The Boundless CFX Vaporizer ReviewWith the vast number of vaping innovations forwarded by some of the best vape manufacturers in the industry, it’s an incredibly difficult task to make a name for yourself. Nevertheless, Boundless Vaporizers – which seemingly appeared overnight – took the market by storm, offering tremendous vaping power layered in sleek, avant-garde styling.

Often billed as the next generation’s vape company, Boundless Vaporizers lives up to its extraordinary reputation. A big reason for their sudden and massive success is their focus on consumer trends. While some elite manufacturers concentrate exclusively on technological innovation (and thus, price themselves out of the enthusiast market), Boundless instead keeps all of their product lines affordable for the vast majority of vapers.


Even their flagship model, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer, keeps true to this performance-to-value ethos. Offering an impressive array of end-user functions and conveniences, the CFX Vaporizer delivers rich, flavorful vapes at a financial entry point that won’t destroy your budget.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Whenever the idea of large-sized, portable vaporizers is broached, the iconic Storz & Bickel Mighty immediately comes to mind, and for good reason. Vape aficionados, industry analysts, and competitive vapers are full of high praise for the dynamic Mighty. If price is of no concern to you, the Mighty fits the bill perfectly.


Of course, for the vast majority of us, price is a major concern. Even if you’re extremely well-off, I would argue that price still matters. After all, a keen focus on the numbers and the economics is what made rich people rich in the first place!


That the Mighty is priced into the stratosphere (typically retailing for just under $350) makes the platform inaccessible for all but the most dedicated or endowed. Fortunately, Boundless recognized a tremendously lucrative opportunity – why not provide some of the best functions of the Mighty and offer it at a much more reasonable entry point?


Boundless certainly hit it out of the park with the CFX Vaporizer. Not only does it wield the core advantages of the Mighty – primarily, the oversized bowl and gobs of vaping power – it also adds distinct details of its own (hello digital interface!). As a result, the CFX is a more than a viable alternative to the Mighty.


Is it perfection personified? No. Irrespective of how you approach it, there’s no getting around the guttural fact that the CFX is priced more than 50% lower than the Storz & Bickel Mighty. Boundless would quickly go out of business if it offered the exact same performance as the Mighty, and retailed it at the current rate.


But given the reality of what Boundless is offering here with the CFX – a large-sized portable vaping experience at half the cost – this becomes quite an attractive option.

First Impressions of the CFX

Boundless has made a name for itself delivering world-class vapes for the everyday enthusiast and therefore, I was extremely eager to get my hands on their crème de le crème, flagship model. Here’s a spoiler alert for those that prefer to soak in the entire depth of a vape product review – the Boundless CFX Vaporizer did not disappoint!


Each CFX is packaged in a crisp, clean box, accentuated with the ridged patterns found on the ergonomic grip of the device. A bold, neon-colored “X” covers a third of the exterior package, signaling to you that you’re about to vape something truly special.


The first impression that you get upon the big reveal is discretion. Due to its signature, undulating “ridge lines,” the CFX resembles a handheld radio – the type that you always ignore until an emergency breaks open. Left on its own, and especially with the device turned off, the CFX shouldn’t attract unwanted attention.


Activated is a different story altogether. The generously-sized 1.7-inch OLED interface is an immaculately-constructed design, with the font easy to pick up, even in different lighting and at distance. Furthermore, vape enthusiasts who are also motorheads will love the racing-style tachometer display, which highlights the CFX Vaporizer’s incredible range of thermal ratings.


As an automotive enthusiast, I really dig Boundless’ unique touch here. You’re not going to find an interface like this in any other platform, so that’s a big plus in my book.


One aspect that potential CFX buyers should consider is its physical dimensions. At a little over 6 inches at the tallest and 4 inches at the widest, the CFX is small enough to be small, but it’s not exactly what you would call diminutive. This is where vapers will have to decide what attribute is more important. For maximum portability, the Boundless CF Vaporizer may be the best option.

All About the Vaping

At the heart of the CFX platform is its heating system, comprised of a ceramic heater and chamber, a medical-grade polycarbonate vapor pathway, and a wide temperature range (100F to 430F). Because of the inert nature of the ceramic composition, the true essence of your herbal materials are preserved. For the most part, the CFX offers a marvelous vaping experience. At the same time, vapers should be aware of key nuances.


Starting from the top, everyone can appreciate the rapid-fire operation of the Boundless CFX Vaporizer. In around 20 seconds, the device will hit any temperate up to 400F. This amazing capacity makes the CFX one of the quickest-activating vaporizers designed for conduction heating. Such swift deployment facilitates discrete vaping, which is an increasingly important attribute for the modern vaper.


Cloud chasers will love the CFX platform’s power, which effortlessly pumps out thick, robust vapors. Boundless advertises an isolated air path system for the CFX, and the vapors themselves are cool and smooth to the touch. However, it’s not the absolute best in flavor and enjoyment, and this is resultant from a small misstep in the CFX design.


The mesh screen within the heating chamber is prone to clogging issues. This was a prevalent problem with the initial version of the CFX. Boundless later incorporated improvements to the screen design. This solved many of the undesirable vapor path issues, but not all of them. Furthermore, the draw resistance is tad bit on the high side. It’s nothing that I would consider a deal-breaker, but vapers who absolutely must have low-resistance draws will want to keep this dynamic in mind.


