Guardian One back down and picked up my Council of Vapor Tempest and Starre Pure with the proper eliquid inside. After a few pulls I was surprised that I couldn’t taste any of the 3 main flavors; strawberry, cake, or ice cream. So I showered, brushed my teeth, and headed to the office. I refrained from vaping anything until I got to the office. I knew I had to reset my palate.

Finally, after roughly 90 minutes vapor free I picked up the Tempest/Starre, took a nice long pull and, ‘BAM!’, there it was! A splendid return to that soft strawberry goodness and the gentle nudge of creamy ice cream. A perfect all-day-vape from top to bottom.

Vapor production from the Starre Pure was mind-blowing, but that is to be expected with the VG ratio and the Spinfuel Choice Award 2016tank itself. In the Guardian One the vapor wasn’t nearly as much, but that’s the Guardian One, not the ejuice.

I offer one warning; buy a bottle to see if you like it first, but then, if you do, buy this eliquid two bottles at a time. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is 70% VG, 30% PG, and in a sub-ohm environment I have no doubt you’ll run out faster than you want to. VaporFi should offer this eliquid in 60mL and 120mL sizes as soon as possible.


Tom: 5 Stars – This marvelous 70% VG ejuice is brought to you by VaporFi and Cosmic Fog. Last year this review team spent a few days with Vaporfi’s Grand Reserve and the review period was glorious. The Grand Reserve line is also a HighVG eliquid that was awarded many Spinfuel Choice Awards, and to this very day I maintain two of their flavors in my monthly rotation; Catch Ya Latte and Meringue O Tang. As for Cosmic Fog, I’ve had limited experience with the brand, having only vaped their Neon Crème, a raspberry and lemon-lime ejuice I enjoy privately.

Together these two companies know eliquid, and Cosmic Fog certainly understands “subtle” flavors. This first venture in co-labeling resulted in an unforgettable eliquid called Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is the type of ejuice that you fill your tank with and spend the next X amount of hours blissfully vaping away, until the tank needs a refill or the batteries need charging.

Using my WISMEC Reuleaux 2/3 (review coming) and a Starre Pure sub-ohm at 85W, I can describe the series and intensity of the flavors as follows;

As every vaper knows, during the inhaling from a drip tip you won’t taste much of anything. Flavor comes at the very end of the inhale process and on the exhale. In any case, the first flavor that greets your tastebuds is the dominate flavor, sweet ripe strawberry. Starting the exhale process, you’ll catch a glimpse of what can only be described as a light cake-like flavor with barely a hint of vanilla. Catching up on the cake-like flavor comes this unmistakable medium-level flavor of French vanilla ice cream. Each of these flavors can be said to be light-touch flavors, never overwhelming. These characteristics is what makes this flavor both unforgettable, marvelous, and most certainly an all-day-vape.

Naturally, with a 70% ratio of VG the clouds of vapor, especially in a Starre Pure, are going to be enormous. (I also spent 2mL of this in a Guardian One – 40W – device and was very happy with both the flavor and vapor output). I wouldn’t say the clouds were very aromatic, but they were very dense and flavorful.

The packaging of this fine eliquid is reminiscent of the packaging Mad Matter uses for Cream Pop, I Love Donuts, and I Love Cookies; a larger than needed, colorful box, and inside the box is a 30mL bottle of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream. I checked the Vaporfi website to see if they sold larger bottles (yes, I’ve added it to my rotation) and as of now they only offer 30mL. I think that’s a mistake. Many ejuice makers are offering 60mL and larger for these Tent-Pole eliquids. An eliquid that serves as a terrific all-day-vape and consists of high VG should be offered in larger sizes. I blew through my 30mL in less than 36 hours.


Kiera: 5 Stars –  Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream best ‘feature’ is its tail end flavor coming after the last wisps of vapor leaves your lips. It is a culmination of all three flavors that sweep across the tastebuds and forces a slight smile to form. This is the reason I have added Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream to my daily rotation. Well, that and the fact that it makes a fantastic all-day-vape.

