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SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device do you think has had made the biggest impact on Vapers in the first half of 2013?

Mister E-Liquid: It’s been around for a while, but I would have to say the eGo battery in conjunction with an evod. This setup is very affordable and readily available for beginner vapers. As for those who are looking to step into variable voltage devices on a budget, I’d say devices like the iTaste MVP and Vamo are giving everyone a chance at APV’s without having to shell out a few hundred dollars.

SPINFUEL: Are you surprised that the FDA has so far remained silent since there was a rumor that their “deeming regulations” were due in April?

Spinfuel's Interview with Mister E-LiquidMister E-Liquid: We are not surprised. Since the vaping industry is so new, information pertaining to individual devices and liquids isn’t readily available. With the assistance of American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, a self-regulation based organization that is currently setting the standard for the e-liquid industry, the FDA is learning as much as they can before making a decision as to what rules are necessary. Groups like AEMSA, as well as venders who are taking the initiative to provide a clean and safe manufacturing environment, are the ones the FDA is currently in communication with to find the facts from the source. Information is still being gathered and we at Mister-E-Liquid, in conjunction with AEMSA, will continue to communicate and assist the FDA in any way that we can.

 SPINFUEL: Of all of your e-Juice flavors which one are you most proud of, and why?

Mister E-Liquid: This is a very hard question to answer as our liquid will satisfy a diverse range of pallets. We like to have something that everyone will enjoy. Since taste is so subjective, our menu includes fruit based flavors, tobaccos, specialty menthol blends, mixed drinks, and even baked goods and coffees. If there is one thing we like to bring to the table, it is definitely a unique vaping experience that you won’t find with another e-liquid manufacturer.  We stand behind our products and are proud of our entire menu!

SPINFUEL:  What is your newest flavor release? If it’s out now, how is it being received and if its due soon, are you nervous about upcoming releases? (This will be worded properly when published)

Mister E-Liquid: Our newest flavor is called Blue Voodoo.  It was made available for the first time at Vape Bash in Chicago, and the supply we brought only lasted a couple of hours.  It’s a sweet fruit blend that is multi-dimensional, exciting the pallet from the sweet familiar notes on the tip of the tongue, continuing with a smooth finish and a solid thump in the back of the throat.  Blue VooDoo has quickly become a top seller in the Mister-E lineup, being the first fruity type flavor to surpass, in sales, the likes of Mister-E’s Menthol and our top selling Grey Matter.

Spinfuel: Any exciting plans due over the rest of 2013?

Mister E-Liquid: We have several new flavors in development as well as some projects to help us grow with the industry, including a website dedicated to our wholesale clients, new exclusive hardware, and a state of the art 11,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. The team at Mister-E-Liquid is excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for the vaping community and we are all happy to be a part of it!

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