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6 out of 6 Spinfuel Choice Awards – Vaporfi Grand Reserve

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Giveaway Winners Are: Karen Z L, Lady D, Justin S, Diana D, and Merlin W. Email’s have been sent out. The winners have 48 hours from now to respond to their notification. – Thank you everyone! We would have loved to give every one of you a bottle of this truly marvelous line of e-Liquid. 


Hyperbole – noun

  1. Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

Writing and publishing a review takes discipline. If the item(s) you are reviewing is loved or hated by you the urge to be hyperbolic is strong. Whatever it is that is being reviewed by one of more people, it can said to be universally perfect or universally panned. But nothing is perfect. But you can love, or hate, a product so much that maintaining a balance with the words you use can seem impossible at times. But we do try. In this particular review, as you will soon see, keeping hyperbole in check was imperative.

People that produce video reviews have an easier time with hyperbole. Animated personalities
sitting in front of a video camera are allowed to be hyperbolic in their descriptive words and gestures they use in their reviews. After all, the very definition of hyperbole says exactly that…” statements or claims not meant to be take literally.” Sort of like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch.  (1:22 in)

Sometimes though… you just want to do that, you know? You want on the couch…. Because, damnit, it’s awesome!

In any case… after vaping a brand new line of eliquid from Vaporfi (Vaporfi!), the Grand Reserve Collection, the urge to write with hyperbolic verbiage, for all 5 of us on the team, was something we had to reign in. Once written, once published, it’s out there on the internet until the internet disappears. But, we’re going to try… so let’s begin.


The new Grand Reserve Collection from Vaporfi is not only the best eliquid to come from Vaporfi, it’s the best new line of eliquid we’ve enjoyed this year. If we didn’t know any better, we would think that every flavor blend in the Grand Reserve Collection line was created just for us. Of course, that’s nonsense, but somehow Vaporfi managed to create a line of six eliquids that all team members absolutely loved.

Each of the six flavor profiles is exactly what we look for when we buy eliquid for ourselves. All-day-vape blends, high VG formula, (70% VG), luscious flavors aged perfectly, and so satisfying that we vaped through every drop of eliquid in less than 36 hours. We are already looking to buy more as soon as they are available to the public. (Friday, October 9th)

The most difficult thing to believe about the Grand Reserve Collection from Vaporfi is that is came from Vaporfi. Now wait, that’s not a slam against Vaporfi, it’s a compliment. Since when do large companies, companies that mass-produce eliquids in giant vats, produce eliquid that is every bit as delicious as the eliquid you and ‘us’ buy from our beloved smaller brands? How does that happen?

What usually happens when a large company mass produces eliquid is that the end product is… well, they are okay, sometimes even a nice change, but that’s about it. Previous Vaporfi eliquid reviews showed that they, Vaporfi, took eliquid seriously, but still produced eliquids for the lowest common denominator, as any large company would. That’s not a bad thing. Create an eliquid that most people will like, but don’t be too concerned about those same vapers ‘loving’ the product. You know what we mean? That attention to detail, those late nights of trial after trial that our favorite small e-juice house suffers for each of their very special blends? Getting that precise recipe exactly right? What large company do you know would do these things? We just don’t expect those larger companies to ‘he details’ like our favorite premium labels.sweat 

Well, someone at Vaporfi decided it was time to do just that, time to sweat the details and get it exactly right. Tom said to us last night while we were all vaping this new collection, “I find myself glancing up at the sky looking for the flying monkeys because we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The Grand Reserve from Vaporfi

Here’s the deal; for vapers that are truly passionate about the eliquids we vape, the one thing they care about more than anything else is flavor. We want the flavor to be natural, authentic, and pleasurable. Not too strong, not too weak, we want flavor to both excite us and subdue us. The Grand Reserve Collection achieves a balance with flavor that is so good it allows each of initial six flavors to become all-day-vapes.

After flavor comes vapor production. Even sub-ohm vapers want flavor more so than an extra 10% of vapor clouds that seem to differentiate the large number of sub-ohm tanks on the market. We all want a lot of vapor production from our eliquids, and the Grand Reserve Collection delivers in spades, but without great flavor an eliquid won’t become a part of anyone’s rotation.


