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This was a tough review, Eve eLiquid,  for the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. It made us rethink the way we determine our scores, it altered our preconceived notions about premium eliquids and how they should be reviewed. Its effects will be reflected in future eliquid reviews coming from this team.

Premium E-Liquid

As a team we believe we have already determined that Eve eLiquid produces a premium eliquid in our first review. We knew going into the Adam review that there would be certain aspects of quality that would be met without looking, without vaping them. This review would lean heavily on our own personal vaping experience with each flavor. Whether or not we liked a particular flavor, there is no denying that the quality is there.


Eve eLiquid has introduced an all-new ejuice line called “ADAM” and it is available now on the Eve eLiquid website (webstore) and various retail locations. Each new eJuice flavor in the Adam line seems to be designed to appeal to a ‘masculine sensibility’.

That said, its pretty silly to think for even a moment that the Adam line will appeal to men only, though we do understand the ‘male connection’ in that these new eLiquids have strong flavors and a little less complexity than you see in the Eve line of juices, though that doesn’t mean they lack all complexity.

Six Flavors by Eve E-Liquid

Although each of the six flavors possess layers of certain flavors that might ‘normally’ be associated with masculine tastes, like tobacco and coffee, there are plenty of women that enjoy tobacco flavored and coffee flavored eliquids as well. Besides, there’s no need to sidle up to the sexism that some are bound to see in the Adam lineup. Let’s just consider the name “Adam” as an obvious choice when the name of the parent company is “Eve” and ‘Eve’ wants to do something very different, okay?

 About Eve’s Adam

The Adam lineup has names that are based on movie action heroes, including a woman (so there goes any bias toward sexism). As long as you don’t consider yourself overly politically correct you’ll find the naming scheme a little bit amusing, which is their intention. Frankly, the eliquid industry could use a bit more humor what with the elephant in the room topic that people don’t want to talk about… e-liquid regulations and when that news will drop from the FDA. (Always a downer when discussed openly)

With the exception of Laura Croft (Laura Craft) the names of these eliquids could have come from the latest installment of the “Expendables” franchise. As new flavors are developed and released we imagine it won’t take very long before we see a Stallone and Schwarzenegger themed flavor, or a Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves, Jason Stratham flavors that will follow sooner rather than later.


While new flavors will surely depend on how well the initial six do in sales, we can say with some confidence that Eve is on the right track. That said, at nearly $1 per ML you’re looking at expensive ejuice, so if Eve expects to have a successful launch and add many new flavors in addition to many new and loyal customers the first six must kick serious butt.

The six Adam flavors from Eve eLiquids are listed below, along with a brief ‘single line description’.

Bruce Tea – Strong and sweet, robust black tea (Chinese Oolong tea) (70/30 PG/VG)

Chuck Bronson – Bold coffee with a splash of cream and a dash of sugar (70/30 PG/VG)

Clay Westwood – Rugged Tobacco (50/50 PG/VG)

Jean Cloud Van Damme – Refreshing, juicy pear (70/30 PG/VG)

Laura Craft – Light tobacco (50/50 PG/VG)

Mr. Meyagi – Sweet lychee black tea (70/30 PG/VG)

Adam Lineup

The Adam lineup of flavors are available in their ‘one of a kind’ 15ml glass dropper bottles with childproof caps and tamper-proof seal, but we’re told that Eve will soon have them available in 5ml sample-sized bottles as well.

Like the Eve lineup, Adam eliquids use only USP (pharmaceutical-grade) propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural and/or artificial flavorings, all are free of Diacetyl, and 99.97% pure liquid nicotine naturally extracted from tobacco. Eve eLiquids, including Adam, do not require steeping. Our review bottles were mixed and bottled on July 1st, 2014, and they were all fully matured and ready to vape in October. Finally, all Eve eLiquids, including the new Adam line are made and bottled in California.


Below is some basic information about the Adam line of eLiquids…


Nicotine strength is offered in the following: 2mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and zero-nic option. Our review bottles are 18mg, our current preferred level.

Eve eLiquid Bottles And Labels – Unique shaped glass bottles with dripper.

