Folks, I spoke with Cynthia Cabrera with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) an organization that protects access and innovation of electronic cigarettes. Listen to her short story about RJ Reynolds and learn what they do to help the vaping industry and Vapers. Don’t miss this interview.


What SFATA Does

As the largest and leading trade association in the vapor and e-cig industry we are committed to its’ continued growth and expansion.  We represent the interests of the non-big tobacco supply chain, including manufacturers, online retailers, brick and mortar vape stores, distributors, importers and wholesalers.

Membership in SFATA gives you access to information and knowledge, helps you gain political clout and experience, enhances your reputation, helps you make personal and business connections and has the potential to increase your purchasing power.

  • Members can attend year-round meetings, webinars and conferences about FDA challenges, legal concerns and vital business issues
  • Members can participate (or initiate) local chapters around the country
  • We provide access to industry research, white papers and articles
  • Members receive monthly newsletters containing vital information, notices about upcoming events and opportunities and roundups of the vapor industry including news stories, press releases and blogs

The vapor industry is fighting many battles but strength in numbers is vital to presenting a unified and organized front.  Protect your business, join SFATA and join forces.