We all also want our eliquid to be safe to use, but being completely honest here, we don’t require a real clean-room lab, or proof that our favorite brand(s) are using the utmost pure nicotine or propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin that money can buy…we’ll settle for high quality ingredients made in a clean, safe dedicated space. Right?

When most people read an eliquid review, or watch one on YouTube the things that they really listen to, or read, is how the reviewer describes the flavor, whether (s)he likes, or dislikes, the flavor is the driving force 0n whether or not that reader/viewer will try that eliquid.

But how good would it feel if you could have both?

Superior FDA certified labs, pure ‘levorotatory’ nicotine, soybean based glycerin, GRAS approved flavorings, all Kosher grade AND registered with the FDA so as to be on record that everything they say they use in their eliquid is really and truly used in every bottle…plus the flavor and vapor you expect from your favorite small art house brand? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Well then, in the nutshell, we just described Vaporfi’s Grand Reserve Collection. Vaporfi also displays the proof no their website.

Well, enough of that…

Review Particulars

All six eliquids were vaped by the team using the Joyetech eVic-VCT Mini and the eGo ONE Mega tank with Kanthal 0.5-ohm coil heads. Wattage varied from 27w to 34w depending on the eliquid and the reviewer. Our Special Guest, Dave Foster, used Kanger Subtank Mini’s with Kanger 0.5-ohm OCC’s on an eLeaf iStick TC60W device. Dave’s wattage ranged from 28w to 34w.

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte (30ML)

“Coffee connoisseurs take their coffee very, very seriously, and for those of you who drink only the best, this deliciousness was crafted with you in mind! Imagine fresh brewed espresso poured over the finest crushed hazelnuts, finished with a rich swirl of brown-butter caramel, creating an authentically sophisticated, lush, velvety latte.”

Vaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid ReviewJulia: 5 Stars – I like a good coffee flavored eliquid. The problem is finding one that I can vape for more than an hour. I want something that delivers a sweet and rich coffee profile but doesn’t overwhelm me. Catch Ya Latte (cute name) is that fine cup of coffee with rich layers of complimentary flavors that make
sense. With just enough hazelnut flavor to add depth and richness, and the dark caramel to provide enough sweetness that the end result is zero coffee bitterness and all latte goodness. I’ve had some very good coffee eliquids, and some very bad ones. This one is the only one that I can vape all day without vapers tongue. I thought that was impossible.

Kiera: 5 Stars – What caused me to arrive at the 5 Star score was, believe or not, the ‘after-vape’. If you’ve vaped coffee flavors before then you know that the majority of even the best coffee eliquids have an aftertaste. It is the nature of coffee to leave an aftertaste. It’s the reason must people prefer their morning coffee before they brush their teeth.2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For Excellene

Julia and I talked about Catch Ya Latte and our thoughts are the same; deliciously smooth and rich, just the right amount of hazelnut and caramel. But, to me, what took it over the top was the extremely flavorful, the most pleasant caramel/hazelnut/latte flavor that comes after the last of the dense aromatic vapor leaves my lips. The best coffee eliquid I have ever vaped, period. If you like coffee/latte type eliquids this is a must-try. You won’t find better.

Tom: 5 Stars – Coffee and tobacco eliquids, that’s my forte. I know most of them, and when new ones come out I try to grab a bottle as soon as I can. I did not expect to love Catch Ya Latte because, come on, it’s… well, you know…

Catch Ya Latte by Vaporfi is the richest, smoothest, most endearing latte-infused eliquid I’ve had in years. A perfect blend of espresso, caramel, and hazelnut that makes this phenomenal blend the first all-day-vape of its kind. The vapor production is out of this world too. Rich, dense, aromatic, Catch Ya Latte vapor is incredibly satisfying. A permanent part of my daily rotation.

