A collection of stimulating e-juice flavors to vape under the sun

Summer is finally here and perhaps you desire to refresh yourself with an invigorating flavor more appropriate to the current weather. If you seek the perfect flavor (or flavors) to accompany your shorts, sandals, and the blazing sun – then this is just for you.

We consulted vape juice reviews, comments, and advice from vaping experts across the web and came up with the top six we think you will love. We also cover a variety of flavor profiles for you to pick the one that most tickles your fancy. After all, favorites are subjective, but we can definitely lend a helping hand. The selection presents the top 6 flavors in no particular order.

As vapers, the first concern when hitting that “Add To Cart” button on a new flavor is the risk of totally missing the mark. We can’t always try the flavors we want in order to make an educated decision that will thoroughly please our taste buds. With no local vape shop open, or in sight, sometimes you’ll have to go in blind – hoping for the best. We believe these vape juices are worth a leap of faith.

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 – 60mL– $13.99

Flavor Profile:

Passionfruit, Orange, Guava

The Hawaiian POG makes our list because it mimics the experience of eating freshly sliced fruit. The P.O.G. acronym stands for passionfruit, orange, and guava. A trio that could keep Summer in your taste buds long after the season expires. The fruit notes in the vapor are as intense and rich as their juicy counterparts. With Naked 100 being a highly respected company known for their high-quality products, this vape juice is worth a draw. The POG is also offered with added menthol, if you’re interested in adding a bite of Winter to a sunny day.

Summer Vibes by Ripe Vapes – 60mL— $17.99

Flavor Profile:

Coconut, Strawberry, Banana, Lime

The name says it all. A draw of this luscious blend of coconuts, strawberries, bananas, and limes will rip you out of the drudgery of your day and drop you off into a tropical reverie. The zesty flavor profile is quite distinct and rich in Summer tones. The strawberry releases ardent notes of ripe fruit. The coconut brings a floral and nutty flavor to the mix as bananas ease into the vapor. A mild wink of citrusy limes enters the fray. This entire battle of flavors is incredibly zestful and ideal for a hot day. The vape juice is also available in Nicotine Salt form if you desire more robust flavors and an extra kick of nicotine.

Maui Sun by Naked 100 – 60mL— $13.99

Flavor Profile:

Pineapple, Orange, Tangerine

Abandoned in a Hawaiian archipelago, this Central Pacific island will melt into e-Liquid form and bring with it the luscious flavors of pineapples, oranges, and tangerines. The pithy flesh from these fruits provide mouth-puckering flavors so refreshing you will never want Summer to end. If your favorite type of vape includes a citrus profile, then this is the ideal vape. A flavor as breathtaking as a sunrise in Maui is also available in a more potent salt nics formulation.

Polar Breeze by Naked 100 – 60mL–$13.99

Flavor Profile:

Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Menthol

The ripping Winter that blizzards into your palate would jolt anyone out of their boredom. This one blends delicious summery fruits with a cooling splash of menthol. A succulent billow of honeydew melon meets your taste buds as the complex aroma of cantaloupe plays with your expectations. The pineapple’s tarty tropical flavor is the drop of Summer lost in the breeze of cold menthol. This quartet of invigorating flavors is also available in a stronger nicotine salt blend.

Cucumber Cooler by Tropic King – 100mL— $16.99

 Flavor Profile:

Cucumber, Watermelon, Lime

The king of all things tropical is back and ready to infuse your day with a cooling trio of flavors. This refreshing vape juice offers cold cucumbers sliced and mingled with juicy watermelon and a citrusy splash of lime. This is a hefty bottle filled to the brim with luscious fruit flavors you will love to vape all Summer – and maybe longer than that. If this wasn’t cooling enough for you, a nicotine salt version exists to add a powerful flavor boost if your heart ever desires.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice by Candy King – 100mL— $16.99

 Flavor Profile:

Strawberry, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Menthol

Candy King is the master of candied fruit flavored vape juices. This one boasts a delicious bubblegum flavor you will recognize. The mellow tones of scarlet-red strawberries and freshly sliced watermelons mingle effortlessly with the bubblegum. To top the flavors off, a frosty billow of menthol surrounds the fruits and candy and persuades your palate into a delectable frenzy. The juice is rich in fruits, candy, and mint which turns the vapor into a refreshing experience ideal for a hot day.

A quick disclaimer: The prices on these e-juices may vary. Always purchase from trustworthy sources and read as much as you can on the flavors. If your favorite store is on top of it, they may take your call and offer useful advice.


Sunny days are sometimes unkind to our vaping devices. But if the moment allows it, you can kick back and rip the most refreshing clouds in the middle of the heat. Whether you’re in your living room or at the beach, you can turn an incredibly hot day into a moment of tropical bliss. We hope our choices deliver on the promise. Please let us know what you think.

Until next time.