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Introduction to the iPV Trantor SX500A Mod

Please allow me to paraphrase Shakespeare here: “YiHi, or not YiHi… that is the question.” Stupid way to start a vape mod review? Maybe, but I feel like my recent experiences with YiHi-enabled mods have been more “miss” than “hit.” Could the iPV Trantor mod be the device that changes my mind about YiHi? Well, not QUITE, but for fans of this chipset, the Trantor is easily the best one I’ve used to date.


But, before we discuss the beauty on the inside of the iPV Trantor, let’s check out the visuals. At first glance, it has a strange, but intriguing look. The 1.3-inch TFT hi-def screen will certainly catch your attention, as is usually the case with this chipset, but your eyes might also be drawn to the odd back panel, which has an odd “cobblestone” pattern that is ugly as sin, but really comfortable in the palm.


Even more confusing is why Pioneer4You would draw attention away from the gorgeous hi-res display by adding programmable LED light strips on either side of it? Between these lights, and the odd choice to center the fire button above the screen, it’s a wonder anyone can see the display at all. It all works fine (and might even appeal to some people) but let me know how often you clean fingerprints from the glass before you think I’m being too critical.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the three-button scheme is well laid out, and the buttons are firm and responsive. If only the slightly wobbly fire key was as confident and reassuring.


Feng shui aside, the Trantor is a comfortable mod to hold. The lightweight aluminum body and concave sides make for a solid, but not overbearing device that fits fairly well in a pocket, even with a 31mm depth. We’re pretty sure users will be happier about the Trantor’s ability to accommodate larger atomizers than the pocket-friendly design, so we’ll call that one a win.

Pioneer4You IPV Trantor Mod Review

Main Features of the iPV Trantor SX500A Vape Mod

We’ve already discussed the 1.3-inch screen for its looks, but we need to mention it again for its functionality. YiHi’s popular layout is powered by the SX500A chipset, which is capable of 5-200 watts, extensive temperature control customization, and wealth of personalization options that put this board in the same air as the vaunted DNA color chips.


Bold statement? Perhaps. But using the fantastic onscreen menu system, I was able to effortlessly navigate between trees and options without ever missing a beat. And those I’m used to using “joystick-enabled” YiHi devices, the three-button controls work extremely well, never once leaving me confused or lost within the extensive menus.


Operations are a little different than the standard SMOK/iJOY menu offerings, but they’re pretty user-friendly. Clicking the fire button three times locks the device, clicking five times enters the menu settings. And from there, the world is yours…


Truly every function of the IPV Trantor mod is available, illustrated clear as day: Here you can turn the mod off, change the font, adjust all your temperature control settings including selecting your coil, and expansive TCR. It also has some other settings such as compensate temperature, to finely tune the temperature settings if you’re on the move, or in an environment that rapidly changes.


Onscreen, users will enjoy the usual array of vaping information, including wattage, battery indicator, vape strength, voltage, coil resistance, vape mode, and even a basic clock. Some would put this format up against any vape mod display out there, and I’d be hesitant to argue. (But be sure to kill the LED lightshow surrounding the screen, or get ready to squint instead of smile.)


Also, customized wallpaper is something we love – kudos to YiHi for including this functionality. In an era of voice-enabled vape mods, something this simple should be included on any mod with a capable screen.


My only complaint about the IPV Trantor’s basic functionality is how predetermined functions are mapped to the operation keys, but these functions change depending on where you are in the menus. While that seems like a basic platform of operation, I can imagine newcomers struggling a bit deeper in the menu trees.

iPV Trantor SX500A Mod – Full Specs and Contents

  • Powered by YiHi SX500A chip
  • TFT IPS HD Screen
  • Output power: 5W-200W
  • Output voltage:1.0v-9.5v
  • Replacement dual 18650 batteries
  • Temp control. Anti-dry burning tech
  • Flavor mode: Powerful, Powerful+, Soft, Standard and SXi-Q-S1
  • New innovative tech: SXi-Q control system-customizer your own taste
  • Customize your own wallpaper
  • Temp. control with SS316L/ Ni200/ Ti 01/SX Pure/ Manual TCR
  • Output joule: 10J-120J.212-572 F/100-300℃
  • Standard resistance: 0.15ohm-3.0ohm
  • Joule mode resistance: 0.05ohm-1.5ohm

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Personal Observations on the iPV Trantor Mod

It might seem like I’m griping a bit, but whenever a supposed “advanced” vape mod comes across my desk, I tend to get critical. Still, when you look past all the myriad menus and adjustments, my focus is usually on one thing alone – how well does it vape.


And the answer is GREAT. The IPV Trantor is an extremely potent and powerful vape mod, with near-instant ramping (with the preheat set to powerful) and some highly accurate temp control, to boot. Using a range of RDAs and high-wattage sub-ohm tanks, I pushed the Trantor well past 150 watts for extended periods, and the device never stuttered or misfired.


At 200 watts, the thin aluminum became warm, as did the tanks, but make no mistake, the Trantor can hang with the big guns in terms of smooth, steady power. And despite being “just” a dual-18650 mod, it also demonstrated some significant battery life, even at higher wattages.


There was only one hiccup to be had during my testing, and that was the Trantor’s inability to lock down TCR settings. Despite its awesome performance (and noted pedigree) the SX500A seemed to struggle with some basic TCR adjustments, forcing me to use the standard coil entries in temp control.

On any other vape mod, I’d probably let this go and chalk it up to a quirk. But vapers buying YiHi mods want ultra-precise temp control and uncompromising customization, so this was worth noting.


Overall, the IPV Trantor is a powerful vape device that was enjoyable to vape, and easy to use with the onboard control scheme. I may wish it had different positioning for the fire and adjustment keys, but I can’t really argue with the vape quality I enjoyed, fingerprints and all.

Bottom Lining iPV Trantor

I’ve had some really spotty moments with iPV mods – and YiHi mods in general, for that matter – but Pioneer4You have really made a solid vape device in the Trantor. It’s not always the prettiest girl at the ball, but what it lacks for in basic aesthetics it more than makes up for in power and steady performance.

My score is reflective of the oddball (and unnecessary) LED lights, and the weird TCR problem, which most YiHi-loving TC vapers would agree with. However, if you’re looking for something more versatile and well-composed than the standard-issue vape mod, the iPV Trantor is well worth considering.

Score: B+

The Pioneer4You iPV Trantor SX500A Box Mod is Available Now