Dave: 5 Stars – My share of ‘Catch Ya Latte’ comprised exactly two Subtank Minis. About 8mL in total, that’s all I had to review with, for each flavor. As I put my finishing touches on this review I am vaping the very last of it (the rest are already gone). And I am sad about this being the last of it, and I know that even if I place a preorder it will be 3 or 4 days before my order comes in. Maybe I should have waited…

‘Catch Ya Latte’ tastes best as warm vapor, so because I’m not crazy about temperature control and ni200 wire coils I vaped with Kanthal, 0.5-ohm, and found the perfect wattage for warm, delicious hazelnut latte is 33.5watts. Your mileage may vary based on your preferences and the tank, as well as the coils. But I can tell you with certainty that if you enjoy the flavor of a sweet rich hazelnut latte you will love ‘Catch Ya Latte’ more than you think. An all-day-vape of the coffee latte kind? Yes. Will definitely add to my rotation just as soon as I can grab more.

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML)

“Clouds in the vape world are a necessity, particularly those that taste exceptional. They are a founding principle of which vapers live by. They are a delicious, satisfying essential. Clouds that taste of sweet cotton candy, danced upon by lively, fruity gummy bears are the finest, however, especially when abundant in size.” $21.99

Julia: 5 Stars – I began vaping these six amazing eliquids at 3:30PM and did not stop until theyVaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid Review were all gone. 8mL each, a total of 30mL in just under 30 hours. Cloud Candy was the first one I vaped, and I thought that I had found the best one on my first try. Cloud Candy is everything I look for in an eliquid, and more. Vast clouds of vapor at 30w, even more at 35w, and the most pleasant flavor of cotton candy with a small cut of sweet fruitiness.

Cloud Candy is addictive for all the right reasons. Addictive because its both delicious and fun. This is the eliquid people will want to use in cloud competitions, an eliquid that not only allows you to be a trickster, but one that gives you the addition of great flavor. Who says cloud juice has to be tasteless in order to compete? Not anymore. Cloud Candy is exactly that… clouds of vapor tasting of cotton candy.

2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For ExcelleneKiera: 5 Stars – Julia and I wound up by accident vaping Cloud Candy at the same time. In the same room. Within minutes we both knew that Cloud Candy was that delicious combination of fun flavor and massive clouds of vapor. The only difference of opinion we have is this; As much vapor that Cloud Candy produces, Catch Ya Latte, the hazelnut latte blend, produces slightly more, in my humble opinion.

A fantastic blend for sub-ohm tanks and Drippers, Cloud Candy is fun to vape. Clouds and Cotton Candy? How can it miss? It doesn’t. Added to my rotation, and I have a feeling it will be for a long time.

Tom: 5 Stars – I’m giving Cloud Candy the 5-star treatment not because I think it has the best flavor, but because as good as the flavor is, it is matched by its ability to produce the coolest clouds I can imagine. Definitely an all-day-vape with its cotton candy and gummy bear flavor profile, but if you decide to vape it all day I recommend good ventilation or you’ll wind up sitting in a room reminiscent of a foggy day in London. I like my flavors just a little bolder than Cloud Candy, but I plan on keeping a bottle on hand for those days when clouds matter more.

Dave: 5 Stars – I didn’t read the description of Cloud Candy before I vaped it and I knew in an instant I was vaping cotton candy. That’s not an easy flavor to get right, but Vaporfi did just that. A nice blend that doesn’t overwhelm you so it provides a great all-day-vape experience without making you sickly sweet. All six produce great vapor, and I’m not totally sure Cloud Candy produces the most, but having said that, I can think of no other flavor among the six that provided an equal amount of pleasure in creating big clouds of vapor and a great gentle/sweet flavor. All six will be in my rotation, Cloud Candy will be reserved for days when I need to be amused with vaping.

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Island Frost (30ML)

“Like a brisk breeze on a tropical island, the contrasting flavors of this liquid are irresistible! An exotic selection of pineapple and coconut, with champagne-infused blueberries, muddled mint and lime garnish: this is an elixir whose sole intention lies in its desire to overwhelm your tastes! Too much of good thing can be amazing!” – $21.99

Vaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid ReviewJulia: 5 Stars – In order for a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review to hold up to scrutiny we must relate our honest impressions of every eliquid we review. So, to be true to myself, and to you, I admit upfront that 8mL of Island Frost was not enough for me to tell you with certainty that all the flavor components that Vaporfi describes are truly there. After a few more bottles I’ll be able to make that determination, and because I intend to have those bottles sooner rather than later, I can update this portion of the review in a couple of weeks.

