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AnyVape CVI eCig Review

Note* as we went to press the AnyVape CVI eCigarette was still out-of-stock at MyVaporStore, the official supplier for Spinfuel Magazine. Expected to be back in stock any minute… like… now!… nope… wait…NOW!… nope. Oh well, it WILL be soon. So keep checking.

I’ll admit that it was getting a little tougher for me to review new hardware, especially eCigarette batteries, because once you find what works for you, the comparisons start being made, fairly or unfairly. And besides, I find it a lot more fun to review American Made, premium eLiquids these days. To me, a battery and a tank/Clearo/carto are just a means to vaporize delicious eJuice. I can get more excited over a great new flavor of eJuice than a new battery.

As far as I’m concerned, my Red Brass ZMAX Rev 2 is all I need for a satisfying vape. It’s a good size device with some heft to it, the engineering is superb, and it just looks awesome. So, when I use something else I compare it to my ZMAX, and when I use something during a review period I a habit of doing the same thing. That can be ‘unhelpful’ when preparing an even-handed and fair review. I try to minimize the effects, but some of it seeps through regardless.

When my good buddy Jon from MyVaporStore (Spinfuel’s Official Supplier of Vaping Goodies) sent over the new Anytime CVI by AnyVape Inc. about 3 or 4 weeks ago now it was during the height of my comparison issues. By the time I had finished the review period I had come out of it with a newfound respect for new products that continue to roll out, all with very similar features. Every eCigarette battery is different, and they satisfy different needs or wants for the individual consumer. Some are better than others, certainly, but most do the job these days. Now it’s more about what you want in an eCigarette battery rather than what you can afford.

AnyTime by AnyVape

One of the newer VV/VW eCigs to hit the market is the AnyTime CVI. It is a variable voltage, variable wattage, 510 and eGo threaded device that can do a lot of what the Joyetech eVic can do (sans the software/firmware) and do it for much less. (There I go again with the comparisons!)

Once I began using the CVI for the review it dawned on me that I needed to level the playing field. Because I found myself making comparisons of the CVI to both the eVic and the ZMAX during the time I was using this battery I decided to put away every battery I have except for this one so that the only device I had access to was this Anytime CVI. I thought it was only fair to do so.

It took less than a day for my hands to adjust to the new weight, width, and even finger placements, and it became a natural feeling, nicely balanced battery in no time. It’s not perfect, but it worked well and I don’t have many complaints about it.


For the first half hour or so I found it nearly impossible to adjust the settings. There weren’t any instructions included so I had to figure it out. So I clicked and clicked and must have passed by the “settings” menu a dozen times, at least. It wasn’t until my fingers started getting tired that I happened by the Settings menu once more and stopped for a few seconds. Then the device started going through the numbers; 1: Voltage Up, 2: Voltage Down, and so forth. Once I figured that part out the rest was easy going.

… if you wait a couple of seconds once it brings up the Settings menu it then displays the current setting, and you click up or click down to adjust using the one button. The rest of the settings work the same way. Like I said, once you get that part down making adjustments are fast and easy, not as easy as the eVic with its scrolling wheel, but easy enough. (Stop Comparing! – ed)

In addition to the voltage up and down you can lock the device so you don’t accidentally fire up the atomizer, you can display the remaining battery charge, set the LCD screen to display the information you want, turn the LCD screen off completely, and switch between variable voltage or variable wattage.

The LCD screen is low-tech; meaning the number of pixels is just enough to read the words, nothing fancy. The words displayed are readable enough so that you don’t miss anything though.

The Anytime CVI battery is an 18650 (see below for options) so it lasts all day and then some. Not all 18650 batteries will fit though, so make sure its an 18mmx65mm IMR battery, such as the Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 1500mAh flat head or even a Rider 18650 NCM 1800mAh button top battery.

Tanks and Clearomizers

The CVI can handle every normal 510-threaded tank or cartomizer you might have. The flat top and recessed eGo cone means you can also use most of the eGo style atomizers without an adapter. For those of you that like to drip the CVI fit all the best dripping atomizers with ease.


