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Nessus Interview - Designing and Manufacturing Cannabinoid Devices

For our audience that might not be familiar with a B2B (business to business) company, could you briefly explain what the primary responsibility of a B2B business is?

The primary responsibility of a B2B business is to identify the unique needs of clients, build strong relationships, and meet their specific needs. At Nessus, our primary responsibility is to offer hardware solutions that bring out the best of our clients’ distillates and ensure their customers can appreciate the product beyond what other vapes can deliver.

Nessus specializes in cannabinoid devices, what was so special about this segment of the industry that your company decided to focus primarily on this type of device?

As a promising market sector, we noticed that the current demand for devices specific to (minor) cannabinoids has yet to be satisfied. When entering the market, we observed that the existing devices had inconsistent quality, and leaks and clogging issues were more likely to occur. Given our expertise and R&D capabilities in the vaporization industry, we wanted to provide this market with something above and beyond.

Do companies come to you knowing exactly what they want in a new device, or do you work with them to find the best way to deliver and match their hopes and desires for a particular product, or does Nessus have many “off the shelf” solutions that can be offered to a potential client

Not everyone who approaches us does so with a clear vision in mind, but we always welcome fresh, creative ideas. After learning about our client’s needs, our skilled product and design teams will work directly with them to design and identify the ideal option for helping them stand out in the market.

We also offer our customers a direct selection of affordable, time-efficient off-the-shelf products.

How many steps are involved from coming to Nessus with an idea, all the way to the final delivery of the product? Can the process be fast, or can it take a long time to finalize a new product? What is the average time in development (if there is one)?

Developing a new product is no easy feat, it requires careful planning and attention to detail. My role as a sales manager is to work closely with clients, understanding their needs and matching them with our resources to ensure their satisfaction with the result, alongside our R&D department’s diligent efforts towards sourcing high-grade materials and the most recent technology for maximum functionality of the final product.

There are three main steps: ideation, product definition, and product development, each made up of many smaller tasks. Depending on the difficulty level, estimates range from one week at a minimum up until three months as the longest projection time frame before completion can be expected.

How involved is Nessus in the overall design, specs, features, as well as packaging, marketing, and even price point to the general audience looking for this type of device?

At Nessus, we utilize our expertise as industry leaders to assist the success of every one of our clients. With our team’s years of experience, we can provide guidance in marketing, packaging, and the overall product, but our strength lies in the provision of hardware and technology solutions.

Before our products hit the market, our devices are sold to oil brands, who fill them with their unique contents and brand them as such. This plays a big part in the final price point for the general audience. With this in mind, the general audience will not find our empty devices sold in the market.

In addition to marketing support, do you offer your clients technical support as well. Does that encompass training your clients’ employees on how to best the most out of the new product, and how to help their customers work through any difficulties with the new product?

Yes, our technical support involves several aspects, including the two you mentioned. Our services range from product development to product use, from online documentation to in-person training, ensuring clients can overcome any barriers they may face with the new products.

Does Nessus work with startup companies? If so, what kind of commitment does a new startup have to make to get their product designed, prototyped, manufactured, and finally to reach the public? What I mean is, can a startup come to you with a small commitment, to perhaps “test the waters”, or do they need to meet a certain capital investment to ensure the best opportunity for a successful launch?

Although Nessus is backed by an industry leader, we also started as a small brand, so we know the difficulties that come with being a new entrant in the market. Among our clients, there are both new startups and top players. We’re flexible enough to accommodate different types of companies and their respective needs, whether they need them tailored or just want quick, off-the-shelf options. In a nutshell: yes, we work with startups without further conditions, so long as they demonstrate stability and present a promising idea.

From the past couple of years, where does Nessus see the cannabinoid industry going? Do you feel this type of product has a healthy future on a global basis, or will there always be certain areas on the globe where cannabinoid products will face opposition?

In general, we are optimistic about the cannabis market and believe that regulations and consumer acceptance will continue to develop in a positive direction in the next few years. Despite that there are some areas tightening the policy, there are more positive signals in both United States and Europe, we believe that there is a loosening trend of regulations from a global perspective.

Spinfuel has spent more than a decade in the vaping industry, writing and reviewing hundreds of products. Some products become huge hits with hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and some fall flat on the face. How is the success rate determined or at least mitigated?

Nessus and Mira
Mira – Nessus’s most successful product launch to date

With cannabinoid products becoming a larger segment of the “vape” industry, what characteristics in a cannabinoid device does Nessus believe is most important?

In other words, early Delta, CBD, and even cannabis devices provided very little vapor, or a harsh throat hit, terrible flavors, or awful battery life. Which area needs the most improvement today, and which areas, based on feedback from your clients, do you want to focus on in 2023 and beyond?

Based on consumer feedback, clogging is the top issue and the pain point of the industry when it comes to cannabinoid devices. This is due not only to the unique and special characteristics of the substance but also to the fact that many of the delta disposables tend to have a large volume, which calls for a higher standard for vaporization.

After extensive research, Nessus has developed a market-beating solution: our clog-free dual air vent design, which provides a smooth pull, burn-free taste, and larger vapor.  But we won’t stop there; to serve this constantly evolving sector, we’re constantly seeking for new technology that functions flawlessly with a wider variety of substances.

Lastly, if a company, or a small group of investors, is looking to develop and sell a cannabinoid device of their own, how should they approach you? Do they need a business plan, do they need venture capital lined up, do they need to know exactly where they want to take their new company, or is Nessus there to help them make the right decisions, or the best decisions, to ensure success?

At Nessus, we believe ideas come in many forms. We welcome all ideas, even without a solid business plan or capital lined up. We’re here to provide them with the optimal solution to fulfill their needs to the best of our abilities.

There are many ways to approach us, most directly through our website or email: [email protected]. We also regularly attend trade shows such as Champs, TPE, and Alternative Expo, so you can also speak to us face to face.

Bonus Question: Can you talk about your most successful product launch? What it was, what you were aiming for, the reception you received, etc.?

Mira is a 2.5ml and 3ml large capacity product of ours that was the most widely received by the crowd. Mira’s release addressed common issues with large capacity vapes, such as clogging and burnt taste. It was designed to be one step ahead of the competition. Our advanced heating technology is designed specifically to improve the performance of minor cannabinoid oils. Mira’s ceramic core porosity is precisely calculated to ensure consistent heat distribution and better flavor performance. Furthermore, the innovative dual air vent design ensures a smooth, pure draw while preventing clogging and unpleasant burnt tastes. Mira’s unique features have piqued the interest and admiration of consumers at a variety of trade shows.

For More Information About Nessus, visit their website.

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