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The Vapor Girl Interview

For our July is eJuice Month celebration we spoke with the people behind The Vapor Girl to talk about what’s happening now, and a little bit about the rest of the year… the interview is below – Tom

SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device do you think has had made the biggest impact on Vapers in the first half of 2013?

VICTORIA: I think my customers have had the most fun with our SUB VV mod, which has got a nice steam punk look to it. It’s the first VV to telescope, so you can use your favorite size batteries with it, and it gets big or small. And it’s the first VV I’ve ever tried that has been spot on in terms of exact voltage! Besides the basic chrome and gunmetal, people have been nuts over the Antique Bronze color. I can’t wait to unveil our new custom color, coming in JULY! I bet that people could guess what the color is, as it’s TVG’s best selling color, but I’ll keep my lips sealed for now.

Other than the SUB, we’ve been thrilled with all of our raw atomizers and raw kits. Being able to vaporize tobacco and medicinal herbal blends has been a fantastic new trend. (Also the reason why I’m not longer welcome at ECF!)

We are (happily) testing all sorts of new items for RAW and featuring only the best on our sites. Continue reading for more information on INHALEwithUS !

SPINFUEL: Are you surprised that the FDA has so far remained silent since there was a rumor that their “deeming regulations” were due in April?


Having been a teacher for 23 years in the public schools, and having experienced bureaucracy first hand really closely, NO, it comes as NO SURPRISE that nothing has been done.

And all I can say is, anyone who has NOT called their local politicians and told them how great ecigs are should be ashamed of themselves. Politicians only know the last thing that someone has told them. So each and every vaper needs to CALL and email their local politicians and tell them how vaping has saved their lives. A nice chatty, anecdotal email will do wonders towards SAVING OUR FREEDOM. And, er, I am about to put a link to political action in the main menu on the vapor girl site!

SPINFUEL: What is your newest flavor release? If it’s out now, how is it being received and if its due soon, are you nervous about upcoming releases? (This will be worded properly when published (HEY SPINFUEL-I AM COMBINING THESE 2 QUESTIONS

Marc here:

re: E-liquids we’re proud of – well anything that makes our customers happy is a big plus for me, because we’re getting people off cigarettes. I like it whenever we can offer flavors that other folks just don’t carry, like our Mt. Dew Drops series, or the Sweet Potato Pie, and our recent additions of Gazpacho and Popcorn (popcorn was HARD!). I guess I’m most proud of every flavor we create that’s more than a “single flavor + e-liquid” – I like to believe that by taking the extra effort we’re keeping our customers happy and bringing in new folks who want original flavors in a quality product.

re: New Flavors – in April 2013 I had to go in for emergency surgery, I spent 8 nights in the hospital and I’ve been laid up for a long time. Victoria had to find new workers FAST, and since has hired three new people who are ALL making great contributions to The Vapor Girl. Because of them, I have a lot more time for experimentation. Among the new flavors would be the Gazpacho (mentioned by Victoria), I’m messing with different combinations of Pizza (my best so far is a Bacon Pizza – it’s really really really good!) and messing around with Bacon on it’s own – trying to make something like a Bojangle Bacon-Cinnamon Roll. Zoe, our other Mixologist has been great. She made a new addition everybody is vaping – Strawberry-Champagne, as well as a delicious Iced-Coffee.

Brad here:

re: E-liquids we’re proud of – I’m personally proud of the new Iced Caramel Latte that Zoe helped me bring to life. I used to get that drink every morning on the way to work and now? I can vape that same flavor all day! Honestly though, I am so thrilled at the fact that we are expanding flavors into meats. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy and while I can appreciate the sweet stuff, vaping flavors like Rotisserie Chicken, Roast Beef and Meatloaf is …. unbelievable. I can’t wait to taste what we come up with tomorrow

VICTORIA: Now that I’ve got such a fabulous bunch of employees, and we are so close, our creativity is just bouncing off the walls. So actually, the flavors I am most proud of is some stuff that we are rolling out right now. We are starting a new line of savory flavors that are out of this world. PIZZA is the first in line. We’ve got Gazpacho, Garlic Bread, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken and Waffles, Loaded Baked Potato, Candied Bacon…. You get the picture. A few months back if someone would have told me these flavors I would have thought they were joking, and I would not have laughed cause it would have sounded so stupid. But my goodness, our flavors are super delicious! Such a welcome break from tobacco and sweet! These flavors make us dance!

 SPINFUEL:  Spinfuel: Any exciting plans due over the rest of 2013?

VICTORIA: Of course! Besides the new custom SUB color(s), and the new SAVORY line of e-liquids, we’ve started wholesaling our e-liquids! We have a new website and dedicated customer service just for wholesalers here: We’ve got packages for retail ready liquids as well as private label kits, and we help people every step of the way!

We’re also combining our e-liquids with raw atomizers so people can use their herbal medicinal blends right along with our liquids with our special instructions. WOW, what a hit that has been, pun intended!

We’re now shipping international……! We’re going by folks’ messages that they were just dying for our stuff and there was nothing like it where they were at. Now that I’ve got EMPLOYEES, haha, we have the time and wherewithal to actually do the EMS paperwork for the international shipping!

We’ve got a new site just for our herbal devices and juices here: And we are actively working on wholesale relations with the UK and EU at this time.

And last, everyone has their own blog. So whether you want to follow Zoe the e-liquid manager, Brad the chief of operations, Crystal our social media manager, Marc our Master Mixologist, Victoria the Vapor Girl, or Kelly our Executive Assistant in Charge of Customer Relations and our Wholesale Coordinator, you have the chance to do so! And ask questions too!

Our corporation is really expanding, and every day is more exciting than the last!