What makes up for the vapor path issues is the precision temperature control system. As previously mentioned, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer runs from a lowly 100F to a staggeringly high 430F. This allows you to open up the full spectrum of tones and textures of your choice flavors.


The mechanics necessary to achieve your desired thermal ratings are quick and intuitive. The up/down buttons located to the side of the OLED screen are sturdy and comfortable to use. Additionally, the OLED emits a bright light that is easy to pick up, even in harsh lighting conditions. One thing to note is that in dark environments, the OLED can be quite blinding!

Cleaning and Maintaining the CFX Vaporizer

No matter how powerful or resilient, no vaping device can last indefinitely. In fact, it’s absolutely essential that it doesn’t. In order to get the best performance out of any device, regular cleaning and basic maintenance are a must. Additionally, the burning of waste materials could lead to harmful effects.


Luckily, the Boundless team made the CFX Vaporizer easy to field strip. As a result, most of the components are easy to access and clean. The conspicuous drawback, though, is the stock screen. The screen can easily get mired in burnt materials and other unwanted residue. Utilizing the CFX kit’s included brush performs a competent job of cleaning the screen; however, you’ll want to make sure you do this soon after your session is over. Otherwise, the residue will stick to the screen, making your job much more difficult.


The overall maintenance process isn’t particularly onerous. But potential CFX buyers will want to understand that the immediate requirement for frustration-free cleaning does impinge upon its portability. If you’re at home, the process is a relative non-issue. But when you’re at the office, or especially on a long road trip, drawing through multiple chamber loads without brushing out the screen and chamber can result in significantly higher draw resistances.

Boundless User Conveniences

For what you pay, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer has an exceedingly generous array of features and functionalities. Many, if not most vapers will agree that battery life is easily one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not to buy a particular vaporizer. After all, no one wants to reach for a quick session, only to discover that the battery capacity is zero.


With the CFX device, you’re far less likely to run into such problems. Integrating dual internal 7.4V 2,500 mAh lithium-ion batteries, this bad boy churns out enough juice for approximately one hour of continuous vaping. Even better, with the included AC adapter, the CFX can be fully charged in about 30 minutes, give or take a few.


The CFX can also be recharged using the vaporizer kit’s included USB cord. Be aware that going with this convenient approach comes with the drawback of extended time to replenishment. Depending upon the magnitude of battery depletion, a full recharge could take up to three hours.


An important attribute of the CFX is intuitiveness. Even for vape newcomers, this platform is incredibly easy to use and operate. For instance, the mouthpiece is attached to a swivel design which swings out for quick material loading. Moreover, the heating and vaporization process is accessed via two large, sturdy buttons located to the left of the OLED interface.

Vaporizer Review - Final Thoughts about the CFX

The ultimate impression of the incredible Boundless CFX Vaporizer is money, money, money. Not only do you save a huge chunk of it by going with the CFX, as opposed to the ultra-premium Mighty, you also receive tremendous value. The Boundless platform has plenty of power: an 80W heating element will attest to that. Indeed, such power is unprecedented in a portable vaporizer. Additionally, the CFX offers multiple end-user conveniences.


I’m a firm believer in the intangibles that a vape device delivers. While objective performance can never be denied, it’s important for many vape enthusiasts that their device evokes a positive, emotional response. In that regard, I truly dig the interface of the Boundless CFX, and not just for its intuitive conveniences. It simply resonates cool, and this adds to the subjective enjoyment of the vaping experience.


As you can expect, the CFX produces rich, textured vapor, especially for a primarily conduction platform. This powerhouse hits hard, like a Conor McGregor uppercut. Both cloud-chasers and flavor-lovers should find great appreciation for what the CFX can pound out.


At the same time, we also have to discuss limitations. Stacked against the Mighty in terms of pure performance, the CFX’s shortcomings are apparent. Although the CFX has no shortage of power, its conduction process is less refined than the Mighty. Thus, the vaping purist may find the Boundless device to be somewhat lacking.


In addition, vape enthusiasts of all persuasions usually aren’t big fans of internal, non-replaceable batteries. The CFX is backed by a two-year warranty, which is somewhat of an industry standard. Still, the default rigidness of the internal battery makes the CFX less-than-perfect for long-term portable vaping.


Having said all that, it goes back to the money. If Boundless offered the CFX at the same entry point as the Mighty, it’s difficult to overlook some of the drawbacks of the vaporizer. However, price is a major concern for most vape enthusiasts.

Where it Counts…

What the Boundless CFX lacks in absolute perfection, it more than makes up for in an overall vaping experience. Just as importantly, the extra savings can go towards your choice-flavor investments. Now, that’s value.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Boundless CFX Specs, Features, Contents

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Features:

20 Second Heat Time

Large HD Screen

Dual Internal Lithium-ion Batteries

Micro USB Charging Port

Magnetic Mouthpiece Connection

Vibration Notification System

Wide Temperature Range

Five Minute Auto Shutoff

Isolated Air Path

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Specifications:

Dimensions: 4in x 3.25in x 6.25in

Weight: 1.20 lbs

Compatibility: Herbs

Battery: Dual internal lithium-ion

Voltage: 110 V


CFX Vaporizer Kit Includes:

1 x Boundless CFX

1 x Waxy Chamber

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Stir Tool

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Wall Charger

1 x CFX User Manual