The strawberry flavor is the first flavor you’ll catch in each pull from your tank. After the strawberry comes a creamy flavor, though I’m not positive it is the flavor of “ice cream”. As for the shortcake flavor, it is there, but it’s only a whisper at first, it’s in the culmination where you can really get a good taste of it.

Vaping Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream with my Horizon Cerakoat ceramic tank on top of my Lost Vape Therion DNA75 (at 70W) the vapor was massive. I also filled a SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast and the vapor production was every bit as good as the Cerakoat, but the flavor was muted some. (I’m not at all impressed with the Baby Beast when it comes to flavor)


Jason: 5 Stars – During the review discussion period I was very surprised that no one brought up the subject of Throat Hits. I understand that with a high VG formula throat hits are a thing of the past, but Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, despite its 70% VG recipe, gives the vaper a surprisingly pleasant throat hit! I did not expect one, but I was happy to have one.

Like everyone else in this review, I totally agree that this is an all-day-vape in the truest sense of the word. Not only can you vape it all day without getting a roughed up throat, or feel dehydrated, Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream continues to deliver that same great flavor all day long.

Unlike my fellow team members during the discussion period, I cannot pull the flavors apart. In fact, the flavor of this ejuice comes to me after the last bits of vapor leave my mouth. That flavor is a combination of sweet strawberries and cream.

I’ve chosen to award the full 5 stars based on the magnificent ability to carry the flavor all day long without producing vaper’s tongue, and the combination of delicious components and vast amounts of vapor production. This is one awesome eliquid, and it’s in my rotation now.

For this 70% VG ejuice I used a Freemax Starre PURE atop my Vaporshark DNA200 at 85W


Dave: 5 Stars – First, I want to publicly thank Julia for allowing me to be a part of this review. I’m the guy that makes sure the team gets their bottles of eliquid for all the reviews, and because I’m a big fan of strawberry flavors I snuck 3mL from one of the many bottles and vaped it in a Protank 4 and was so impressed by the subtle flavors and the all-day-vape properties I wanted a bottle to myself. Julia agreed, but only after telling me I had to participate in the review.

Over the past few months I’ve added a few new strawberry essence eliquids to my rotation, including a new on that the team will begin reviewing the week of August 22th, Mr. Macaron Strawberry Cream. So, I know a few things about strawberry ejuice. I also know Cosmic Fog eliquids fairly well.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream delivers a gentle flavor profile for its three main flavors; strawberries, shortcake, and ice cream. The shortcake tastes a lot like those small round ‘deep-dish’ cakes you buy at the grocery store for individual sized strawberries and whipped cream.

The ice cream flavor is sort of strange, though delicious. I can’t quite make out the flavor of the ice cream, I can only make out that peculiar flavor that ice cream has. The strawberries, wow, a very nice sweet ripe strawberry flavor that will deliver just enough flavor to make it work as an all-day-vape without producing vaper’s tongue or becomes tasteless, like many all-day-vapes can.

The giant clouds of vapor are on par with other 70% VG recipes, but because of combination of flavors are all soft and gentle, this could be a great eliquid for trick tanks, like the one from VGOD. Vaped with my iPower from eLeaf and a Baby Beast from SMOK, at 50W


After the first couple of hours of the review period we knew this was a Spinfuel Choice Award winner. All the elements of an award winning eliquid is here, in abundance; delicate strawberry, a wisp of shortcake, and a hint of ice cream, blended to form an excellent all-day-vape.

There is one negative aspect of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and that’s the limitation of 30mL bottles. This eliquid is going to be vaped quickly, not only because of its 70% VG formula, but because of its all-day-vape qualities and the assured desire to vape it continuously. We would hope that Vaporfi soon realizes that a 60mL and 120mL size is needed.

If you are a fan of strawberry eliquids this is one you must try in order to understand just how good it really is. Best served in a sub-ohm tank, with warm, luscious vapor billowing forth.

Available NOW at Vaporfi

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.