Today, my impressions are: On the first inhale I was hit with a cool breeze of pineapple. Not menthol, just ‘cool light mint’. After the pineapple begins to wane the flavor of sweet coconut comes to life. Both the pineapple and the coconut seem to be wrapped in a champagne flavor, or rather a flavor that tells me its champagne. I can’t taste the blueberry notes at all, but I don’t need to. On the exhale is a brief moment of lime. Once again, this brilliant concoction provides an all-day-vape character, plenty of vapor (though not the same amount of Catch Ya Latte or Cloud Candy), and a delightful blend of clean, bright, flavors.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Sometimes I will spend more than enough time vaping a deep rich custard 2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For Excelleneblend and I will wind up craving something lighter, fruity, or just very different. In the past I would fill a tank with a blueberry flavor, or a lime flavor, as a palate cleaner. Now that job will belong to Island Frost, the best flavor-breaker I know of.

Although the official description is accurate I’m not totally sold on the name. Island Frost suggests a flavor profile that many will expect to possess more mint or menthol than it actually delivers. The “frost” is more cool than frosty, so the name that does a better job of describing what I get from this blend would be “Cool Island Breeze”. The pineapple and coconut are sublime, that lime twist at the end can only be described as a beautiful moment. Definitely an all-day-vape.

Tom: 5-Stars – Island Frost deserves the 5 stars it receives from me because as complex as the flavor profile is, it is delivered in a very pleasant vape. I love the sweet pineapple snap and the milky coconut blend, and that lime thwack at the end of it all brings a level of sophistication I did not expect. Having said that, I tend to want a more serious flavor profile from my daily rotations, and Island Frist isn’t serious enough.  Considering that I spend my vape time with bold tobacco’s and deep coffee blends, I can’t see myself adding this to my daily rotation. It doesn’t matter whether I will vape it every day, what matters is that the execution of this blend is superb, and there will be vapers that will want to vape it all day, every day. An excellent eliquid, by anyone’s standards.

Dave: 5 Stars – Island Frost, if I had to pick, is my favorite eliquid of the six. Everything about this complicated blend hits every one of my taste buds exactly how I like it. A cool minty mini-blast, then a non-tangy pineapple mixed with sweet light coconut flavor, and then finally, a fantastic lime flavor meets my taste buds on the way out. Even when I thought I should change up my flavors for a while I could not put it down. What an amazing blend of flavors! Oh, and the vapor production at 32w in a Subtank Mini is just incredible.

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

“Sweet and citrusy, this is a decadent celebration of lemon goodness! A bold flavor that involves freshly-made glazed doughnuts, plush, sweet meringues, and the zesty tang of lemon custard, it is a balance of sweet and tart! The result is a lemony confection you will not be able to resist!” – $21.99

Julia: 5 Stars – In my humble opinion using the word “Tang” in the name of this blend doesn’tVaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid Review do it justice. When I think of an eliquid being tangy I think of a flavor that ‘puckers’. You know what I mean? The first thing I need to say about Meringue O Tang is to not fear the tang. Instead, embrace the incredible meringue of this marvelous blend of glazed donuts, sweet lemon, and luscious meringue.

The one eliquid of the six I was most afraid of turns out to be one of the best of the best. I went through my 8mL way too fast because all I wanted to do was to keep that awesome flavor combo rolling over my tongue. I skipped lunch so I didn’t have to stop vaping this brilliant blend. Seriously.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Have you ever had a lemon meringue pie that was creamier rather than lemony, more sweet piecrust than there should be in a lemon dessert? That describes Meringue O Tang to a tee. Its like Vaporfi took that luscious sweet meringue, sprinkled it with just the right amount of lemon, and rolled it up using a double-thick donut piecrust and squeezed it into a liquid that you would vaporize and inhale. Meringue O Tang is almost too delicious, and the only thing that comes close to the magnificent flavor is the thick aromatic vapor that oozes out of the mouth like a lazy and alive vapor beast. Exquisite!

