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eLiquid Review Plus Airflow Control Drip Tips!

Southern California based Villain Vapors really needs no introduction. Having been a mainstay in the vape community and e-liquid industry since 2012.

Founded by Rich & Lisa Kellett, the Bonnie and Clyde of vaping. Founded about a year after they switched from smoking to vaping, Villain was originally created as a way to supplement the opening of a vape shop.

Much to their surprise the e-liquid brand took off so quickly they decided to scrap the vape shop idea and focus on their e-liquid line.

Recently, with all the changes in the industry and vape technology, Villain decided it was time to freshen up the line a bit, make some improvements, and become a real Super Villain.

They pared down to just the top selling flavors. Rebranded. Reformulated.  All of their flavors to a higher VG blend. The result is a better look, better flavor, and better performance in new tanks and drippers.


Villain Vapors is one of the larger Juice Makers, with over 300 stores carrying it worldwide. Owners, Lisa & Rich, are a couple of very cool people with a passion for great juice and the vaping community in general. Today we’re looking at Tombstone, Full House, Queen Of Hearts from Villain. As a bonus, I picked up a couple of Airflow Control Drip Tips and thought I’d share those with you as well. Please remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe… and thank you for helping The Vapor Trail Channel grow!

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