Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Tank

This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed a ceramic tank from Ceravape. Ceravape designed, built, and released ceramic tanks long before ceramic tanks were cool, but because these previous tanks were MTL (Mouth to Lung) tanks, no one here liked them very much. Perhaps that’s the reason we are so incredibly impressed with the new CERABIS ceramic tank. Everything we didn’t like about Ceravape’s earlier ceramic tanks has been replaced with everything we do like about ceramic tanks. The Cerabis is downright remarkable.

Ceravape has been at the forefront of ceramic vaping technology far longer than the big boys. Though the company, it seems, hasn’t been huge fans of big clouds of vapor or using a DL (Direct Lung) style of vaping. Things change, and finally Ceravape has designed and built a tank our entire staff can get behind.

The CERABIS is available in Black and Stainless Steel colors for right around $40. We received both colors, and for this review I chose the black one. After the review period was over I kept using the Cerabis as my primary tank, though not my exclusive tank. I’ll tell you why near the end of this review.

Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPEThe Cerabis is a CERAMIC coil tank with a 4mL e liquid capacity, a top-fill system, and variable air-flow. It features leak proof and dry-hit protection, and is constructed with stainless steel and high-strength Nanometer ceramics. The Cerabis tank is also self-cleaning, which I’ll talk more about in the Real World Usage below.

The Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Tank (say that 3 times fast) is first and foremost a ‘Flavor Tank’. After a small period of break-in this ceramic coil system will provide the vaper with a clean, authentic, flavor from any e liquid in any PG/VG ratio. During the review period I used half a dozen e liquids, from 50:50, 70:30, and MaxVG, and they all performed excellently. However, just because the Cerabis is a flavor tank, don’t assume the clouds are few and far between. Using a MaxVG e liquid at 40-50 watts with the 0.8-Ohm Kanthal coil head, the Cerabis provides more than enough clouds of vapor. With its 0.4-ohm Kanthal coil head you can go even higher, to 50-60 watts and enjoy somewhat bigger clouds. I prefer the 0.8 coil head because e juice consumption is considerably less, and battery life is slightly longer.

Let’s Talk Ceramic Coils

The Ceravape Cerabis is a pure ceramic tank. The food grade ceramic coil system uses zero cotton, which is why self-cleaning is so effective and the lifespan of the coil head is months instead of days.

The Cerabis Sub Ohm Tank use a vertical ceramic build as its wicking material, made with food grade ceramic material. The Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPEcoil material begins as a powder and is then heated to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit (1260 degrees Celsius), which turns this high grade ceramic powder into a solid, yet porous ceramic heating element. This process is called “sintering”, and it makes the ceramic coil a much healthier coil over cotton wicking that is so prevalent in many coil heads now. A high grade ceramic wick will not throw off glass fibers or cotton particles while vaping with it, resulting in a better tasting, and purer vape experience. Naturally, if the user isn’t breathing in foreign matter being thrown off by the high heat it is a healthier way to vape, especially for those of us that enjoy Direct Lung vaping.  Like all other tanks, ceramics and cotton, drip a few drops of e juice directly into the coil.

Note* The melting point of ceramic wicks is higher than glass fiber and cotton wicks, making it much harder to create a burnt taste. It can happen, but it is difficult.

Cerabis Operation

Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPEWhat truly makes this ceramic tank unique is the use of a Push-Pull telescoping system. Simply put, when the Cerabis is in the extended position the glass chamber is visible and the tank is ready for use. When the glass chamber is hidden, by pushing down on the exterior of the tank, everything gets shut down. The e liquid flow ports, the airflow system, it’s all closed off, thus no leaking.

To fill the tank, it must be in this shut down position. Then, unscrewing the top cap will reveal large fill slots on either side. Fill the tank to just under the top, screw on the top cap, and pull up on the tank to reveal the glass chamber. When the tank is pulled up the airflow opens, as does the eliquid ports. Allow a few minutes to saturate the porous ceramic heating element and vape.

The Ramp Up time is not instant, no matter what you might have read or heard, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen by far. As with most ceramic tanks, save for the Horizon Krixus and its Tungsten heating element, ramp up speed is not as fast as wire/cotton coils. I’ve made it a habit to press the fire button for roughly a second before inhaling and it works just fine.