2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For ExcelleneTom: 5 Stars – I have been stomping the eliquid marketplace for all of 2015 looking for just the right flavor in an eliquid that could cut through vapers tongue like a hot knife through butter and perform a reset from days of rich tobacco vaping. I found many candidates, and even one or two that nearly did the job, but one thing was missing… a substitute flavor that I could indulge in while the reset was happening. This flavor needed to have some zest to it, so I knew I was looking for a lemon blend, but restrained on the lemon tartness and just delivered a lemon more “thick” than tart. Today I have found it and its name is Meringue O Tang.

What I don’t understand is that the name of this blend would lead you to believe that it is tangy as all get out, but in reality its far from tangy… it’s rich, mellow, sweet, but the perfect antidote for too much tobacco. Yes, I’m going to stock a few bottles of this inspiring blend for those occasions when I want something flavorful but the opposite of tobacco and/or coffee.

Dave: 5 Stars – I swear I thought my first inhalation of Meringue O Tang was a mistake. That I had somehow picked up the wrong tank and I was vaping something all together different. But, I was vaping the right flavor and I knew it on the exhale. The exhale is where the lemon lives, and when it makes itself known it does so in a way that instantly made me want to take another drag.

I’ve vaped my share of lemon meringue pie eliquids and the one thing they all had in common was the distinct flavor of a lemon meringue pie. They were accurate, and delicious. So what was throwing this flavor off? Then I reread the description and there it was, “glazed donuts”. Brilliant!!

It made me think; did the Vaporfi chef try to create a lemon meringue pie and wound up with a blend that his/her beta testers were insisting had a glazed donut component, or was it intentional? If it was intentional, who would think of combining the component of a lemon meringue pie with the flavoring of a glazed donut? In the end, it doesn’t matter. Accident or pure genius, just be thankful that they decided this flavor was worthy of the Grand Reserve name. Damn, this is good!

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow (30ML)

“Pineapple enhanced with the sweet, floral nature of melon, further magnified by the distinctly sensual taste of hibiscus makes this a truly unique, delight of a flavor! The intensity runs wild, consider this pineapple elevated to new heights of passion! Pow!” – $21.99

Vaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid ReviewJulia: 5 Stars – This one was a very close call. The very first drag I took of a brand new eGo ONE Mega Tank and its 0.5-ohm coil head I got a big blast of tangy pineapple and what I thought was something that threw the whole thing off. What I did afterward was to wait about a minute, allow whatever taste was left to work its magic and inform me of any lingering notes. Pineapple and…. and… I didn’t know. So I took another drag…long and slow, filling my lungs to the brink. When I began to exhale that blast of pineapple was less a blast and more of a pineapple at room temperature. In other words, less tangy but fuller. At first I didn’t know if this would be an eliquid I could vape for the day, or for an hour or so. Then I just let go and started vaping. I stopped when the tank was empty.

I wouldn’t say that Pineapple Pow has much of a pow, but I would say that it is a full pineapple flavor that doesn’t tire. Nor did it cause vapers tongue. This is a pineapple flavor profile for vapers that want the flavor of pineapple without that strong acidity of a fresh pineapple.

Kiera: 5 Stars – The vapor created with Pineapple Pow is so thick, so aromatic, and so satisfying that it would be all I need to recommend it to vapers looking for a pineapple eliquid 2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For Excellenethat produces an abundance of vapor. However, Pineapple Pow has something more than great vapor; it has a deep, luscious pineapple flavor with just a hint of melon on the exhale. Of course, the melon is so slight that if you blink you’ll miss it, so consider Pineapple Pow as a very satisfying pineapple blend that won’t put a tingle on the tip of your tongue even after hours of steady vaping.

