It seems that as soon as the dust settles on a new eLeaf product another one shows up. When the eLeaf iStick 200W TC and iJust 2 Mini showed up we had just recently completed the iStick Pico review.

Luckily, when it comes to the eLeaf/WISMEC/Joyetech umbrella every new device has a purpose to fill. Such is the newest kid on the block, the eLeaf iStick 200W TC. This iStick takes eLeaf up to the 200W threshold, up there with the WISMEC Reuleaux and the Joyetech Cuboid. (At the same time we received the iStick 200W TC’s we received the eLeaf iJust 2 Mini, which will be reviewed shortly.)

There is much to share about the iStick 200W TC, and if you are fortunate enough to watch a product come to life from early prototypes to finished product, you want to get it all out there in a single breath. It’s exciting to see it finished, but even more exciting to use it. So, let’s share…

About The iStick 200W TC

The name says a lot about what the device brings to the table, but bear with me while I reiterate. This 3x 18650 hi-amp (above 25A+) iStick has a maximum output of 200W when fully charged. The internal electronics is stuffed with the latest Temperature Sensing and Control software, including Ni/Ti/SS/TCR and Variable Wattage. It is upgradeable via Firmware, using the USB port and included cable (Mac and PC Software). The addition of manually adjustable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is now part of the eLeaf standard, as is adjustable wattage settings in TC mode. Throw in 3x Memory Settings for your favorite TCR values, and you have the state-of-art package for 2016, the first half of 2016 anyway.

eLeaf iStick 200W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe Safety Package is also the state-of-art for 2016 and includes Atomizer Protection and Low Resistance Alert, Atomizer Short-Circuit and ‘No Atomizer’ protection and alert, Low Voltage Protection, Temperature Protection and Alert, Weak Battery Alert, and (I love this one) Battery Voltage Imbalance Alert. If the Voltage difference between the batteries is more than 0.3V the display will read “Imbalanced”. In this case you’ll need to remove the batteries and charge them with an external charger, such as the Nitecore D4.

The iStick 200W TC also includes an Alert if the batteries are installed incorrectly (memorize Minus Plus Minus – the middle battery slot is always Plus-Side-Up), and this time out eLeaf has included some USB post Alerts, Charge Error Alert for when the USB cable is plugged into the iStick and an external USB port for charging but no current is reaching the device, and Check USB Alert, a handy feature that alerts the user if the charger is equal or greater than 5.8V.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know the Manual is written in near-perfect English with easily understood instructions and information. I wonder who had a hand in writing it…

Other features of the iStick 200W TC is an incredible range of resistance, 0.05-ohm in TC mode, and an ultra-low 0.1-ohms in Variable Wattage mode.

3x Cells Vs. LiPo Packs

There are pros and cons to both a 3x cell 200W device and a 200W LiPo device. LiPo’s can take any shape, and eLeaf iStick 200W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazineto power a 200W board the LiPo pack takes up much less room than 3x 18650 cells. However, if you vape with High Wattage tanks or RDA’s that LiPo pack isn’t going to last very long. Before you can use it away from your computer (pass-through vaping and charging), you’re out of luck. Using 3x 18650 cells adds to the overall size, but the ability to swap out the cells for fully charged ones is a huge benefit. After using both LiPo’s and the 3x cell setups I much prefer the 3x cells for a 200W device.

 iStick 200W TC meets the WISMEC Reuleaux

Naturally there will be comparisons made between the WISMEC RX Reuleaux and the iStick 200W TC. Although they both are shaped to accommodate 3x 18650 cells, the iStick 200W TC brings a new wider shape. The WISMEC Reuleaux extends out from front to back to accommodate the 3x cells, whereas the iStick 200W TC extends outward, wider on the sides than the Reuleaux, and not as deep.

Changing batteries with the WISMEC Reuleaux the user removes the magnetic doors, with the iStick 200W TC the user releases a latch on the bottom of the device, and inserts the 3x cells that way.

Unlike the Reuleaux, the iStick 200W TC uses a dedicated button to switch modes, making the process a heck of lot simpler. Just press and hold the “mode” button that sits directly under the Plus/Minus adjustment buttons for a few seconds and the modes will cycle through. You’ll see the mode change in the top right corner of the display. If you want to cycle through a little faster, press and hold till the mode changes once, then release and click, release and click, until you arrive at the mode you want. After using this button to change modes for some time I am sure that the mode button will show up in other eLeaf and WISMEC products. It’s a better way to switch modes, in my humble opinion.

The OLED display is pretty much the same display on all eLeaf iSticks of the past several months. Same size, same brightness, same font, same resolution.

eLeaf iStick 200W TC – Real World Usage

eLeaf iStick 200W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazineIf you’ve used one iStick you’ve used them all, right? Well, mostly. There are a handful of new features in the iStick 200W TC, such as manually inputting the TCR values, and the new USB alerts. But, if you are comfortable with previous iSticks you’ll do just fine with this one.

The “more wide than deep” design fits my hand better than the “more deep than wideWISMEC Reuleaux, so I was instantly comfortable using it. I’ve yet to require the full 200W of power, but that’s where all the vaping instruments are headed anyway, so its there if we ever need it.

One thing in particular that I do like about the iStick 200W TC is how the 510-connector (spring loaded of course) sits back further than it does on the Reuleaux. What that means is no longer concerning myself with whether a new tank or RDA is 22mm or 23mm in diameter, the position the connector would allow for a huge 30-35mm diameter tank (not that there is one).  The outer ring of the Uwell Rafale extends out at 23mm while the base is 22mm, and when used on the iStick 200W TC it sits back enough that it no longer extends past the edge of the mod.

Realistically though, there isn’t much more to say about the new iStick 200W TC. It is purely evolutionary, not revolutionary, and that’s fine.


It feels great, works great, and the white color is a deep, yet bright white, with a nice opaque black center stripe where the fire button, display, adjustment buttons and USB port are placed. The other colors are as deep as theeLeaf iStick 200W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine white one… the black has an almost “stealth” look to it, and the gray is a deep gray where the black center stripe plays to a gorgeous accent to the gray body.

The eLeaf iStick 200W TC is available for right around $35, which is a great price for a state-of-art 3x cell 200W TC box mod. Available colors include White, Black and Gray. I’m hoping to see other colors at some point, including a deep, rich blood red. (I can hope)

Grade: A

We all knew eLeaf would not stop with the iStick 100W TC, and the only way the iStick can reach 200W is with the 3x 18650 solution, otherwise eLeaf would have to go with a LiPo pack. I’m not sure I’ll ever need 200 watts of power, but for the price, and considering how much I like and use the iStick 100W TC (a lot), I would actually buy this mod if I had to. And if I somehow lost or broke mine, I’d replace it with a new one.”

John Manzione

Official Feature Set for the iStick 200W TC:

Variable wattage: 1W-200W

Temperature control: 100’C-315’C / 200’F-600’F

Output mode: VW/TC (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1, M2, M3) mode

Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC mode) / 0.1-3.5ohm (VW


Flip-open battery cover

Requires 3 18650 batteries

Dual circuit protection: The circuit protection system has both software and hardware battery protections of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging

Reverse polarity protection: Reverse polarity protection is fully achieved by the application of special battery anti reverse circuit in the circuit board

510 threading connection

Spring-loaded center pin

Micro-USB charging port

Measures: 57mm x 37mm x 84mm