Coil Replacement

Despite the long life of the ceramic coil and the numerous times the user can dry burn the coil to clean it, there will come a time that replacing the long coil head has to be done.

In order to replace the coil, the user unscrews the base of the tank while the Cerabis is in its “Vape On” position (tank is extendedCerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPE to reveal the glass chamber) Once the user removes the base, the users pushes down the tank to close it and that movement pushes the coil head out, or dislodges the coil head. With a straight and steady pull by the user the coil head can be safely removed completely. Once out, the user pulls the tank up again to reveal the glass chamber, then places a new coil head in, screwing it to the base, then push down again to close the tank again and fill with e juice. Trust me, it sounds more complicated than it is.

Real World Usage

When I first laid my eyes on the Cerabis I was struck by its elegant beauty. The black color is a deep, opaque, black as night. It’s rich, luxurious color with gold letters and logo imprinted on the upper body of the tank. The wide bore Drip Tip is extremely heat proof, and its material is comfortable to use.

Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPECleaning the ceramic coil not only extends the life of the coil, but it allows the user to change e liquid flavors without having to replace the coil. Once cleaned there is no residue of flavor from the previous e juice. Note* Removing the coil head for the first time requires a lot of strength. So much so that I had to refer to the manual more than once because I was sure the coil head didn’t come out and there was another way to replace the inner ceramic core. But, with effort, it came off, and when I remove and replace now I screw it in hand-tight, and no more.

Cleaning the ceramic coil is done by using the Dry Burn method. I like to use 20-25 watts to clean my ceramic coils, but you can go as high as 30w. Set the device to 20 or 25 watts with the Cerabis in the extended (open) position and hold the fire button down for 2-3 seconds. Repeat 3 or 4 times to make sure all the remnants of the previous juice, and any residue that may have formed, is gone. Then let the tank rest a few minutes, refill, and go. As I said earlier, I used 6 different e liquids and cleaned the coil in this way each time. I never tasted the previous flavor in any of the changes. Alternatively, if for whatever reason, dry burning the coil to clean it isn’t something the user is comfortable with, the coil head can be run under cool water for about 30 seconds. Either way is fine, but I prefer to dry burn the coil.

During the entire review period, and after, I have experienced zero gurgling and not a hint of spitback. Vaping between 40-45Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPE watts was plenty with the 0.8-ohm coil head. Flavor was always stupendous, and vapor production was more than adequate.

To discover the real flavor properties of the ceramic coil head I used a favorite e liquid flavor in the Cerabis and two other tanks I use all the time, the Uwell Rafale, and the Crown. The flavor authenticity from the Cerabis was every bit as good as the others.

E Liquid Consumption was surprising. I’m used to vaping my way through almost 30mL a day, especially with Max VG juice, high wattage, and low resistance. The Ceravape Cerabis tank is very conservative about consuming e juice, a major plus for vapers looking to get more vape time with a bottle of e juice. Battery life is a little better, but because I was using my device at 40-45 watts, the extra life was maybe 5-10% longer.


Cerabis Ceramic Tank BY CERAVAPECERAVAPE CERABIS Tank is, in my opinion, one of the best sub-ohm ceramic tanks produced so far this year, and certainly one of the most unique. Unfortunately, you can expect to pay $35-$40 for one, but in my opinion it’s worth the price. Anytime you can vape without switching out a coil for a month or more the tank pays for itself in no time. I guess the reason I still use this tank a lot is because when it comes down it, flavor is vital for a great vape experience. The Cerabis provides me with all the flavor I want, and produces more than enough vapor to satisfy.

Because of the Push-Pull method of filling and refilling, I might not recommend the Ceravape Cerabis to new vapers just getting into the bigger devices and tanks. Perhaps a month or two after getting into the larger equipment it would make sense, but just starting out it might be just a little intimidating. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a Flavor Tank that provides ample vapor at the same time, the Cerabis is definitely a contender.


Tom: A+

Julia: A

Dave: A+

What’s in the Box?

1pc – Complete Cerabis Tank 0.8-0.9ohm
1pc – Replacement Full Ceramic Coil 0.4-0.5ohm
2pcs – Rubber cuffs
1pc – Spare O-Rings
1pc – User Manual
1pc – Gift box with anti-fake label