Tom:  5 Stars – Pineapple Pow is the simplest flavor profile of the six. It is, for better or worse, a pineapple-exclusive eliquid that is supposed to have a hint of melon, but I can’t taste it. If that’s the case, then why I am giving this 5 stars? Because the pineapple flavor is rich, sweet, with just a hint of tartness, and one hell of a vapor producer. I’ve vaped a lot of pineapple eliquids but none of them generated this much vapor. I’m impressed. Pineapple vapers you have to try this. You will be rewarded.

Dave: 5 Stars – I love pineapple eliquids so much that it is almost unfair of me to score this one. If you don’t mess up the flavor of pineapple, chances are I’m going to love it. What puts Pineapple Pow over the top, for me, is the incredible amount of vapor clouds coming from it at only 30w with a 0.5-ohm coil head in a Kanger Subtank. Definitely an all day vape for me, though I think some might think its too strong for an all day vape. And that melon component? I don’t know, I think its there but if it is, its just barely there…which for me is a good thing.

Vaporfi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

“Like a magical journey to Candyland, where unicorns frolic and rainbows paint the sky… This flavor will take you away to that psychedelic place and guarantee you enjoy every delicious cloud of vapor! Consisting of a mouth watering blend of plump, ripe strawberries and hand-picked tangerines, sitting atop a fluffy layer of Crème Anglaise, you’ll be seeing everything in rainbows.” – $21.99

Vaporfi Grand Review Spinfuel eLiquid ReviewJulia: 5 Stars – Without a doubt my favorite one of the bunch! Rainbow Custard is, like its name, the only one of the six that provides any hint of a custard flavor profile. Massive clouds of flavorful vapor, a light and sweet strawberry component, and a hint of tangerine mixed with what I can only describe as a smooth light custard bottom layer, Rainbow Custard brings me to a place where I do not want to leave. I was so disappointed when the last of my 8mL was gone.

You know how when you have a fantastic eliquid in your tank and its just about gone, you can barely see it in the tank, and you are afraid of taking a huge drag for fear that this delicious blend will dry burn and ruin it all? That’s how I felt when the end was near, so I carefully and slowly filled my lungs time and time until I knew I couldn’t chance another drag. That’s how endearing this flavor is for me. I need more. Now.

2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For ExcelleneKiera: 5 Stars – Custard denotes a heavy flavor profile and most of the time that’s true. It’s one of the reasons I love so many custard blends from various brands I buy. With Rainbow Custard you will sense that same custard component, but less than half the weight of a usual custard is in Rainbow Custard. What I mean by that is that everything that is good about custard is in this blend, but there is room for more…like strawberries and tangerines, and together they form something completely new. A custard blend that doesn’t weigh you down, a custard that brings a delightful fruitiness to the party. Rainbow Custard is the perfect flavor profile when you want a bit of custard but you don’t want that heaviness that comes with it. I will vape this daily.

Tom: 5 Stars –  There is a ‘fuller flavor profile’ in Rainbow Custard than the others, except for Catch Ya Latte, which is a bold hazelnut latte. Rainbow Custard wants you to take huge inhales from your vaporizer, and hold it in, then let it out slowly so that all the richness of this delightful blend passes over as many taste buds as it can before its all gone.

There are only a handful of eliquids I am passionate about, and Rainbow Custard has become one of them. I never thought it would be possible to create a custard blend that didn’t bury you in custard, but this one does exactly that. The layers of flavors are just outstanding. Rainbow Custard is going on my daily rotation, and it has to be one that you at least try. If you like custard blends you will love this one.

Dave: 5 Stars – Rainbow Custard is as close to the perfect custard eliquid that I think is possible in this day and age. I don’t know how these six flavors of the Grand Reserve were created, or who decided the recipes were “done”, but whoever it was shares our likes and dislikes to the point that it becomes eerie. A custard that isn’t thick with flavor, yet it’s still a full custard. Laced with the light flavors of strawberries and tangerines, this custard flavor profile is astounding. I could become addicted to this flavor blend, and rejoice in that addiction. Does that sound bad?

Bottles – Labels – Packaging – Price

Now, after reading a few thousand words on how all six of these amazing eliquids are Spinfuel Choice Award Winners, there has to be some things we, as a team, are not exactly happy with, right? Well, unfortunately yes, there is one.