Adam is available on in one size, a 15ML glass bottle. The price is $13.95, way high up there on the premium eliquid pricing scale. Only you can determine how much you will pay for your eliquids but it would certainly help matters if there were more economical ways to purchase Adam ejuice.


If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review we invite you to pay a visit to our Protocols page, which was designed to explain the complexity of how we conduct our reviews, along with a thorough explanation on our scoring system… a scoring system that will soon change.

The Eve eLiquid Review

Initial Impressions and Characteristics

The Adam line is definitely a full-flavored line that also happens to be a massive vapor producer line. Even the 50:50 PG/VG ratio flavors performed more along the lines of the 30:70 blends (70% VG). Some of the Adam flavors are 50:50 PG/VG and others are 70:30.

About High VG

There is an inherent difficulty in producing a full-flavored juice when dealing with high VG formulas, but Eve eLiquid seems to have conquered that problem handily. However, if you are allergic to PG its important to remember that these eliquids are not PG-Free.


While not all flavors were greeted with equal enthusiasm by the team, there was no denying the extreme high quality of the eliquids themselves. For instance; all 6 flavors, while vastly different in taste, were all clean tasting with true fidelity to the flavors. Coffee “was” coffee; pear was “pear”, and so on. And the tobacco flavors in Clay Westwood and Laura Craft were exceptional. In addition, the formulations produce flavors that do not have any sort of artificial taste to them, which all team members noticed independently.


The Adam line is shipped fully matured and ready to vape straight from the mailbox. No one likes to wait a week or three before being able to enjoy the eliquids they have already paid for, so this trend of shipping eliquids that has already steeped is one we see as a positive step forward. The days of having your ejuice mixed in the bottle after you order it are disappearing, and as a team we like it that way.

The First Eve eLiquid Adam Vape

We suggest that you choose the right moment before your first vape with an Adam eliquid. Certain flavors lend themselves to certain times of the day, and that is particularly true with Adam. For instance, I love a sweet, smooth tobacco vape but I would never start the day with one. For me, tobacco vapes are afternoon and early evening vapes, but for others a tobacco vape is an all day affair, or the right flavor to start the day with. Just know that if certain flavors taste better to you at certain times, hold true to that when you receive your Adam eliquids.


These six eliquids are remarkable in several ways, such as the ultra-pure flavor and the thick vapor production, to name two. However, for any high quality eliquid brand it is the flavor of the eliquid that is most important to the vaper, unless that vaper is a cloud chaser working with dripping atomizers, then vapor production comes out on top. The 70:30 ratios in 2mg or 6mg nicotine strengths would make for more than decent cloud chasing, but the Adam line itself is not a drippers line, as we see it anyway.

Two of the six eliquids in the Adam line are tobacco flavored, one is a pear flavored, two are ‘tea’ flavors, and one is a coffee flavor. Because these eliquids deliver very authentic flavors you’ll need to enjoy the particular flavors in order to enjoy the Adam brand.

Eve eLiquid Flavors

Clay WestwoodClay Westwood

Rugged tobacco – 50/50 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.

Julia – 4.5 Stars

If I had to choose between the two tobacco flavors in this lineup I would choose the Laura Craft eliquid every time. However, Clay Westwood is a deeper, heavier tobacco, and will appeal to vapers that are true tobacco lovers. Tons of vapor with this one, especially for a 50:50 blend, but light on the throat hit even at 18mg nicotine. Clay Westwood natural tobacco flavor doesn’t hide behind other layers of flavors. It’s tobacco, pure and simple. For times when you want a smooth, but deep tobacco vape Clay Westwood is a good way to go.

Tom – 4.75 Stars

It’s rare that a genuine tobacco eliquid can carry the very real flavor of tobacco without having to depend on other flavors to get it there. This is a stripped down tobacco flavor that doesn’t feel stripped down. How Eve eLiquid created a formula that tastes so clean but yet so ‘full’ is beyond me. Everything points to a great tobacco experience, except for just a tiny issue… This 18mg nicotine strength, full flavored tobacco vape has a lighter throat hit than I thought it would.

