Price Range: $50-$65USD
Grade: A+
75 Watt Box Mod with Temp Control


The IPV D2 Box Mod is the newest addition to Pioneer4You’s impressive lineup of IPV mods.


The IPV D2 Mod by Pioneer4You is the latest ‘take’ on an IPV Mini V2 mod but now offered with PIONEER4YOU IPV D2 REVIEW SPINFUELtemperature control, higher wattage and lower atomizer resistance, and a marvelous outer shell aluminum exterior. The IPV D2 is a single 18650-battery mod that features a quick-access slide-down battery cover to replace a spent battery. This little beauty has a maximum output of 75w in standard mode and 50 Joules in temperature control mode. It can fire standard Kanthal coil atomizers down to 0.2Ω and temperature control atomizers (Ni200 wire) all the way down to 0.05Ω with a temperature range of 200°F – 580°F.

Features and Specs:

• Dimensions: 3″L x 1-1/2″W x 7/8″D
• Black Billet Aluminum Body
• Super Compact! Only slightly larger than an iStick 30w
• Temperature Control Functionality
• Powered by a Single 18650 Battery (Batteries not Included)
• Sliding Ball Bearing Battery Door
• Output Wattage: 7w – 75w
• Output Joules: 5j – 50j
• Standard Atomizer Resistance: 0.2Ω – 3.0Ω
• Joule Atomizer Resistance: 0.05Ω – 0.3Ω
• Temperature Range: 200 – 580°F
• Spring Loaded 510 Atomizer Contact Pin
• 510 Threaded
• USB Charging Port

Note* Temperature control requires the use of nickel coils.

WarrantyMyVaporStore – The IPV D2 will include a 30-day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of delivery. Scratches and discoloration from regular use is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by warranty.


PIONEER4YOU IPV D2 REVIEW SPINFUELWow, for under $50 (currently sale price at MyVaporStore) Pioneer4you is offering one of the best “small” box mods on the market. Packing a punch of 75w/50j,  and enough amperage to reach down to 0.05-ohms, all the while fitting into the palm of the hand, this is the one box mod you should be considering, even if your collection of box mods is already overflowing.

The Pioneer4You IPV D2 is an advanced and aesthetically beautiful box mod, and it includes some of the most important safety features needed in a modern vaporizer, including Reverse Polarity Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Battery Low Voltage Protection, Temperature Overheating Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, and an On/Off option.

The IPV D2 is smaller than it looks in photos, but every bit as powerful as most vapers need. I had fantastic vape experiences with everything from the Subtank Mini to the Aspire Triton to the Youde Zephyrus. Battery life was better than expected using the Sony VTC4.

While many manufacturers, including Pioneer4you has released mods with rubberized finishes, this time out they opted for a jet-black semi-gloss aluminum exterior. It feels cool to the touch, even after some long vaping, and there is no doubt it can take a bit of punishment is need be.

The recessed OLED display is bright and easy to read. I expected a magnetic battery cover (I don’t know PIONEER4YOU IPV D2 REVIEW SPINFUELwhy), but the metal battery cover is held in place by ball-bearing tension, and with a quick squeeze it will lock down tightly without nary a rattle. You can charge the 18650 through the base-mounted 5v plug (optional), but the ease in which you can swap out the battery for a fresh one tends to make me think this would be a royal waste of time. Just carry an extra battery or two and you’re ready for non-stop vaping.

I was very surprised by how much I was impressed with IPV D2, based on past impressions with earlier IPV models and my current plans are to pick up at least one more for backup. I mean, for under fifty bucks, why wouldn’t I?

I gave one of these to Tom McBride and asked him to give me his feedback. After a few days he came back to me with a grade of A+, the same grade I’m giving it. He was very impressed with the size/power ratio and the lack of heat generated with heavy vaping. Tom knows a thing or two about high-end box mods and he tells me that this is the best buy for high wattage box mod under the $50 threshold. I agree.



Despite its higher than normal wattage I would recommend the IPV D2 to any level of Vaper, from beginner to advanced. It’s a quality built device, small enough for any size hands, not to mention stealth vaping, and the replaceable 18650 battery feature means no disappointing faces when it’s time to recharge. Pioneer4you hit a homerun with the IPV D2.


Grade: A+ Why and A+? – This very small 75w box mod feels great, looks great, and performs like a champ. Using it exclusively for more than a week I loved the box mod more each day. This is what Pioneer4you is capable of and when they produce vaporizers like this, under $70MSRP (MyVaporStore has it for under $50 currently), you begin to understand why the Pioneer4you brand is becoming such a well-known name, even to mainstream vapers. It’s Worth every dime whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, the IPV D2 is uniquely suited to today’s modern demands of the modern Vaper. Bravo!

John Manzione