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The Brand New Joyetech Delta is Reviewed by Tom McBride

This Review is based on the preproduction model of the Joyetech Delta Atomizer

While this pretty amazing atomizer from Joyetech is probably a few weeks away from release, the fine folks at Joyetech wanted Spinfuel eMagazine to take a look, take it out for a spin, and let our audience know what to expect from the upcoming answer to the other advanced atomizers that have become instant hits among moderate to advanced Vapers.

Because I have a lot of experience with all types of atomizers it has fallen to me to put it through the paces and to witness how it handles. Is the Delta the next major atomizer to fight for the crown?

Delta Part One – What It Is

The suggested retail price of the Joyetech Delta is $39.90 in the US and $34.90 in Euros. This price level suggests parity with Kanger Aerotank Mega and Aspire Nautilus. If you’re going to pay this kind of money for an atomizer it had best deliver one of the best vape experiences you can have. In many ways, it has done just that.

First and foremost the Joyetech Delta features a new type of airflow component that is every bit as effective as the airflow device in the other major players, and in a few ways even better.Joyetech Delta – A Brand New Atomizer from Joyetech

The Delta features 3 adjustable airflow channels and 4 “holes” beneath the band. Instead of a ‘hole punch’ the Delta features long, thin “slots” around the base of the atomizer. I found this gave me very precise control over the amount of air I want to mix with the vapor, allowing me to tighten or ease the draw to my exacting standards.

The airflow “band” moves in a smooth, but tight 360 degrees, giving me a high degree of confidence that once I found the exact draw for the optimum vape it would not move on its own, and this alone has become an almost priceless plus with the Joyetech Delta.

In addition to the 3 slots for airflow the Delta features 3 large transparent windows that make keeping an eye on the eLiquid level a breeze. No more squinting to see the level.

In fact, because there are 3 windows we will be more apt to notice a bit of light coming through the opposite side window, giving us a clear view of the juice inside. After using the 3 top atomizers, Kanger and Aspire, and now Joyetech, I’m inclined to depend on Joyetech’s 3 windows over the others to give me an accurate juice level.

The Joyetech Delta features the largest capacity of the Top 3 (from this point on, and despite the Delta being weeks away from becoming available to vendors and customers I’ve decided that the Delta will be included in my “Top 3”) coming in at 6ML.

For most vapers, this huge amount of eLiquid will be at least a full day of moderate to heavy vaping without having to “top off”.

Last, but not least, the Joyetech Delta is a 510-threaded, totally stainless steel atomizer. The finish is neither high polish nor matte, its somewhere in-between. It feels very expensive, rich, and extremely well made. It deserves the Joyetech brand.

I should also note that while I conducted this review with the eVic Supreme by Joyetech, after the review period I vaped with the Delta atop a Provari, the iTaste 134, 134 mini, and even the Sigelei 20W. The best performance was with the eVic Supreme, and the reason was obvious, as you’ll see below. In the future I’d like to run the Joyetech Delta through a DNA 30, but sadly at this point in time I do not own one.

The New C3 Atomizer Head

Joyetech Delta – A Brand New Atomizer from JoyetechThe development of the wireless/wickless head has been a godsend to many vapers, myself included. Of course, it’s really a misnomer to call this type of atomizer head wireless or wickless (something Aspire started with the release of the Spider), they are simply hidden from view.

Still, this type of coil head has provided me, and the rest of the Spinfuel eMagazine Staff with the best vaping experiences to date. It beats long wicks, shorts wicks, and every Kanger-type “stick” atomizer that’s come along in the past 18 months.

Flavor rendition is always spot on, vapor is equivalent to the best cloud chasers, and the lifespan is remarkable. So, does the C3 atomizer head live up to the competition?

3 Coils, low resistance, and high voltage…

The C3 atomizer head is built for high-end devices, and of all the devices at my fingertips using the Joyetech eVic Supreme told me that the Delta zeroes in on this level of electronic cigarettes. With a voltage range of 4-6v and a wattage range of 11.5-26w, this 1.4ohm atomizer head will impress even the most demanding cloud chasers.

With the preproduction Joyetech Delta I received an extra coil head, also 1.4ohms, so I’m going to assume here that the Joyetech Delta will work best with 1.4ohms, unlike the Aspire Nautilus, which came with a 1.6ohm installed, and a 1.8ohm inside the package.

In fact, it was impossible to replace the coil head with additional 1.6ohm coil heads. I found that both disappointing and confusing. The way it looks today, the Joyetech Delta will ship with the 1.4ohm and you will be able to purchase other 1.4ohm replacements.

Without getting into my complete analysis of my real world vape experience now, I would like to point out that in my initial test run I loaded up my Delta with Rocket Fuel Vapes Harvest Moon, set my eVic Supreme to 6v and the result was the best ever flavor and vapor I’ve enjoyed with Harvest Moon yet.

I have never been able to get close to 6v with Harvest Moon before now. The 6v in wattage represents 25.7w, and switching to wattage mode in the eVic Supreme my vape experience with Harvest Moon was every bit as good. Whether you’re a voltage vaper or wattage vaper, you need to know that the Joyetech Delta and the C3 atomizer head was built for this level of power, something I couldn’t really say about the Aspire or Kanger atomizers.