Price – The cost of a 30mL bottle of Vaporfi Grand Reserve Collection is $21.99, or 73 cents per mL. Each one is well worth the 73 cents per mL, based on the pricing structure of other brands and their $22-$27.50 prices, but it is still too high to vape regularly. And that what’s gets us vapers in a bind.

img-grand-reserve-collectionMany of us that have been vaping for a while come around to High VG eliquid vaped in high wattage devices and sub-ohm tanks. These are nearly mainstream today. Because of that combination, high VG, high wattage, sub ohm coils, we vaporize a lot more eliquid than we did back in the day of 2.4-3.0-ohm coils, 10w devices, with variable voltage. Sometimes we vape 3 and 4 times as much eliquid today than we used to. At $22 a bottle it is untenable for many of us to vape with every single day, and each member of this team is no different. We may have received these 30mL bottles on the house in order to review them, which turned out to be about 8ml a piece per flavor, but if we want more than our 8mL, we’ll pay full boat. Vaping almost 30mL a day, that’s $154.00 a week, plus tax and shipping. So what do we do?

Sales – As for Vaporfi, well, they have coupon codes, and flash sales often, as well as regular extended sales, so we suggest looking out for those sales and then stock up. Sign up for their newsletter so you’ll get first crack at the sales.

If you can’t stock up on your favorites when they on sale then the only other suggestion we have is to use the same formula we use. Which is:

The 144

1x bottle of expensive eliquid for every 4x bottles of affordable eliquid.

We call it the 144 formula and we use it all the time.

There are plenty of great eliquids by some of our favorite eliquid vendors that sell 30mL bottles for $13-$16.50. Vape Dudes and Rocket Fuel Vapes are two we buy from frequently.

To ignore the $21.99 a bottle price tag in this review would be a disservice to you, our readers and supporters. We loved every flavor in the Grand Reserve Collection, but we can’t afford them as an everyday brand. But oh how we would like to!

Bottles – The bottles for the Grand Reserve Collection are beautiful black glass bottles with glass eyedroppers. They are ‘body shrink-wrapped’. The labels are equally beautiful, full wrap labels with all the information you could ever want, and gorgeous artwork. Each bottle sits inside an almost identical box. Open the box, rip off the full body shrink wrap, shake well, serve it up into your favorite tank. Because it is 70% VG we don’t recommend them for simple clearomizers, stay with tanks.

We were sent one 6-pack, which was packaged in a beautiful thick paper box, and inside that are the 6 individual boxes, each containing a 30mL glass bottle. Not only are the eliquids exquisite, so is the packaging. Vaporfi did a hell of a job with presentation, and the eliquid.

Final Thoughts

And so now we come to end of this lengthy review. We sincerely hope you took the time to read the entire review. While we all agreed on granting all six the Spinfuel Choice Award, something we’ve never done before, our reasons why varied widely. If you’ve been following our reviews then you know that Tom McBride is easily swayed by good tobacco and/or coffee eliquids, so his reasons for giving 5 stars to Cloud Candy or Rainbow Custard are interesting and insightful. On the other hand, we have some team members that have difficulty with coffee flavors yet they awarded ‘Catch Ya Latte’ with 5 stars. The remarks by the team are remarkable on their own, and compelling taken together.

Vaporfi managed to do what we, as a team, thought impossible. Like many of you perhaps, we are not inclined to think that a large company is capable of developing, bottling, and marketing such high quality, 5-star eliquids.

Will the Vaporfi Grand Reserve Collection be the hit that Vaporfi hopes it will be? The team believes that if these remarkable eliquids were sold for $16-$17 a bottle then there is no question. However, at $21.99 a bottle we’re not so sure. We hope so. And that’s as honest as we can be.

Available Exclusively From VaporFi

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, and Dave Foster

Giveaway Winners Are: Karen Z L, Lady D, Justin S, Diana D, and Merlin W. Email’s have been sent out. The winners have 48 hours from now to respond to their notification. – Thank you everyone! We would have loved to give every one of you a bottle of this truly marvelous line of e-Liquid.