Joyetech eGo AIO Box Review

The Simple, One-Button Vaporizer for New Vapers

Joyetech eGo AIO Box REVIEW – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEIn the world of All-In-One devices (AIO), there’s quite the selection of vaping products to pick from, including the newest from Joyetech, the eGo AIO Box Kit. Because of the August 8th Deeming Regulation deadline we have been bombarded with so many devices that keeping up isn’t easy.

What makes the Joyetech eGo AIO Box Kit any different from all the rest? There are plenty of kits out that can do what the eGo AIO Box Kit can do, and more, but the stand-out feature that sets it apart is the price point and the ability to customize both the inside and outside with not only different color skins but colored LED lighting. It’s commendable to see creative, outside-the-box features in the world of repetitiveness.

About the eGo AIO

Extremely inexpensive, compact and lightweight, with a simple one-button operation, the eGo AIO Box makes things as easy as can be! My hand just absorbs this mini mod and is quite a stealthy little bugger. Aimed at beginners or somebody with a little experience in the market for an on-the-go, portable device. Not having to worry about adjusting wattages, temperatures and carrying replacement batteries sets you up for a grab and take anywhere experience. Honestly, this is one of the first devices I can comfortably fit in my pocket and not feel like I’m lugging around an extra cell phone or wallet!


The eGo AIO Box Kit has a 2100mAh internal battery that is not removable. The battery life for being such a tiny device is above average. I vape pretty aggressively and constantly have a device within arm’s reach. In other words, I chain vape often. So my battery tends to drain at around the hour and a half to two-hour mark. Charging can be completed by plugging the micro USB Cord into the side of the device by the fire button, and then to a wall adapter or your computer. The charging light will illuminate then goes out once fully charged.


Standard one button operation; 5 clicks turns it on and 5 clicks to turn it off. LED lighting illuminating your eJuice blinks 5 times when the device is turned on and 5 more when shutting it down. No external charging necessary makes the process very straightforward. No remembering to rotate your batteries or forgetting to charge them the night before can also be a plus. By applying the optional stickers, you could create different variations if you’re not satisfied with the look or you want to match your outfit for a night out. The kit does not include additional stickers and will be an additional purchase.

I’ve been using the Grey and Black version which I prefer. You have to keep in mind that you’re only paying $20 for the whole starter kit so the materials are what you’d expect from a cheaper device. The body has a honeycomb look and does provide grip and has a rubbery feel. The plastic feels cheap but is understandable to keep costs down. I wouldn’t want to drop this on concrete that’s for sure!

The fire button is large enough and responsive with very little delay. Holding the device in your hand and trigger firing is the most comfortable way as far as hand placement goes. Joyetech made a smart decision to put a big fire button on such a small product. Your hand swallows the device but it’s still easy to find the slight protruding fire button. Joyetech did include five small battery or board vent holes on the front which is becoming the standard in newer products and good to see from a consumer point of view.

eGo AIO Coil Heads

The eGo AIO Starter Kit comes with two 0.6Ω Bottom-Feeding SS316 Mouth-To-Lung coils, the same coils available for the Joye Cubis tanks. You can still get a decent Direct Lung pull with the airflow fully open. The coils do spit when left idle for a bit but never resulted in spit back or gurgling. You will see a pool of eJuice build up in the canal under the drip tip after a tank or two. The flavor you get isn’t bad, but just okay. This device obviously is not a flavor chaser. Even the slightly muted flavor is leaps and bounds better tasting than the analog tar sticks.

eGo AIO Limited Capabilities


Keep in mind that the eGo AIO Box Kit is not compatible with Temperature Control coils such as Nickel and Titanium. Firing a Ni200 or Ti coil on any device that’s not set up for TC could be hazardous and flat out dangerous! Joyetech also states the 0.25Ω NotchCoil is not compatible either. Every other Cubis coil such as the BF SS316 0.5Ω, 1.0Ω and the coil I’m going to be ordering soon, the 1.5Ω MTL Clapton coil are available for use with this kit. The kit includes Black and Clear drip tips that are 510 compatible. Both drip tips are small in diameter and provide fairly restrictive mouth to lung pulls. Both options fit snugly in place and are secured by strong O-rings.

eGo AIO eJuice Capacity

There’s a standard glass tube built into the device. The max amount of eJuice in one fill up is 2ml so don’t fill it over the Max Fill line marked on the outside of the view window. When you attach your top cap with the coil attached and tighten it down, you will get some flooding and leaking so be sure to keep it under the line.

Basic Operation


Rotating the top cap clockwise and counterclockwise will open two types of airflow. Depending if you prefer a tighter or airy draw, this device is more aimed to the MTL crowd. It is somewhat challenging to know exactly how much airflow and where to adjust. There’s a small circle on the top cap and on the drip tip connection ring that you can line up for wide open airflow. Sometimes it’s hard to see and just adjusting it on the fly seems to be less of a hassle. I have to puff continuously and rotate the top cap to find my ideal setting. Not difficult but not quick by any means.

Child Safety

One of the more important features that stood out to me is the Child Proof Cap, which prevents a young child from accidentally opening the atomizer top cap having access to the eJuice. This avoids potential disaster and gives parents peace of mind. I’m glad Joyetech is implementing these safety features in their devices considering the harm eJuice could cause an infant or any child for that matter is substantial! Simply by pressing down with light force and twisting the cap counterclockwise will give you access to the 2ml capacity glass section. No need to use a dropper or unicorn bottle, I just poured my juice right in!

Colors, Colors, and More Colors

Another cool feature when the device is off, hold the fire button – or long fire is what Joyetech calls it – and there are a variety of fancy color lights (red, yellow, green, blue, white, purple and indigo) that illuminate the juice level window. This could be a con to some that might find the feature too gimmicky. On the other hand, some will love the option to customize they’re device. I actually enjoy having the option to match my drip tips especially on such a straight forward, cheap device. The ability to alternate colors is a nice addition from Joyetech. After a while, All-In-One devices function and begin to look the same so it’s nice to see some variety and that the manufacturer decided to do something different than everything else out.




The eGo AIO Box Kit is extremely inexpensive because of the simple, easy to use functionalities and cheaper materials used. Charge the battery, pour your juice in and off you go! There’s no variable wattage or voltage, it’s just a push and puff device! These types of starter kits (AIO) will not have a fancy OLED display or TC features which I feel would be unnecessary for the demographic this is targeted for. When getting off of analog cigarettes, vaping can be confusing if you’ve had no experience with one before. The eGo AIO Box Kit is something I would give a friend or colleague that smokes to help them quit.


For the $25 price tag, you get a pretty good, lightweight starter kit with everything you need right out of the box, besides eJuice of course. If you’re looking for a more advanced higher performing All-In-One device, then search for other Joyetech products like the Joye eVic AIO Starter Kit. For around double the price, it offers all the features a more sophisticated device would normally have with the AIO components. I’m definitely gravitating more to this eGo Box than my tube style devices. Pretty good device, fantastic price!


Team Spinfuel


Size: 23.0*43.0*97.0mm

Battery capacity: 2100mAh

Atomizer capacity: 2ml

Color: Black/Black, Black/Grey, Black/Red, White/Yellow, White/ White

In The Box:

1 * eGo AIO Box

2 * BF SS316-0.6ohm MTL.

2 * Mouthpiece

1 * USB Cable

1 * Quick Start

1 * Warranty Card

1 * Warning Card