The Anytime CVI is set to RMS output at the factory, and unless you’re a very experienced Vaper that wants to access AVG setting this works just fine. RMS is more accurate than AVG anyway. Like most modern VV/VW eCigarettes today the voltage range is the usual 3v to 6v and you can adjust it by .1 increments and the wattage range is 3w to 15w and can be adjust by .5w increments.

Protection Measures

I’ve been learning how to wrap my own coils for rebuildable attys and while I think I’m okay at it I’m not overly confident. I still check each wrapped coil with a multi-meter but as an added level of protection the CVI has short circuit protection. If I happen to be way off on my wrapped coil and for whatever reason I don’t catch it with the meter the CVI will shut down when it detects a bad coil.

The CVI monitors the battery to make sure it doesn’t overheat or short out, and in the case of a sudden discharge the device will shut down. These are the kinds of things that are becoming commonplace in the better eCigarette batteries. Last year these types of protections, or for that matter these types of features (VV/VW, etc.) would have cost the Vaper a whole lot more money than they do today. The CVI even comes with a vented tail cap, which was something ‘special’ less than a year ago.


The Anytime CVI has a non-smooth finish. It’s doesn’t have a rubberized paint job (which would have been cool), and it’s not totally smooth either. The colors available are red, pink, black, blue, and chrome. My battery is Pink.

Because it’s not a slick smooth finish battery you get a better grip with your hands. The indented LED screen and push button activator is in a great position on the battery so it not only looks good but it’s very easy to use.

Overall, I think the handling of the AnyVape CVI is more than decent. I wound up being a fan of the design simply because it felt good in my hand and was really easy to set adjustments and read the settings. Oh, and the activator button is nice and big. It is somewhat wider in diameter than my ZMAX Rev 2 though.



• 510 Threaded
• Wide drip well, fits most 510 and Ego Atomizers
• Uses 18650 battery (18mm x 65mm IMR)
• PCB with 4 Amperage output limit
• User selectable Voltage or Wattage Control
• Voltage Control Range: 3.0–6.0 V with 0.1 volt increments
• Wattage Control Range: 3.0–15.0 watts with 0.5 watt increments
• RMS Option
• Improved 360° turning button
• Short Circuit protection
• Reverse battery protection
• Battery Monitoring
• Over-Discharge Protection
• On/Off Mode
• Vented tail cap
• Oxidized aluminum body
• Clear digital display
• Selectable Main Info Display: atomizer/cartomizer resistance, battery under-load voltage, atomizer/cartomizer Output voltage
• One button-click menu system similar to the ZMAX

List of compatible batteries:

• Efest IMR 18650 HD 2250mAh Battery
• Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 2000mAh Battery
• Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 1500mAh Battery
• High Drain 18650 Battery – MVari/Lambo 4.0
Rider 18650 NCM 1800mAh

As you can see, the feature set comes with variable voltage, wattage, circuit protection, battery protection, venting, and so forth. It’s all there and it all works just fine. At $50 or so how can you pass it up? It’s an excellent value. If you are on a budget this battery let’s you have all the latest tech without spending a lot of money to get it.

I used the Anytime CVI for several days exclusively and then added back in my usual fare of devices when the official review period was up. It’s been here and passed around the staff for almost a month now and there have been no issues with it at all.

Buying Advice

You get a lot of bang for the buck with the AnyVape CVI. It seems to be very well made, offers the latest tech that you could want in a modern eCigarette, and the safety features alone are excellent reasons alone to want one.

If you’re happy with what you’re using now and are looking for a back up device I highly recommend it. If you’re looking to replace an older device and not spend a lot to do so then this is a no-brainer. Even as your main eCigarette battery the AnyVape CVI has a lot going for it. You might even consider it as a terrific travel battery.

The more eCigarette batteries continue to improve, yet cost less at the same time, there is really no excuse to not move up to a VV/VW battery. Unless you are really in love with the plain eGo-style batteries with zero features, then buying into multi-featured batteries like the Anytime CVI has to be your next logical step. Safer, longer lasting, and a better vaping experience, the VV/VW battery has never been more affordable. The CVI is a great vaping battery available at a price point you might find hard to resist. Is it any wonder MyVaporStore has a problem keeping up with demand?

Julia Barnes