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Wow, looking back through the years here at Spinfuel VAPE, I noticed it’s been a long time since I last wrote an official “Vaping with Julia” column. I guess with the electronic cigarette market expanding exponentially for the past couple of years (at least) there has been just too many reviews to write to take some time and sit down to write about some of my personal vaping experiences. My May 2018 Vape Box (with Cosmic Fog) was just as a pleasure to receive, and use, and so I had to write about it. And then, as I started writing, there were other things that came to mind… hence, a ‘Vaping with Julia’ column is born.

Vaping with Julia – Vape-Box Resa Stick H-PRIV 2

Vape-Box and Cosmic Fog Collaboration is a Gold Mine for Vapers

You Gotta Get This

Vape Box VooPoo UFORCE Sub-Ohm TankI’ve been subscribing to this e-liquid subscription serviceVape-Box for months now, and each month I absolutely adore every ounce of e-liquid they send me (based on my flavor profile I’ve developed over the months), and because I subscribe to the Enthusiasts Plan I receive one or two hardware products. Sometimes a tank and coils, sometimes a mod, it changes every month.

So, this most current Vape Box had a heavy Cosmic Fog influence, which I’ll get to in a minute. The hardware was the VooPoo UForce Sub-Ohm Tank and a pack of replacement coils. I’ve wanted to review this tank for a while now but getting Dave (our managing editor) to commit to it was impossible. Now I can.

My May Vape Box contained all of the following:

1 – The VooPoo UForce Sub-Ohm

2 – A Pack of Replacement Coils

3 – Simply Southern Lunchbox E-Juice (70/30 VG/PG) – “A-” flavor and vapor, sweet stuff

4 – Lost Fog Dapple Whip (Cosmic Fog line) HighVG – delicious “A+” juice, will definitely buy again

5 – Milk & Honey Cosmic Fog (70/30 VG/PG) – “B+”, I enjoyed the bottle, but I’m not yet convinced

6 – Apple Butter Cosmic Fog (70/30 VG/PG) – Unusual, tasty, enjoyable, “A-” flavor and vapor.

Mini Review – The VooPoo UForce Sub-Ohm Tank

The UForce Sub-Ohm is a $28.00 tank, with the following specs and features:

VOOPOO UFORCE Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 6mm Tank Diameter
  • 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Quick Vent Channel Design – Rapid Heat Discharge
  • Short Chimney – Flavor-Focused
  • UFORCE OCC Coil Technology
  • 4ohm U2 Dual Coil – rated for 40-80W
  • 26ohm U4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 50-120W
  • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill Method
  • Precision Triple Auxiliary Bottom Airflow Control
  • 14mm Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip – Vibrant Colorways
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection


  • 1 UFORCE Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.4ohm U2 Dual Coil
  • 1 0.26ohm U4 Quadruple Coil
  • 1 Spare Parts & Glass
  • Instructional Manual

The VooPoo UForce is a high-performance tank with a high-quality chassis design holding 3.5mL maximum capacity. It has a quick vent channel, a triple bottom airflow, and uses the UFORCE OCC Coil System. This is the flagship tank from VooPoo, makers of the VooPoo DRAG and VOOPOO TOO Mods. The UFORCE Tank has a 24.6mm diameter and possesses elegant lines and precise grooves for a truly sophisticated design.

In a nutshell, the UFORCE is a fantastic sub-ohm tank, and one I’ve been using almost exclusively since I got it.

As I mentioned above, each of the e-liquids I received this month were outstanding. John is working on a complete review of these, and other Cosmic Fog juices. Suffice it to say, Vape-Box chose well with this month’s collaboration.

If you are looking to explore new eliquids, and even add new vape gear to your collection every month, I highly recommend subscribing to Vape-Box. I’m already looking forward to my June Vape Box.

