Black - ASPIRE ODAN SUB-OHM TANKThe Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank Review – I’ve secretly always wondered why vape companies haven’t designed a sub-ohm tank that resembles a crystal ball (no, really). And maybe that’s not what Aspire was planning on when they introduced a beveled glass tank for the all-new ODAN, but that’s exactly what comes to mind when looking at it.

Thankfully, the ODAN also offers a glimpse into the vaping future (if indeed it HAS a future, but don’t get me started). Maybe not with “extreme” specs or cloud production, but rather through super-concentrated flavor, outstanding coil life and a plug-and-play coil system that is truly leak-free. Yep, the ODAN is an absolute winner – let’s see why… starting with the specs.

Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm – Official Word (not always accurate)

Check out the new Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank, combining a 7mL max eJuice capacity, locking top fill system, and can be equipped with a set of plug ‘n’ play mesh coils designed to create deliciously flavored clouds of vapor.

Crafted from impact-resistant stainless steel, the Aspire ODAN Tank can hold up to 7mL of your favorite eJuice within the standard glass capacity. Refilling in a pull and slide top fill system, the top cap slides backwards to reveal a single large fill port. This pull then slide system prevents spills or accidental openings within the pocket.


Installing and changing the mesh coils in a bottom plug ‘n’ play system, the Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank possesses an e-Liquid shut-off valve that prevents any juice from entering the coil chamber, allowing for the ODAN Mesh Coil Series to extract the truest flavors from your eJuice, transmuting them into gargantuan clouds of vapor.

Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank Review Feature Image Spinfuel Vape

Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 7mL Standard Glass Capacity
  • 5mL Diamond Bubble Glass Capacity
  • Quartz Glass Reinforcement
  • 304 Superior Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Pull and Slide Top Fill System – Single Fill Port
  • E-Liquid Shut-Off Valve – Prevents Spills When Changing Coil
  • Aspire ODAN Coil Series
  • 2ohm Odan Mesh Coil – rated for 50-60W
  • 3ohm Odan Mesh Coil – rated for 35-45W
  • 80/20 Linen + Organic Cotton Wicking Material
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Coil Installation
  • Dual Slotted Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring
  • Threaded 510 Connection
  • 810 Honeycomb Resin Drip Tip
  • Available in Dark Blue, Emerald, Rainbow, Stainless Steel, Smoky Quartz, Black

Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank Kit Includes:

  • 1 Odan Tank
  • 1 7mL Glass Tube
  • 1 0.2ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 0.3ohm Mesh Coil
  • 8 O-Rings
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

I won’t lie (you better not! – ed) — the 28mm diameter ODAN isn’t going to be for everyone. At least if you get the same one I tested, which was rainbow hued (ugh, you weren’t supposed to get that one buddy – ed), with a crystal ball-like (but quartz-reinforced) tank section installed. In other words, the ODAN is about as subtle as an aneurysm — large, loud and unafraid to stand out, no matter what mod is sitting beneath it. (We’ll get you a black one, or maybe the emerald green -ed.)


Aspire ODAN RainbowDon’t confuse this sense of flair for a lack of quality. The ODAN is up to every ounce of the quality standards we expect from Aspire, from the stellar stainless steel construction, to the leak-free coil setup, and one of the largest (and most-secure) top-fill caps on the market. The Odan might be Liberace’s vape tank… but it also has Liberace’s quality standards behind it.


Let’s be real, though – the ODAN is also pretty large. Even if you swap glass sections, the 28mm base diameter quickly swells to 31mm, making this a commanding atomizer, even on the largest mods. If you’re against overhang, you might want to measure before hitting the purchase button.


The only thing that stood out — and not as a negative, per se — but rather an odd design choice, was the stock-looking resin drip tip. While resin tips are pretty much the industry standard at this point, the ODAN is such a unique-looking tank that a “standard” {ANYTHING} seems out of place. Others might disagree, but this seemed a little strange to me.

Don’t be fooled by the gargantuan size and louder-than-hell exterior, the ODAN is a flavor-first tank, every step of the way. In fact, both of the included mesh coils — 0.2 and 0.3 ohms, respectively — are rated for no more than 60 watts, a far cry from the 100+ watt capabilities we typically see on these atomizers.

Vaping the Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank

MESH 2 - ASPIRE ODAN SUB-OHM TANKMaybe that’s the key, those MESH coils. Because the ODAN coils are absolute winners, through and through, without requiring massive amounts of wattage to get them going. Even at their mid-range wattages, the coils produce warm, thick, flavorful vapor on every draw, requiring very little “break-in” time before hitting their stride.


They also produce high levels of flavor with very short, immediate draws, eliminating the need to inhale for lengthy periods to “make the most” of them. Instead, each draw is punchy and flavorful, right from the outset, making it easier to enjoy without taking the unique linen/cotton coil fibers.


But perhaps the best quality of all is the coil longevity. Because these coils are rated for moderate wattages, I managed nearly 2.5 weeks before having to swap them out. And that was with pretty intense, regular use.

MESH COIL - Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewMaybe we’ve seen sub-ohm coils last longer, but never with the rich, nuanced flavor clarity that the Odan mesh heads gave us throughout our testing. Only at the VERY end of their lifespans did we notice any drop off in flavor and vapor quality – and even that was moderate.


I should mention the leak-proof “valve” that Aspire added to the plug-and-play coil swapping. Though we’re not sure howit works, it definitely DOES work, with mess-free swaps every time we needed to change heads.


Because it was a testing situation, I tried pushing the Odan a little further than the stated specs — NOT something you should ever do — and were happy to see that they’re capable of a little more “oomph” if pushed. But with such warm, enjoyable vapor at the stated levels, we see absolutely no need to try and eke a little more out of them than needed.


  • Insanely good coils for flavor, vapor and longevity
  • Massive e-liquid capacity
  • Amazing performance at moderate wattages


  • Design aesthetic might be a little much for some
  • The large size might make it look awkward on some mods
  • Resin drip tip seems like an afterthought

Spinfuel VAPE Scores the Aspire ODAN Sub-Ohm Tank

For the longest time, we’ve been calling for something NEW and interesting for sub-ohm tank design. And ironically, it finally arrived, from one of the oldest, most venerable companies in the game. But Aspire didn’t just make things weird for the sake of it — the ODAN sub-ohm tank looks different, and performs above all expectations.


If you have a mod wide enough to handle it (not to mention the fashion sense to make it work) the Aspire ODAN is a mandatory tank purchase. Near-perfect performance that we’ll keep going back to, long after this review is published.