Keira – 4.5 Stars

Strictly speaking, Clay Westwood is getting 4.5 Stars because of the high quality of both the eliquid itself and the flavor/vapor is produces. While I can enjoy a tobacco flavor for short periods of time, Clay Westwood came a little too close to real tobacco to me. I mean, after a few minutes of vaping I felt like I had tobacco breath, and I felt as though I had just finished a cigarette. Not that the flavor tasted like a cigarette, it doesn’t, but it does have that definite tobacco flavor and that tobacco effect, on me anyway.

Jason – 5 Stars

I’ll admit I love both the tobacco flavors in the Adam line up. Both are pure, clean, smooth, but full flavored tobacco ‘essence’ as well. Laura Craft is a bit lighter, but they are both very much “tobacco”. Massive clouds of vapor make Clay Westwood fun to vape, especially in a tank with a wide-mouth drip tip, and despite a small throat hit I was very satisfied with it as a real tobacco vape.


Chuck Bronson – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Bold coffee with a splash of cream and a dash of sugar – 30/70 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.


Tom – 5 Stars

After a single drag from Chuck Bronson I was sold, but I remembered what Julia tells vapers about how juice can be pleasing one day and not-so-much the next, so I enjoyed it from the first time with the hope that when I tried it the next day and the next day it would still deliver a pure, delicious slightly sweet bold coffee vape. And it did. Chuck Bronson has such a true coffee flavor in vapor form that its like some magical brew. I added this one to my rotation after a long absence of any kind of coffee vape. Chuck Bronson renewed my faith in good coffee vapes.Spinfuel Choice Award

Julia – 5 Stars

During the last 3 years of vaping so many different flavors and brands I know there are plenty of good, even great coffee flavored eliquids on the market right now. But for some reason it is still always a thrill to find another great coffee blend. Every coffee flavored juice I’ve tried is unique, it’s like the creator, or mixologist; each one has a particular goal in mind specific to his or her likes and dislikes of coffee. Or so it seems anyway.

I’m not sure that I would add Chuck Bronson to my rotation, just because a coffee flavor that means business is an eliquid I can easily over vape be left with a headache or vapers tongue, or both. Sometimes certain flavors are awesome, but it can cause me to over do it. Chuck Bronson seems to be one of those.

Keira – 5 Stars –

I decided to vape Chuck in the early morning hours with a cup of freshly made real coffee. I was so taken aback by the extraordinary flavor of what I can only describe as my morning coffee “vaporized”, with just the right amount of cream and sugar, that I thought I might be overpowering the flavor of the eliquid with the real coffee in my cup.

You can actually taste both the cream and the sugar just as you would by enjoying a cup of morning coffee, so I continued to vape it long after breakfast and found myelf grabbing for it again in the late afternoon and again at night.


Huge vapor clouds when vaping this in an Aspire Nautilus, and its stable enough to be pushed a little higher in the wattage or voltage than you would normally think. Bottom line? This is now on my rotation and coffee flavors will once again become my companion before and after breakfast.

Jason – 5 Stars

After hearing Keira say she was able to push this delicious coffee vape into the higher voltage or wattage without losing the great flavor I had to try it. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, so watch it if you try Chuck Bronson, it is an excellent coffee flavor but if vaped too hot it can produce a burnt taste. The coffee flavor itself is very good, very authentic, and with just the right amount of light cream and a one cube of sugar. Delicious, big vapor clouds, and so satisfying, Chuck Bronson is coffee done right.

Bruce Tea - Eve E-Liquid'sBruce Tea

Strong and sweet, robust black tea (Chinese Dragon Tea) – 30/70 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.


Julia – 5 Stars

Eve eliquids really tries to reach out to vapers looking for something different then the normal fare offered by most everyday eliquid brands. In our last review we vaped an Asian dessert vape with red beans that we just couldn’t wrap our head around, but it’s a big hit with certain vapers. Here, Eve is again reaching for a different kind of flavor that is not seen in many, if any, other brands, and this time they are, in my opinion, wildly successful.

Bruce Tea is a Chinese Tea flavored ejuice. And, strangely enough, it is so authentic that the certain aftertaste you get when you sip Chinese tea at a restaurant is present in the vapor.