Resa Sticks and the Pod Mods

SMOK RESA STICK Starter Kit Full Review by Spinfuel VAPELike others here, I was a bit disappointed with SMOK’s decision to go with a 2,000mAh battery with the newly released Resa Stick. Because I’m a heavy Vaper I get about 2 hours, no more, and its back on the USB cable being charged up. That’s the main reason I have 3 of them, the dark rainbow, the honey-gold-yellow, and the deep, whiteish-chrome Resa Stick that defies an absolute color. I love each one of the colors, and although I had my doubts about driving flavor and vapor from a Baby Beast coil, I was delighted as can be with the magnificent flavor fidelity and thick clouds. I recommend the Resa Stick for its performance and beauty, just be aware that 2,000mAh battery life is going to suck if you vape a lot. Get a backup Resa Stick if you can.




 Vaping and the Pod Mod Craze

The vape community seems to be going nuts over a slew of new devices known as pod mods. I’ve tried several of them, and as small, mostly AIO vape pens they work well. But, after using a few of them I just couldn’t see myself spending so much time getting to know a few dozen pod mods in order to write reviews. I need huge clouds, lots of power, and long battery life.

Pod Mods were made to work best with Nic-Salt (nicotine salts) eliquid, and these monster juices begin at 30mg nicotine and go to 59mg. I’ve seen what these pod mods are capable of, a friend of mine, a heavy tobacco smoker that always refused to stick to vaping, finally got off cigarettes completely using a SMOK INFINIX pod mod and 50mg nic-salt juice. I’ve been a non-smoker so long that even 2 or 3 puffs from a 50mg nicotine pod mod made me light-headed. These pod mods are not for me…

Still, it seems that every day more and more of these pod mods and nic-salts from major brands keep being unleashed on the marketplace. Pod Mods are inexpensive, but the nic-salt eliquids are not, at least not when compared with freebase nicotine e-juice I’ve used for 7 years now. It’s going to be really interesting watching this segment of the market grow. Though, honestly, I’m not convinced pod mods have “legs”. Hell, I’m not even sure this nic-salt craze is going to last.

My Most Exciting New Mod Kit

H-PRIV 2I’ve been getting a ton of new mod and tanks lately, for review mostly, and some I bought for myself, like the Resa Sticks. But, of all the starter kits I’ve received, the most exciting one this year for me as been the SMOK H-PRIV 2 in Gold. There is something about this box mod that speaks to me. The size is a bit smaller than last year’s H-PRIV, but more than anything, it’s the Cobra pattern design along with the deeply saturated color.


With a maximum output of 225W, the H-PRIV 2 with the Big Baby Prince sub-ohm tank, the performance is just spectacular. Fun to use, a real conversation starter for its beautiful looks, this is my favorite new starter kit of 2018. My boss uses one as well, but he ditched the Big Baby Prince and slapped a Resa Prince on it and it does look like a perfect fit. The Resa Prince uses the full size TFV12 Prince Coils too, so from a performance angle, it might not be a bad idea for SMOK to release an H-PRIV kit with the Resa Prince. My Gold H-PRIV 2 would be hard to match with the current crop of Resa Prince tanks, though I could probably get away with using a black one, but it wouldn’t look as nice as the matching Gold Big Baby Prince.

Upcoming Sub-Ohm Tank I Most Want

SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition TankHave you heard about the upcoming SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank? I’ve included a photo of them here. The Prince Cobra uses a gorgeous Cellular Mesh Wall Sleeve along with the ability of this new, Magic Gradient thing, where the vapor changes colors as you vape. And, this Prince Cobra uses the full-size Prince Coils too, so I am very excited about getting a few of these. And, there is a Gold color Prince Cobra too… so with any luck, it will match my H-PRIV 2.


That wraps up my official return to my Vaping with Julia column. I’m going to try to get back into swing with this column to let you know about the great products I’m using, and to give you a peek of what we’re working on, and what we’re waiting for.


Once again, if you haven’t tried a subscription service before, you have to try Vape-Box. I’ve tried all of the them, including a few that have gone bust over the past few years, and I have to say that there has yet to be a vape box arrive that hasn’t been a complete and utterly delightful experience for me. These guys deserve your business, and they will keep you excited about exploring e-liquids you might never try on your own.


Till next time!


Julia Hartley-Barnes