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A Love Affair with Chai Tea Latte

The first time I ever saw the words “Chai” and “Tea” as it related to an e-Liquid my mind automatically assumed the worst. “Tea?” You want me to vape tea? Are you serious?” … Nothing could convince me that tea could somehow be anywhere near an acceptable flavor for vaping. Drinking, yea, vaping…no. Just no.

Boy how things have changed. Last Saturday I received a 15ml bottle of a brand new flavor from Mountain Oak Vapors. The name of this new e-Liquid?

“Chai Tea Latte”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Yes the first time I heard these words used in relation to e-Liquids my reaction was less than agreeable. Since that time I’ve experienced a few e-Liquids that have attempted to sway me, and some have to one degree or another. Now it’s not so much as a “Just no” reaction when I’m presented with a Chai Tea e-Liquid, but I am still leery of them, but a couple have been acceptable, even enjoyable, though none of ever attained the status of an “all-day” vape. Until now.

Whenever Mountain Oak Vapors releases a new flavor I’m thunderstruck over how much I like it. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I finally got the chance to try their “Caramela” and “Sunday Morning”, two excellent e-liquids that have become a part of my family of flavors. To be completely honest though, Sunday Morning is a flavor I have vaped less and less, while Caramela has not only become one of my favorites, it’s become my wife’s ONLY e-Liquid. If you knew my wife you would know how incredible that is. This is a woman who changes her mind about an e-Liquid as often as she changes her shoes. (I can just see Julia coming in here to hit me on the head when she reads this ‘sexist’ remark about women and shoes. Hey, it’s true!) But this isn’t about Caramela or my wife, this is about something else…Mountain Oak Vapors - Chai Tea Latte Review by Spinfuel

High VG – Something new at Mountain Oak Vapors

MOV launched a new and growing line of what they call “High VG” e-liquids a couple weeks ago. This is a new line of Reduced PG e-Liquid flavors that contain natural, organic, and artificial flavorings. MOV has three e-liquids in the lineup as of now, and Chai Tea Latte is the first one I’ve tried, but hopefully not the last. The other High VG e-liquids are Tranquill-Tea and Strawberry Breeze.

While the specific ratio of the Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin is a secret, they do disclose that all three contain “at least” 60% VG and natural flavorings, though some might also contain artificial flavoring. Confused yet? The Chai Tea Latte contains “over 50%” natural flavoring. Now I’m confused…

In any case, these High VG e-liquids sound like a fantastic idea and I think they will go over extremely well. Personally, as long as the product is safe I don’t really care what the PG/VG natural/artificial ratios are. Safe and delicious, that’s my credo.

Chai Tea Latte e-Liquid

This is the official description of Chai Tea Latte from Mountain Oak Vapors:

Chai Tea Latte™ is a smooth & delicious blend of Chai Tea, Cinnamon Spice and creamy vanilla flavors that will satisfy your taste bud’s cravings. This flavor contains a high percentage of Vegetable Glycerin, and also contains over 50% all natural flavorings. If you’re a fan of traditional Chai Tea Latte’s then you cannot pass this one up, as the taste is simply spot on!”

Here’s what we know: We know that “Chai” rhymes with “pie”, so I bet a lot of you out there, like me, we pronouncing it “Chee”. I’m walking around all day yesterday going “Chai Pie, Chai Pie Chai PIE”… until everyone just wanted to smack me upside the head. Of course, when you say Chai correctly and add the word Tea to it, it sounds like “CI Ti” rather than “Ci T”. Go ahead, say CI T three times fast…not easy is it. As a matter of fact, Chai is the word for Tea in many parts of the world, so a couple of billion people might see this and think “Tea Tea?” and they’d be right, in their world anyway.

Chai Tea (CI T) is a spiced tea beverage from India, and it is made up of the following ingredients

  • • rich black tea
  • • heavy milk
  • • a combination of various spices
  • • a sweetener

I’ve had the pleasure of drinking real Chai Tea and it is marvelous. On occasion I have often partaken in drinking Chai Tea to embarrassing levels. I’m sure that people who drink Chai Tea everyday would look at me like I was an idiot, consuming a dozen cups of Chai Tea in a single siting, I suppose much like I would frown if I spotted someone drinking a dozen cups of coffee in a single sitting. “Uh oh, that’s not going to end well”…

Chai Tea e-Liquid Flavoring

It is remarkable what can be replicated as a food flavoring concentrate, and it is truly remarkable how incredibly close a good Chai Tea concentrate tastes compared to the real thing. Whatever or whoever is supplying Mountain Oak Vapors with their Chai Tea flavorings got it exactly right.

Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

Mountain Oak Vapors didn’t just concoct a Chai Tea e-liquid by mixing up some VG and Chai Tea flavorings. MOV carefully, and selectively added some cinnamon spice and their special creamy vanilla flavorings in such a way as to create an astounding e-liquid flavor. If I were the owner of Mountain Oak Vapors I’d have the secret recipe locked up in a safe deposit box in the biggest bank in town.  It is so far and away the best Chai Tea e-Liquid I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape.

I wouldn’t even venture to guess how they tweaked this recipe to produce such an incredible tasting e-liquid, and I can only hope they don’t ever change it. It is the “perfect” recipe.

Initial impressions

Okay, so the mailman, mail person who happens to be a man, delivers a thick envelope on Saturday afternoon and I notice the return address is Mountain Oak Vapors. Now, I was expecting something after receiving a cryptic email from a certain someone that simply read; “New juice coming your way tomorrow – hot off the press.” So, I wasn’t exactly surprised.

With no one here but me (it was a Saturday), I ripped open the envelope and anxiously looked at the label. “Chai Tea Latte”, and in an instant I was disappointed.  “Tea?” … But I let it pass. It was vapemail after all.

The “mix” date was May 30th, and I pondered putting it away for a week or so to let it age a bit, but seeing as how my wife used up the last of the Caramela I decided to go ahead and take the chance. Many of Mountain Oak Vapors e-liquids are ready to vape right off the mail truck; Caramela was one of them, so I figured I’d have a 50/50 shot at Chai Tea Latte being completely vapeable on June 1st.

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Describing something that is so profoundly delicious is not easy. Sure, I could say that the Chai Tea is smooth, creamy, with a hint of cinnamon and the creaminess of vanilla, all very true and accurate. But, unlike many e-liquids I enjoy Mountain Oak Vapors Chai Tea Latte is not only all those things, it has surpassed, for me at least, every other e-liquid flavor I have ever experienced before.

Silly things enter your head when you experience an e-Liquid that is so extraordinarily delicious that it cannot be held to the same standards of all the other e-liquids that you really like. Things like “I’m not sharing this with anyone!” or “Where can I hide it so that no one knows that I even have it?”  I’m serious, those thoughts ran through my mind and I consider myself to be on of the most unselfish people I know. Yet… I got possessive really fast.

I filled a 2.4ml clearomizer and attached it to a fully charged battery and snuck off to my private place, laid back with some soft tunes playing and vaped for 45 minutes. I vaped slowly, deeply, and I exhaled as slowly as I could manage. One of the great things about MOV’s Chai Tea Latte is that it is every bit as good going in as it is going out. There are many e-liquids that I vaped at one time or another that I don’t taste until I’m exhaling it, but with Chai Tea Latte the taste appears the second I inhale it and suck it into my lungs. That’s rare for me, very rare.

This amazing new e-liquid from Mountain Oak Vapors is so rich in flavor, so creamy, that it sends a rush of pleasure to my brain the second I start vaping it. And the flavor holds up all day. I haven’t experienced that point in all my vaping times… where the flavor seems to flicker out, or my brain adapts to it and the flavor disappears until I leave it alone for a couple of hours. With MOV’s Chai Tea Latte I continue to get the great, creamy Chai Tea Latte taste for as long as I can vape it.

So, okay, the bottom line is this; today is Wednesday. I’ve had Chai Tea Latte for 3 days and I haven’t vaped anything else. The bottle is empty and my clearomizer is down to fumes. I placed on order for four 30ML bottles on Sunday night and they shipped Monday June 3rd, via Priority Mail. I’m crossing my fingers it arrives today, if it doesn’t I’m back to something else until it does. Oh, and should you decide to give it a try you can save 10% by using JUNESAVE, that’s what I did.

Who Should Try Chai Tea Latte?

If you’ve seen other Chai Tea e-liquids out there and you’ve wondered about them but held off, Mountain Oak Vapors is the one you need to try first. I’m betting it will be the last one you try because where do you go after perfection?

If creamy vanilla and cinnamon spices mean nothing to you then maybe Chai Tea Latte isn’t for you. For Vapers that read “creamy vanilla, cinnamon spices” and see something delicious then all I can say is head there right now and order some because you’re going to love it.

Being as upfront as I can right now, Mountain Oak Vapors Chai Tea Latte is the best e-Liquid I’ve had since I’ve started vaping. Does that mean that all the others that I have enjoyed over the past 2 years mean nothing to me now? No, of course not. Variety is the spice of life, and there are many e-liquids that I really love, by several different vendors too. But right now, today, and for quite some time I’m sure, Chai Tea Latte by Mountain Oak Vapors will be my #1 e-Liquid. It just might be yours too.

John Manzione