Chinese Tea Flavor

If you like the taste of Chinese tea you will adore this one. Plus, the flavor is so well balanced, and clean tasting, that it would be very easy to vape it as an all-day-vape. The vapor production is out of this world, and I can only imagine what cloud chasers would do with Bruce Tea in a dripper.

I have to give it 5 Stars because it is an excellently executed eliquid, and any vaper that wants a Chinese tea eliquid would taste this one and say it’s the best they’ve ever had. I may not want to vape this very often, but I can’t hold that against this incredible juice. Awesome job!

Tom – 5 Stars

I’ve never vaped Chinese tea before and I never thought there even was one. I have to hand it to Eve though; this really tastes exactly like the tea I drink when I go out to a Chinese restaurant. If you like that flavor, that taste, then you just might love this eliquid. It is also an all-day-vape, the flavor is not overpowering, but its not weak tasting either, the vapor production is outstanding and even after several hours of vaping the flavor held up and it didn’t leave me with any sort of vapers tongue. Strangely enough, I am adding this one to my rotation.

Keira – 4.5 Stars

I think it’s safe to say that Eve eLiquid knows how to put together a great eliquid. I love how there is never any sort of artificiality to the flavors, and the vapor production is always top notch with thick, aromatic clouds. Bruce Tea is another expertly created eliquid, and if you know the flavor of Chinese tea you will recognize it immediately. It’s spooky how much the taste of Chinese tea has been cloned onto a vapor. There is only one thing that prevents me from giving this 5 Stars and that’s because even with 18mg of nicotine there is a complete absence of a throat hit. 70% VG might be too much, I would think that a 50:50 ratio might have worked better.

Jason – 4.75 Stars

The first time I vaped Bruce Tea all I tasted was a basic tea, not Chinese tea as the others tasted. That flavor, a plain tea, doesn’t do much for me. So, despite the great vapor production, which is hard not to have when your recipe is 70% VG, I thought it was just an average juice, no big deal.

So in order to get a thorough idea of what Bruce Tea is about I tried it at various times of the day. To make a long story short, when I went to this flavor in the morning, as my first vape of the day, there was the Chinese tea the team was delighted with. It turns out that I wasn’t giving myself enough time between flavor changes to allow the true flavor to come through. With that in mind, and the real authentic flavor of Chinese Tea that is there, I have to give it 4.75 Stars, though I won’t be adding it to my rotation. The truth is, the execution is great, it’s just not my cup of tea. (Oh you know I had to say that!)

Jean Cloud Van Damme - Eve E-Liquid'sJean Cloud Van Damme

Juicy pear, taken to the streets – 30/70 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.


Julia – 4.5 Stars

I can tell you all you want to know about Jean Cloud Van Damme in a couple of sentences. Sweet pear, subtle flavor, massive vapor, so incredibly delicious, If you like the taste of sweet, ripe, red pears, this one is a must have. JCVD is my first pear juice in my rotation this year. That says it all.


Tom – 4.5 Stars

JCVD is a delicate sweet pear eliquid that is the perfect all-day-vape. If you enjoy the flavor of sweet pear, and who doesn’t, you can fill a good size tank and vape it all day long without losing the sweet pear flavor or tiring of the huge clouds of vapor. One of the best pear eliquids I’ve tried this year, if not longer. I’m adding this one to my rotation, for the holidays anyway.


Keira – 4.5 Stars

Except for the absence of a throat hit, this is a just an incredible sweet pear ejuice! I couldn’t get enough of it, partly because the flavor isn’t overpowering, and partly because combining the flavor with thick vapor it was a lot of fun to vape. However, one thing to keep in mind if you buy this juice, it is really delicate. Don’t overheat it, and don’t take big, strong drags from it so the coils overheat. It will wreck the carefully balanced flavor. Otherwise, if pear is your flavor, this has to be tried at least once.


Jason – 4.5 Stars

Listening to the team members discussing this pear flavored ejuice I mostly agreed. It is a nice sweet pear flavored juice, it does produce big vapor clouds, and if you like pear flavors this is going to be a good one. I agree with all that. So, it gets the 4.5 stars, but it is also too delicate. This is not an eliquid that you can experiment with. It is a pear juice that plays nicely if you play nicely.

 Laura Craft - Eve E-LiquidLaura Craft – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Light tobacco – 50/50 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.


