The Sleek 2 A Video Review by Gareth Witty

Introducing the SLEEK v2 Powerbank 3400mAh 35W!


These are new to the website and are the height of vaping technology. Comes with a very innovitive way of using the settings, you simply tilt the device to the left or to the right to change the voltage etc. Very clever!!

The Sleek is the brand new Box Mod from diamond mist. This little box of tricks is capable of an output of 7 – 35w, has a small OLED screen dispalying Power, Resistance, Battery Life. The menu is navigated using the onboard giro sensor by tilting the device left and right, left going downwards and right going upwards. This device is also capable of Sub Ohm vaping down to a coil resistance of 0.5ohms, AND is has a USB Output to use as a Power Bank! So if your mobile is low on battery power, you can charge it up!

Comes with a monster 3,400mAh worth of power and 35 watts max output, the unit will last a VERY long time between charges and is powerful enough to power most units on the market today.

Digital Screen.

35W maximum output.




7.3v Max at 1.5ohms/8.4v Max at 3.0ohms

13 Amp Max Output


USB charger

Low Resistance/Short Circuit Protection

Variable Voltage: Min Voltage is 3V, Max Voltage is 8.4V

Comes in a choice of BLACK or SILVER.