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Jet Cigs New e-Liquid Flavors

Jet Cigs, maker of ‘premium quality’ eJuice served up in prefilled cartomizers that are suitable for all e-cigarettes with a 510 thread, (including Blu Cigs batteries all the way to and including ProVape’s ProVari) has introduced 2 new flavors to join their already popular line of exquisite eJuice.

We had the opportunity to enjoy these new cartomizers over the past week or so and we’re happy to report that once again Jet Cigs has come up with some awesome recipes that are sure to keep them at the top of the prefilled cartomizer category.

In addition to the 2 new flavors we were also treated to two new, high nicotine versions of Classic Tobacco and Menthol Frost flavors, now with 33mg of nicotine.

Jet Cigs is a 100% American Made e-Liquids custom blended by Jet Cigs for Jet Cigs. They have gone through extensive testing so that the final formulations deliver the best flavor, vapor, and throat hit. I have no idea what their PG/VG ratio is, but vapor production is really excellent, and the throat hit on the higher nicotine levels is unbeatable.

The new flavors are Vanilla Crème and Cherry Noir, and they are the best tasting prefilled cartomizers I’ve had in a very long time. (Probably since reviewing the last 3 new flavors from Jet Cigs).

We vaped the new flavors using a ProVari, a couple of standard 510 batteries, and the new SMOKTech SID. There was a little wiggle room with the APV’s, and we got some incredible flavor and vapor production anywhere from 3.3v all the way to 4.1v, the best vape experience for me was at 3.9v for the Vanilla Crème and 3.7v for the Cherry Noir. The Jet Cigs cartomizers output at 2.8-ohms and holds 1ML of e-Liquid. On a typical day, because I am a heavy Vaper I go through 2 or 3 of them, most people won’t need that many.

Vanilla Crème – Jet Cigs describes the Vanilla Crème as:


So highly prized by the Aztecs that it was used as currency, vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world. And this is the vanilla cartomizer you’ve been waiting for. Vanilla Crème opens up with silky, smooth vanilla sweetness, tantalizing your senses with its distinctive bouquet. On exhale, a hint of tobacco graces your tongue, even as your taste buds continue to enjoy the lingering vanilla aroma. Worthy of Montezuma himself!”

You know, not only is that a nicely written description, it’s about as accurate as can be. This is one of the best, if not the best, vanilla cartomizer I’ve ever vaped. So silky, yet richly satisfying, and with a just a butterfly kiss of tobacco on the exhale. A brilliant and satisfying vape it is hard to believe it was coming from a prefilled cartomizer.

Cherry Noir – described by Jet Cigs as:


There are more than 1,000 varieties of cherry grown in the U.S. – sweet, sour, red, yellow, and all kinds in between. Blending them all into the perfect cherry flavor is tough, but not impossible, and the proof is in Cherry Noir. Juicy, sweet, and satisfyingly tart, Cherry Noir finishes with a subtle tobacco note which perfectly complements its fruity base. And with 100% made in the US ingredients, it’s as American as cherry pie!

Again, beautifully written copy and spot on accurate. Cherry Noir is a very different cherry flavor than you’re used to, with a nice mix of various varieties of cherries and just the right amount of tartness. In fact, the first drag of the first cherry noir cart threw a little. I had expected the usual, sweet cherry flavor that I’ve vaped from many cherry-inspired e-Liquids, but this was different. A uniquely semi-sweet vape that gets your attention and doesn’t let go.


Between the Vanilla Crème and the Cherry Noir I’d give the edge to the Vanilla, but only because I am a bon a fide vanilla freak. This particular Vanilla Crème reminded me of Johnson Creek’s Vanda, a deliciously rich and silky vanilla vape. While I really enjoyed the Cherry Noir as well I am sure I’ll be buying more Vanilla Crème than the Cherry Noir.

I’ve met many Vapers that love their cig-a-likes and one of the more famous cherry flavored prefilled carts is the cherry flavor from Blu Cigs. Cherry Noir from Jet Cigs puts the Blu Cigs Cherry to shame, a feat that some people have been waiting a long time for.

New Nicotine Levels – 33MG Bold

Two very popular Jet Cigs flavors just got a bump in nicotine as well. The best-selling Classic Tobacco and Menthol Frost are now available at 33MG. I don’t vape 33MG levels, but I do love their Classic Tobacco flavor so I made the exception and vaped all 5 of the carts. They managed to keep the original Classic Tobacco flavor but boy did the throat hit get a huge bump.  If you happen to be a Vaper than doesn’t believe a prefilled cartomizer can deliver a pro-level throat hit you should try either flavor. The menthol, a decidedly authentic menthol, gets an even bigger throat hit. For the Vaper that needs a higher level of nicotine these are excellent cartomizers to try.

Conclusion and Buying Advice

We have always been fans of Jet Cigs because the quality of their flavors, the American made commitment, and their passion for providing the best vaping experience with a prefilled cartomizer is made abundantly clear at every turn.

Each cartomizer will last you about 10-12 traditional cigarettes if you’re using a realistic method of counting the number and strength of each puff from a normal smoker.  A 5-pack of carts are $11.99, and are equivalent in size and capacity of Blu Cigs Premium100 cartomizers that now sell for $13.00 a pack. Not only are they better tasting than Blu Cigs they are less expensive.

Whether you vape a 510 cig-a-like or any other 510 threaded device the Jet Cigs prefilled cartomizer line are definitely at the top of their game.

I nearly forgot, with free priority shipping with purchases of more than $50, they are an even better value!

Jason Little