The ultra-portable, ultra-fine-looking sleek and sexy SMOK X-Force AIO is the first mod of its kind that I use all the time. Not exclusively, but certainly many times a day. The X-Force is an inexpensive device for those of us that want in on the whole Ultra-Portable, AIO, Pod Mod segment of the industry, yet we don’t want to sacrifice the flavor and vapor production we’re used to with the more powerful vape gear we use full time. The X-Force is unique in many ways, and in this review I’ll get into what makes this device a highly recommended vaping instrument. This All-In-One marvel is available now at Element Vape. However, don’t be surprised if this excellent device is hard to keep in stock. SMOK just may have created an AIO that strips supply because of huge demand.


The sheer performance of this small mod is enough for us to actually ‘want’ to vape with it. At a price point under $30, the SMOK X-Force is affordable enough to buy a couple of them and never go without one when recharging the other. Of course, the great performance wouldn’t be possible without the new coil system, and I will be diving into the coil structure further down in this review.


Available in all the primary colors, including black and purple, this handsome AIO mod is powered by an integrated 2000mAh battery. The eJuice chamber is a huge 7mL, and the coil resistance is 0.3-ohm. Best of all, it is a Direct Lung or Mouth-to-Lung device. As a Direct Lung Vaper this mod/cartridge device won its high score with my first pull, and during the review period everything about it supported my initial impression.


The user-friendly SMOK X-Force has an ‘open pod’ system. Unlike the usual tank-and-mod setup, the device uses a cartridge that houses the e-liquid and atomizer coil. The cartridge pops in and out of the mod portion, providing access to the side-positioned fill port and the atomizer coil.


The cartridge system is unique and effective, allowing users to easily interchange between pods filled with different eJuice flavors without having to dissemble a tank and switch out for a new coil. In my review kit I received one SMOK X-Force and 2 packs of replacement coils, and 2 replacement cartridges.



Which brings me to the only real negative of the SMOK X-Force Starter Kit. The Kit provides a single “cartridge”, and 2 Coil Heads. While popping out the cartridge is easy, and replacing the Coil Head is simple, should anything happen to the cartridge you’re out of luck until you can buy a new cartridge for about $10. You could wait to pick up an extra cartridge or two, just to see if actually like the X-Force as much as I do. If you do like it, then I recommend having at least one extra cartridge.


I set up my 3 cartridges with replacement Kanthal coil heads to hold my favorite eliquids. I used freebase nicotine, 70/30 VG/PG, and this blend worked wonderfully. It was as flavorful as any sub-ohm I’ve used before, and the vapor production was far better than any other pod system I’ve used, including the over hyped JUUL Vaping System.


Speaking of the whole JUUL Vaping System, if you’re interested in picking up the X-Force, remember that unlike the JUUL, the SMOK X-Force comes a refillable, non-disposable pod which is designed to be used with freebase nicotine eJuice, but it can support nicotine-salt eJuice if required.


The SMOK X-Force Kit comes complete with 2x X-Force Coil Heads. Replacement packs include 4 Heads at under $10, far less than JUUL pods.


SMOK X-Force AIO Mod Features:

  • Dimensions – 102.5mm by 52mm by 30.4mm
  • Internal 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Direct Voltage Output System
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.4-4.2V
  • Charging Current: 0.6-0.7A
  • Stealth Firing Bar Mechanism
  • Five LED Battery Life Indicator
  • 8 Seconds Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Charge via MicroUSB Port

SMOK X-Force Cartridge Features:

  • Dimensions – 52mm Height, 30.3mm Diameter
  • 7mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • PCTG Construction
  • Top Airflow Design
  • Top Design Filling Hole – Rubber Plug
  • 0.3ohm X-Force Coil – Traverse Coil Airflow Design

SMOK X-Force AIO Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 X-Force Mod
  • 1 X-Force Tank
  • 2 0.3ohm X-Force Coils
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

The SMOK X-Force atomizer coil design is totally new and performance oriented. These Heads are referred to as X-Force Transverse Coil and they contain a vertical airflow system that channels the air from the power of the draw from the drip tip, through the coil, and then directly into the drip tip.


The 0.3-ohm sub-ohm coil structure provides a rich, authentic flavor fidelity that is unequaled by every other AIO/Ultra-Portable/Pod-Mod device I’ve used this year. I like to think of the SMOK X-Force as a a squonk mod, rather than some weak pod mod or AIO device. Of course, there is no squeezing of the squonk bottle, but the eJuice is hidden away inside the cartridge, and the capacity matches the SMOK V12 Prince.

SMOK built the X-Force Transverse Coil System in a way that prevents potential leaking or spitback. In the 10 days since beginning the review period I’ve yet to experience any leaks, nor spitback, from the 3 cartridge/coil setups I switch between, whatever SMOK tried to achieve by their design, it was successful beyond my expectations.


The Replacement Coils have phenomenal “cores” providing the unique Traverse Air Channels to maximize vapor production and provide flavor production.


SMOK X-Force Replacement Coils Features:

  • 0.3ohm X-Force Coil (Kanthal)
  • Traverse Coil Airflow Design
  • Optimized for Flavor & Vapor
  • Pack of 4 Coils

Feature Highlights

The SMOK X-FORCE AIO Starter Kit is a modern all-in-one powered by a 2000mAh rechargeable battery and has a 7mL juice reservoir.  The replaceable Sub-Ohm Coils (0.3ohm) provide a full vape experience that other AIO’s lack.


Vaping the SMOK X-Force is a lot like vaping with a larger and more expensive mod and tank rather than its AIO (all-in-one) classification. With a fully charged device I can take long, leisurely pulls from the drip tip, filling my lungs with flavorful vapor and receiving terrific vape satisfaction.


I’ve experienced dozens of these ultra-portable AIO devices, and this one is hands down the best so far. As I said above, I pick it up every day. Battery life is better than expected, and while not scientifically tested, I would estimate a solid 5 hours or so of moderate vaping on a single charge.


Finally, its 2000mAh battery is recharged by way of the included USB cable and the conveniently located microUSB charging port. Naturally, like any SMOK device, it includes all the modern safety protections you would expect.

Bottom Line

The SMOK X-Force is controlled from a single firing bar and uses a direct voltage output system that uses five LED battery indicators for instant feedback on the state of the battery charge. The refillable cartridge section that holds a full 7mL e-juice reservoir that will last several hours of vaping, at least.


The 0.3ohm Coils provides great flavor and vapor production that is unexpected in a mod this size. At 102.5mm by 52mm by 30.4mm, you’ll find this under $30 AIO a real contender for Best AIO of 2018. Highly Recommended.



SMOK X-Force Replacement Coils