Pioneer4You IPV D3 Box Mod Review


I was, and still am actually, a huge fan of the Pioneer4you iPV D2.  The small footprint, the build quality, and the power of 75-watts in a pocket sized mod, it’s one of my favorite box mods for on-the-go-vaping.

Pioneer4You has moved quickly with their majorly updated iPV D3, using a new scratch resistant paint finish, adding voltage step down, (to allow for a super low resistance of 0.1-ohm) a new magnetic battery door cover, 80w of output power and 75J of output power in Joule mode (temperature control), color choices of Black/White/Silver/Blue, and plenty of safety protections. It just might be a tiny bit larger than the D2, but still retains that almost perfect form factor that made the iPV D2 such a welcome addition to the box mod sector of our community of vapers.

Let’s Talk Specs

  • Depth – 27mm
  • Height – 95mm
  • Width – 48mm
  • Weight – 180g
  •  Single 18650 high-amp (25a+) battery
  • Voltage step down included
  • Spring-loaded 510 connector
  • Wattage range – 7-80w
  • Joules range (in temperature control) – 10-75J
  • Temperature limit range – 100-300C/ 212-572F
  • Nickel and Titanium coil support in temperature control mode
  • Output voltage range – 1-7v
  • Input voltage range – 3.2-4.5v
  • Output current range – 1 – 30A
  • Standard Atomizer resistance range – 0.1-3ohm
  • Temperature Control Resistance Range – 0.05-0.5ohm
  • Magnetic battery door panel
  • DC5V charging port

What’s in the box?

A few weeks after receiving the pre-release D3, I received the final retail version of the IPV D3 about 12 days ago. Inside the box the contents are:

  • 1x IPV D3 unit
  • 1x Micro USB

Physical Attributes

Pioneer4You IPV D3 Box Mod Review Measuring 27mm x 95mm x 48mm and with a weight of 180g (excluding the battery), the iPV D3 is just a tad bigger/heavier than the D2, though it is hard to notice when holding the IPV D2 and D3 in my hand. I don’t think previous owners of the D2 will notice since I had to concentrate to feel the difference.

It’s a small device that rests in the hand comfortably. The spring loaded 510 connector ensures that there is be no gap between the mod and atomizer, and each tank will have a secure connection for power output.

The scratch resistant paint finish on the IPV D3 is definitely an improvement over the D2. I’ve been using it everywhere for the 10 days and the finish hasn’t seen a scratch or even a smudge.

Magnetic Battery Door

The ball bearing sliding battery door from the iPV D2 has been replaced with a magnetic battery door featuring a small magnet at both ends of the tight-fit battery compartment (it reminds me of the ease of the battery door of the eVic-VTC Mini). Funnily enough, the ribbon on the pre-release unit we received a few weeks ago was longer than the retail version we’re reviewing, so if you hear any talk about a bothersome ribbon please know that the shipping version is fine.

Layout and Function

Like the IPV D2 the buttons are excellent. They respond quickly and they are firmly responsive. The OLED screen t has the same layoutPioneer4You IPV D3 Box Mod Review as the IPV D2, though to me the screen seems brighter this time.

The IPV D3 is a truly likable unit. I’m very impressed with both the looks and form factor! Now let’s take a deeper look into the guts of the unit.

iPV D3 Menu System

 The iPV D3 uses an updated version of the SX130H chip, the YiHi SX130H-V2. This chip not only adds step down integration, but it also has the ability to deliver up to 80 watts consistently. Additionally, this chip includes temperature control, an expected feature for sure.

Using the temperature control feature you can run both Ni200 Nickel coils and Titanium coils, with a range in temperature from 212 to 572 degrees.

In temperature control mode you have 75 Joules in output power and you can fire down to 0.05 ohms. Standard variable wattage mode will fire down to 0.15 ohm, still a very low resistance.

The OLED screen displays Output Wattage, Output Voltage, Atomizer Resistance and Battery Level. Safety and protection features include low voltage protection, low resistance protection, high input voltage protection, output short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and temperature protection… as you would expect from a Pioneer4you product.

The Menu System on the IPV D3 unit is exactly the same as the IPV D2, 5-button clicks access the menu system, where you can switch the device on or off, switch between power and joule (temperature control) mode, adjust the temperature, switch between Ni200 or Titanium coil and also adjust the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Temperature control is also activated through the menu system. Again, it works the same as the IPV D2. You select whether you are using a Nickel (Ni200) or Titanium coil and set the desired temperature limit, then exit the menu and when the IPV D3 and your chosen atomizer are at room temperature, hold down the “up and down” buttons to set a baseline resistance. You can adjust the power output by holding the up or down button as well.

Real World Performance

Pioneer4You IPV D3 Box Mod Review In (variable) wattage mode the IPV D3 performs just as well as the IPV D2 does, with accurate power output at voltages over 3.8v and a great battery life. You can grab an extra 5w in power mode to make the IPV D3 fire down to 0.1-ohm.

I enjoyed using the iPV D2 quite a bit, and with the iPV D3 that enjoyment has gone up considerably. I take it with me everywhere and it hasn’t let me down once. I always bring an extra 18650-battery with me just in case I’m out for an extended time. Changing out the battery takes about 5 seconds.

Battery Life

Using it at 30w mark with a Sony VTC4 battery and a 0.5-ohm coil had in various tanks the battery life lasts me most of the daylight hours. Step Down allows for accurate power output no matter what resistance and power level is selected, giving the user even more to like.

Temperature control mode on the IPV D3 unit has 75J of output power in Joule mode and support for coil resistance down to 0.05-ohm. You’ll see the big influence using Titanium coils. The Voltage Step Down means that users can achieve a true voltage output when running the voltage below the current battery voltage, and benefit from a longer battery life as well.

iPV D3 Conclusion

 A few weeks back we were sent a late beta version of the iPV D3 and we were asked not to review it since the updated YiHi chip wasn’t present in the beta. We saw no point in reviewing it, or talking about, since we knew the updated chip would make the final retail version. That turned out to be a wise decision.

The iPV D3 is a remarkable upgrade considering our iPV D2 review was published in late August of this year, just 4 months ago. With a retail price of $40 and under, the iPV D3 is a must-have box mod, whether it be your primary box mod or backup, there is too much value in the device not to pick one up.

The Pioneer4you Sub-Ohm Tank

When the beta was shipped we received a new Sub-ohm tank by Pioneer4you as well, the PVAire Si. This is a fairly large, and fairly Pioneer4You IPV D3 Box Mod Reviewheavy tank that performs amazingly well with the iPV D3.

The PVAire Si has a 5mL capacity, made with stainless steel and glass, with coil heads or 0.2-ohm resistance and support of Ni200 (Nickel) coils. The coil heads use 100% organic cotton. The drip tip has solid heat dissipation as well.

I ran probably a good 10 tanks of High VG eliquid through the PVAire Si and the coil head is still going. The flavor production is excellent and the amount of vapor clouds from a High VG eliquid at 35-40w is mind blowing. The PVAire Si sells for about $25-$29 dollars in the US, and if you’re looking for the perfect tank for the iPV D3, this is it.

Lastly, the iPV D3 is one of those rare box mods that are the perfect size for small footprints, yet offers plenty of power and safety. This very affordable device should be a stocking stuffer for every vapers this holiday season.

Tom McBride