Addition by subtraction – that’s exactly what Sigelei accomplished with the updated SnowWolf V-Feng S 230W Mod. Because, thanks to a smart move to high-strength plastic, versus the all-metal frame of its predecessor, Sigelei shaved some considerable weight, while maintaining the solid feel.


While this polarizing Vape Mod isn’t likely to be everyone’s cup of tea, the reduced weight and trademark durability will likely have fans lining up for another round with the SnowWolf.  Let’s dive a little deeper into the wolf den to see if this is a good buy for you.

Sigelei SnowWolf V-Feng S 230W Mod Review by Spinfuel VAPE

Your appreciation of the V-Feng S will largely depend on how much you like this look and feel. Not only is it nearly identical to the original V-Feng, but also more than reminiscent of the SX Mini G-Class, albeit more abrupt and bold in its styling.


My blue and black test model is more subdued than most, but is still a cacophony of contrasting colors, LED lights, giant glowing logos, and jutting angles. But with plastic introduced into the body composition, the V-Feng S is a bit more comfortable to hold. Don’t get me wrong – the Snow Wolf V-Feng S still isn’t going to be a stealthy Vape Mod, but it’s going to be a little easier to hold over long periods of time.


Though the plastic side portions aren’t nearly as heavy as an all-metal Mod, the V-Feng S is still an extremely solid device that feels as if it would survive countless tall drops onto concrete. One of these days, I’m going to test this … but today isn’t the day.


The solid 510 connection returns from the original, as does the hexagonal, front-mounted fire button, which has a great, short throw, and zero rattle. Though the Mod would still be better served with a side mounted fire key, I’ve become accustomed to these layouts, and didn’t experience any trouble firing.


However, by putting the fire button on the front of the Mod, Sigelei forces users to cover part of the 1.3-inch TFT screen with their hands. Not a big deal to some, but I like full visibility when firing, and a side-positioned button would have solved this minor concern.


On that note, the bright, colorful display is a highlight of the V-Feng S – at least to these eyes. While it isn’t the most polished or mature screen we’ve seen, and might be a little too gaudy for some, it matches the Mod’s design aesthetic well enough, while remaining functional and legible.  I prefer something a little more subdued… but then again, if you’re seeking “subdued” you’re probably not considering a V-Feng of any variety.


Overall, this is effectively the same SnowWolf V-Feng you remember, save for a few ounces, and a few extra bucks in your pocket as a result. It’s a brash, unapologetic design that you’ll either love or hate, right from the outset. If you’re in the “love” group, read on…

Operating the Sigelei Snow Wolf V-Feng S

Let’s get one thing out of the way – I think the vaping community has probably hit its limit with LED light shows. But we’ve grown tolerant of them, provided these Mods vape well, and don’t let the lights interfere with reliable performance. But the V-Feng S keeps on keepin’ on and has an enormous LED cutout of the SnowWolf logo, right on the back.


It’s obnoxiously large and bright. And, you can even customize the LED color to your liking. But, other than needing to illuminate a large backyard, I see no need for its existence. Personal preference? Sure. And I know some are going to accuse me of “hatin’” – but when you burn your retina the next time you press the fire key, don’t say you weren’t warned.


That said, the mechanics of the V-Feng S work well, with firm, clicky buttons and near-immediate responsiveness. The original V-Feng was one of the fastest-ramping Mods we’ve tested, and the V-Feng S continues the tradition in grand style. It may not be the most graceful Vape Mod, but it hits hard, and it hits fast.


One key positive is the simple menu system, which works well on the a bright, easily navigated screen. Both of the two stock GUI layouts are extremely intuitive, and most experienced vapers should have no problem navigating the standard menu system. All features – from straight wattage adjustment to intricate temp control settings – are easily navigable onscreen, and even easier to modify.


To that point, I was hoping the V-Feng S menu system would have been updated a bit to justify another purchase, but no improvements were readily apparent… well, except for one, and we’ll get to that in a bit.


One positive worth mentioning is the balanced onboard battery charging, which works ridiculously fast – faster than my Nitecore external charger, in fact. I normally skip this feature entirely, but the V-Feng S is one of the best implementations I’ve seen to date. This is usually when I recommend you use external chargers at all times, but it seems like companies are getting better at adding this feature without the mod getting hot or dangerous. Maybe I’ll change my tune in the near future.

Vaping the V-Feng S


Like we alluded to already, the V-Feng S delivers fast, potent jolts of pure power, even at lower wattages, with some the fastest ramp-up time to date. Using a wide range of drippers and tanks, the V-Feng S had no problems meeting and exceeding expectations in wattage mode. Like its older brother, the V-Feng S is very much a power-oriented Mod, and I expect most of its target audience will use it for this purpose alone.


Plus, unlike the original, we had little trouble taking the V-Feng S to its full 230-watt limit. Granted, it threw out some occasional warnings when we pushed it a little harder, but overall, this is a definite improvement over what we saw the first time around.


But, I suppose that brings us to temperature control. On the original V-Feng, temp control was all over the place, with more warnings and errors than I could handle. Coil resistance never locked in, temperature protection never calmed down. Wattage adjustment simply didn’t work. Well, this might be the biggest improvement of all for the V-Feng S.


That’s right – the V-Feng S can not only handle temp control, but it does it well, with simple, accurate adjustments and steady performance throughout. Is it as refined as a YiHi system? No. But considering what a struggle we had with the original, I was thrilled to see a functional, enjoyable TC experience included on the V-Feng S.


I still don’t believe precise temp control is the “bread and butter” for the V-Feng S audience, but it’s nice to see improvements were made under the hood, as well as on the surface.

Wrapping Up, and Score…

The original V-Feng had a lot of problems, but its top-tier power performance still warranted a decent B- score. The V-Feng S isn’t perfect by any means; it’s still somewhat uncomfortable, the looks are polarizing, and the LEDs need to be turned off as soon as you install batteries. But these are largely subjective criticisms.


But for what it is, and what it sets out to do, the V-Feng S is simply a much better Vape Mod, with smoother, more consistent performance across the board. Chances are, you’ve already made up your mind about this series – but if you’re leaning toward buying a SnowWolf, the V-Feng S is your top choice, hands down.


Score: A-

SnowWolf V-Feng S 230W Box Mod Specs:

  • Dual 18650 High-Amp Battery – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 10-230W
  • Voltage Output Range: 1-7.5V
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel Compatibility
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • High Quality Zinc Alloy and Plastic Construction
  • Full-Color 1.3 Inch Touch-Screen OLED Display
  • Intuitive User-Friendly Interface
  • Colorful LED Logo Cutout – Fully Customizable
  • Power Up Functionality
  • Hexagon Firing Button
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • Hinged Battery Door Cover
  • 510 Connection

SnowWolf V-Feng S 230W Box Mod Contents:

  • 1 SnowWolf V-Feng S-S 230W Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Set of Colorful O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual