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Greetings and salutations my friends, I pray everyone had an excellent week and accomplished all they set out to do.  Be it your job/career, your family, whatever the case may be, I trust every one that reads my words really had a most excellent week.  Then there are those of us who by a stroke of bad luck have their cross to bear dealing with chronic pain issues either yourself or as the spouse/caregiver of someone you love dearly. As most of you know by now I deal with two chronic pain diseases on a daily basis, both of which are getting worse with each day passing.  I try not to dwell on it much, however this past week here at the Timblin household has been…. trying, to say the least. A perfect time to try some CBD Oil from Joe’s Vapor Shop.

My wife works for our local school district has for 16 years now.  Her last day for the summer was this past Monday the….6th I believe.  Usually when my wife gets done for the summer there is a bit of…. adjustment as my schedule and hers are absolutely polar of each other.  She is up at 6, gets ready for work, I’m up around the same time, I help get her and our son ready to meet the day.  Our son Robert has Down Syndrome is very much into his habits, I guess you could say.  Everything has to be done in a certain way and in a certain order.

CBD Oil Revisited Joe's Vapor Shop Up in Vape

That alone can be extremely frustrating, but we get through it, it’s not any kind of difficult, rather we have our own perception of how we want or go about doing things.  Robert…has HIS way or order of doing things.  It gets done and Robert is out the door around 0730 to catch the van that will take him to his job/school with ARC/Sunup an organization that has been our savior.  He went to Goodwill after graduating high school in 2009.  They promised a lot and failed to deliver, not their fault, just the way it is.  We found what was called Sunup, it was/is an organization that has a super great staff that really care for their clients.  A couple of years ago they teamed up merged with ARC of Indian River county.  They have been a godsend. They have “classes” as it were and try and teach the guys and gals a varied but beneficial type of classes to where they can hopefully teach these folks to be more independent.

What does this have to do with vaping you ask?  Well….this; Robert is very intuitive when it comes to mom or I and his sister Rose.  Lately here in South Florida the weather has been downright nasty, which in turn makes me evil, wicked, mean, and dreadful to be around! I know it’s hard for y’all to believe, but it’s true…. Tim just doesn’t do well when it’s raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock, just this week thus far we’ve already accumulated 5″ of rain or better.  With my pain levels going into orbit around Saturn, I tend to try and hide it.  It gets to a point that I hurt so bad that you wanna die, literally and physically, you just want the pain to stop!  Robert knows something is going on with dad, he just isn’t sure what, but he knows.  Robert is a great kid, but when he tries to help I guess he thinks he’s helping its usually comes out him being a pain.

Gloria, my soulmate, the love of my life, we two are joined at the heart.  Usually it’s a pain the first week or so when Gloria is off for the summer, this week though I was never ever so glad to have her here home with me.  I have had an extremely tough week, nothing I did would ease the pain in my low back and legs.  I figured this was as good a time as any to check out this 15 ml bottle of CBD oil I received from Joe’s Vapor Shop.  Joe’s Vapor Shop have been featured on Spinfuel for their juices, so when they came out with a brand new CBD oil they asked Spinfuel if we would review it. The usual e liquid review team, headed up by Julia Hartley-Barnes, do not review CBD oil in any form, so Dave reached out to me to see if I was interested. He thought that if CBD oil could relieve pain, at all, then maybe I would like to see how it goes.  Well…here we go, I will give it my best and give it my all. Hopefully it all turns out well in the end.

Joe’s Vapor Shop CBD Oil Review

NOTE* On July 26th 2016 we were informed that the following e-liquid is no longer available. No reason was given, but we can imagine only one viable scenario; the FDA and their ill-formed Deeming Regs. Please do not attempt to buy CBD Vapor Exotic Berry.

So….what is this “new” CBD oil called…. glad you asked.  This is called…. drum roll please…oh…no drum rolls available; we’ll just wing it.  This is called CBD Vapor Exotic Berry and has 75 mg. of CB oil.  As in my last column I talked about the math involved surrounding CBD oils and how it may 75mg or 500mg CBD oil, what matters most is what the CBD oil level is mg/ml.  So here I have a 15ml bottle of 75mg CBD oil, in the long run it comes out to, this is an easy one, its 5mg per ml. not bad, about normal for most CBD oils, unless you have cash enough to purchase the higher mg levels of CBD oils.

I spent 2 days with this juice, using my Encom TNT 80 an 80-watt box mod that uses 1x 26650-CBD Oil Revisited Joe's Vapor Shop Up in Vapebattery, it is a very nice mod and it gets a lot of use.  For my review I figured due to the weather being so shitty I wanted as much juice as I could get because I KNEW that I would be vaping the entire bottle in a very short time.  The tank I used this time was my tried and true VCT Pro Mega, this beast holds 6mls of juice, with a coil rated at 0.6 ohms I vaped this at 18.5-21 watts, any more than that and the juice doesn’t have a great flavor.  For me 23 watts and the juice started to burn or scorch, it just starts to taste nasty.  This is just ‘me’ folks, y’all will undoubtedly have different results.  I find that at 18.5 watts gives me the best flavor, the best vapor.

This is a very berry, a very, very berry flavor when I took the bottle out of all the wrapping paper and the box and all I could smell the berry flavor through the glass bottle!  I’m thinking all righty then; this is gonna be some really good juice.

So far I have NOT been disappointed, this is just a really good berry flavor vape.  Flavor is definitely berry, this eliquid is unlike quite a few CBD oil juices I’ve tried over the past few months does not have the CBD oil aftertaste like so many do.  All you get is the great berry flavor, with just the tiniest hint that there is another ingredient besides the VG/PG flavorings….no, absolutely NO nicotine in this juice, which for some may be a deal breaker for others not so much.  If you’re like me, and from time to time vape CBD oil or if vape it on a regular basis I don’t much care for nicotine in CBD oil.

Now I know there are some CBD oils that while have great properties and will do all they claim, but lack either a decent flavor and/or the vapor content.  I can honestly say that the CBD oil from Joe’s Vapor Store is both flavorful and you get a really decent clouds of vapor from this eliquid!  I have, up till now, not had enough flavor nor the vapor from any other CBD oil.  I would get one or the other, great flavor …err… decent flavor and no flavor, and/or a very thin stream of vapor.  Or, I would get clouds, huge clouds, but the flavor sucked.  Here….we have both, great flavor and well above average in the vapor production area.

For me, I know that Joe’s Vapor Shop has come up with a flavorful AND a vaporous, (I just made this word up!) new CBD oil, one that I won’t hesitate to get again.  After 2 full days I’m down to the last little bit in my tank and the 15ml bottle will be done.  Good stuff and the price is reasonable, at least I think it is reasonable at $24.99 for a 15ml bottle of exotic berry CBD oil from Joe’s Vapor Shop. The CBD portion of the eliquid is quite expensive, which is why you can buy super premium normal e juice for the same $24.99.


For flavor I can give this…. honestly, a 4.8 rating, or an “A”

For Vapor Production I can give this…. honestly, a 4.0 rating, or an “A-“

As has been said so many times taste in juices are extremely subjective.  I cannot say that I really felt anything vaping this juice (like feeling stoned), it’s more of what I didn’t feel. (as in pain)

I was no longer in abject agony, I didn’t want to crawl under a rock and cover up, I was OK, not what I expected from this juice, but very, very refreshing to know that this is definitely something I will have on hand, and I will make damn sure that daughter Rose will have some on hand as well for her chronic pain issues.

This is a great juice, I cannot stress this enough, I am thrilled to finally find a CBD oil that doesn’t have a horrible aftertaste or very little clouds of vapor.  This CBD oil juice gets a big berry taste with lots of vapor, so I’m a happy camper.


Looking back, I wish I had kept more of this juice for tomorrow, Saturday 11 June 2016.  I am going to my second vapor show, this time in Miami.

I am going to the World Vapor Expo in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.  The World Vapor Expo starts today at noon I think and goes through Sunday and ends at 5 or 6 pm.

I know driving down and back in one day will be trying….at the very least.  At the worst I won’t be worth a damn come 10 o’clock Saturday night.  Hopefully I’ll be home by then.  I also hoped I had another person along, just for company, maybe to help drive if need be.  I did have a kid that was going to go with me, however due to the deluge of rain we’ve had this week he wound up with septic tank issues, which a lot of folks here in Vero Beach have had similar issues. So, the World Vapor Expo wasn’t possible for him.

Alone I will go, it will be a very long day for sure, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I won’t be worth a damn for 2 or 3 days after the event. I know this, I accept this…. I will be in a HELL of a LOT of pain, but at least there will be a reason why I have the extra pain. That said, it’s time for me to get going, I pray y’all have an outstanding weekend, that you vape until you can’t vape any more (you know what I mean)

To say goodbye seems so final, see ya later?… ‘meh’.  Let’s say this instead…. until next week and we meet here, same vape time same vape channel. Be well, stay safe, God bless, and….VAPE ON!

Tim Timblin