The Joyetech Delta is essentially an atomizer in 4 parts. The mouthpiece, atomizer “tube”, or what I refer to as the “chamber”, the C3 atomizer head, and the atomizer base (where the airflow slots are). The mouthpiece supplied by Joyetech is an excellent hard plastic mouthpiece with a perfect fit, virtually no gap from the tank to the mouthpiece.

I would be hard pressed at this time to recommend using another type of mouthpiece; the opening is a bit larger than other 510 drip tips I own anyway, so I doubt they would work.

Assembling and Filling

Any experienced vaper will know instantly how to assemble and fill the Delta, but for those with limited or non-existent experience I’ll touch on it briefly.Joyetech Delta – A Brand New Atomizer from Joyetech

Unscrew the Delta “tube” (Chamber) from the bottom airflow base. Screw in the C3 atomizer and tighten (hand tight, don’t worry about leaking) and lastly insert the mouthpiece on top of the chamber. Done.

Filling the Delta is  just as easy. Simply unscrew the airflow base, place the eLiquid tip, needle, or whatever, against the chamber wall and fill. Do not fill past the inner post height or you’ll wind up with a bad eLiquid experience.

Allow the C3 atomizer head about 5 minutes to fully saturate before using. For thicker eLiquids (high VG) allow a few minutes more.

The secret to a great vape with this type of wickless/wireless (hidden) atomizer heads is allowing it to saturate. I can’t emphasize that enough. If you attempt to vape with an atomizer head of this type, that is still dry inside the coils, you’ll not only taste it, you run the high chance of ruining the atomizer head completely.

So give it the time it needs. Once you’ve done that take my advice and push the fire button down for 1.5-2 seconds for a pre-burn. Once you’ve done the pre-burn go ahead and do one or two short draws on the Delta. This is the surest way to know that your coil head is ready for some serious vaping.

Real World Experience

Applying all that I’ve laid out above, my experience with Joyetech Delta was without a doubt very satisfying. Rich, delicious vapor, accurate flavor, and throat hit to write home about; the Joyetech Delta is a major win for Joyetech. It is definitely a contender for the crown.

Joyetech Delta – A Brand New Atomizer from JoyetechComparing the Delta to the Kanger Aerotanks and the Aspire Nautilus it’s a no-brainer. They are all very close in performance and the choice of whether to use one over the other is a matter of personal preference… except in one area, high voltage/high wattage vaping. It is here that the Delta shines above the rest.

Personally, it’s been a while since I’ve wrapped my own coils, even while the sub-ohm vaping craze began in earnest. With the Aerotank and Nautilus there simply hasn’t been a need for me to spend the time building coils for my RBA’s.

When I did it was for pushing my APV’s past the limits of most non-RBA atomizers. With the arrival of the Joyetech Delta joining the ranks of the Nautilus and Aerotank Mega, I doubt that I’ll ever need to wrap another coil.

The Joyetech Delta was designed with high-end devices in mind. In fact, during the discussions with Joyetech it was highly recommended that I use it with a device capable of exceeding the normal power levels of most APV’s. Sure, yes, absolutely, I was given the advice to use the Delta with the eVic Supreme, but with very good reason; the high wattage capabilities of the Supreme is the only device I own that can maximize the performance.

As I described my experience with Harvest Moon from Rocket Fuel Vapes, my ideal vape was found at 6v, or 25.7 watts. Where else am I going to find 25.7 watts except in the eVic Supreme? (I already stated I do not own a DNA 30) Even the Sigelei 20 maxes out at 20w, so while the vape experience was very, very good with all the devices I used, the prime spot, the best vape for Harvest Moon was 25.7w.

With eLiquids…

I’ve used the Joyetech Delta exclusively since last Friday, and today is Monday, 10:30PM. In all that time I have been able to use 4 different eLiquids, all of different viscosity. With Mountain Oak Vapors the eLiquids are, for the most part, thinner than Harvest Moon (the non-high-VG) and I found their sweet spots in the high 4v range.

With Ripe Vapes rich, thick eLiquids it was right back up in the 6v range and high wattage range. Take it from me, the Delta can handle any eLiquid you want to use with it, and more importantly the combination of the C3 1.4ohm atomizer head and the 3 slot, 4 hole airflow control you’ll find vaping in the higher wattage range to be a new level of high satisfaction in the vape.

Last Words

Joyetech Delta – A Brand New Atomizer from JoyetechIt’s way too early for me to announce the Joyetech Delta as the new King of Adjustable Airflow Tanks. It’s going to take many more hours of vaping with it, and the others, along with many more eLiquids, before I will decide with one will be my main atomizer.

And let’s remember that this review is based on the preproduction model. All three airflow controller tanks have aspects that make them appealing to individual vapers. But, with the look and feel of a rebuildable, the huge 6ML capacity, and the wonderful performance of the C3 atomizer head, the Joyetech Delta is going into the atomizer war to kick ass and take names.

It will be tough fight, but in the early rounds the Joyetech Delta is standing toe to toe, with advantages that both Kanger and Aspire will have to address down the road.

What all this means to you and me is better vaping, more clouds, richer and truer flavors, and a new level of satisfaction. If you’ve been wondering how Joyetech would answer the call to compete with the Aerotank and the Nautilus, you’re about to find out.

Despite the review period being over, and despite the fact that I only have 2 well-used C3 atomizers, I find myself in no hurry to get back to my Aerotank Mega or Aspire Nautilus. That, dear readers, speaks volumes.

Tom McBride

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