Julia – 5 Stars

After vaping enough award-winning tobacco eliquids I know a winner when I taste one. This is a smooth, delicious, satisfying tobacco eliquid that deserves to be up there with the other award winning tobacco flavors. Tons of vapor, a lighter throat hit, but certainly an all-day-tobacco vape, which is rarer than it should be.Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom – 5 Stars

You know how some tobaccos can be described as having other flavor components that combine to create a unique something-tobacco flavor? Laura Craft is not like that. It is a genuine smooth and full-flavored tobacco eliquid that is both satisfying and exactly what an all-day-tobacco-vape should be. Equally satisfying flavor and vapor, and one that will go into my tobacco collection. Excellent.

Keira – 5 Stars

Laura Craft is going to be my go-to tobacco for at least a few months. This is a full-flavored and very smooth tobacco that I think any tobacco vaper would enjoy. There is nothing to object to here except that the throat hit isn’t much. But the added amount of vapor clouds that a 50:50 blend gives you over a better throat hit that a 70:30 ratio would give you, is worth the trade off. Pure tobacco, plenty of vapor, so satisfying. How could it not be a 5 Stars juice?

Jason – 5 Stars

I was not expecting Laura Craft to be as good as it was. I don’t usually think of Eve eLiquids as a tobacco house, and I think they will need many more tobacco blends to earn the name, but I have to say this is one awesome tobacco eliquid. Smooth, slightly sweet, pure tobacco flavor, plenty of vapor, Laura Craft is going on my daily vape rotation right now.

Mr. MeyagiMr Meyagi - Eve E-Liquid

Sweet, lychee black tea – 30/70 PG/VG

Ingredients: propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, organic natural flavorings and/or artificial flavorings, may contain pure nicotine extract.


Julia – 4 Stars

Definitely the strangest flavor of the six, and the one least likely to be widely accepted, Mr. Meyagi is a premium flavor that will appeal to a small niche market of vapers. More tea flavored than lychee flavored, if you like tea and lychee flavors then you’ll probably love it. Pure flavors, lots of vapor, a true premium eliquid and one I won’t vape again. Not my style, but expertly done.

Tom – 4 Stars

An above average eliquid, with a clean flavor and lots of vapor, but a flavor combination I wouldn’t normally vape. This is black tea, but it doesn’t taste like the Chinese team in this lineup. It could be the lychee that doesn’t blend that well with the black tea, or it could be something else altogether. This one just doesn’t do much for me, but its still a premium eliquid.

Keira – 4 Stars

I wasn’t looking forward to vaping this one after reading the description. I’m not a big tea vaper and lychee is a hit and miss flavor, dependent completely on what the lychee is being mixed with, but it turned out to be better than I thought it would be. I think vapers that love tea vapes will love Mr. Meyagi.

Jason – 4 Stars

This Mr. Meyagi eliquid is one I just don’t understand. Not the quality, of which there can be no doubt, but the flavor combination, that’s what I don’t understand. I’ve had lychee eliquids that were pretty darn good, and I’ve had a few tea flavors that were pretty good, but together they produce a weird tasting flavor. I’m not going to vape it again, but I think its made well enough that should you like tea or lychee flavors this is a flavor to be looked into

Eve eLiquid Conclusion

If the Adam line is to be successful they must appeal to enough vapers that expanding the line makes sense. With the first six new eliquids we found two that already earned the Spinfuel Choice Award. The remaining four scored in the 4+ Star range and those scores were well deserved. Certainly this bodes well for Eve eLiquid in the future.

In late 2014 we’ve seen the eliquid market change dramatically. The number of eliquid companies continues to expand, but more importantly the number of premium eliquid brands also continues to expand. This is great news for all vapers.

The quality of an eliquid will depend on the recipes and the skill and artistry of the mixologists that execute those recipes, this will determine the ultimate success of a label.

Esoteric Flavors

Eve eLiquid has discovered a niche for the more esoteric flavors, and they are doing exceptionally well there.

If our impressions read like something you would be interested in trying then by all means give them a try. It’s unfortunate that the price of these eliquids is on the high end, but many people believe they are worth it.

Till next time

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason