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Vaping Marijuana Versus Smoking Marijuana - Spinfuel VAPEMarijuana is a resurgence in today’s modern world. Insanity, violence, and sadistic tendencies were are all associated with hemp’s use decades ago. Today, it is considered medicinal, recreational, and healthy. With further studies, marijuana not only is an excellent source of fiber, but is also a good source of medicine. In fact, many people today are attempting to grow their own cannabis plants, in states where doing so is legal of course. That being the case, we discovered this valuable piece on doing just that. We found it to be a great way to do it right:   The Beginners Guide on How to Grow Weed at Home in 10 Easy Steps

Cigarettes, on the other hand, are on a steady decline as vaping becomes the new trend. Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or other related devices.

Vaping is way healthier than traditional cigarettes since a lot of chemicals are absent in the apparatus. These chemicals often smell bad and leave smokers smelling like burnt paper or ash.

What if you could combine both the advantages of vaping and marijuana? Is it even possible? Yes, it’s is very possible. A lot of vaping devices have individual capabilities that turn cannabinoid oil into vapor. In fact, Whoopi Goldberg is a celebrity who uses a vape pen to smoke marijuana. She says that the effects of marijuana ease her from stress.

A lot of people nowadays, often want to go from smoking pot to vaporizing it. There are a lot of advantages to this practice, here are some of them:

Long Term Health

 A lot of studies suggest that smoking marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer due to the absence of some chemicals that are present in a cigarette. Even so, one thing is for sure: Smoking is not good for the health.

Even if it is marijuana, lighting a joint or a simple combustion of the dried up leaves still produce toxins and tar which are known lung irritants. These toxins cause a wide variety of illness. Chronic bronchitis is by far the most common.

Vapes or Vaporizers were used mainly to overcome this hazard without cutting back on the marijuana used. Vaporizers heat the marijuana at a much lower rate which still enables the production of the active ingredients such as cannabinoids. Toxins, tar, and other harmful chemicals are left behind.

Vaping, compared to simply smoking marijuana, removes 95% of the smoke. Terpenoids also have increased numbers while vaping. Terpenoids are compounds that protect the lungs from irritation.

Well Being

Ever get that feeling of short breath after a good smoke? It’s not anxiety or any psychological sense, but that is due to smoke that is inside the lungs. Vaping also provides cleaner ways to enjoy cannabis. It also provides a sense of legitimacy, because a person who uses a joint is more likely to get drug charges compared to a user who vapes cannabis.

IncognitoVaporizing Marijuana Versus Smoking Marijuana - Spinfuel VAPE

 Although some portable vaporizers still produce a distinct smell and vapor, most vaporizer pens are in a way more “stealthy.” Even if the smell of marijuana is present, smoke production is at a minimum. If a vape uses oil or wax, then the more it is hidden in public. These vapes are very useful in public gatherings such as concerts.


A lot of people will say that vaporized marijuana will taste like burned popcorn. That is most probably true because extreme temperatures will burn not only marijuana but everything as well.

Using vapes will increase the flavor notes of cannabis. Vaporizing is a lot more like cooking. Get the right temperature, and be rewarded with delicious flavors. Burn it wrong, and it will yield that ash-like taste and texture.

Marijuana Potency

Due to the purity and concentration vapes produce, a user will surely get much more of a high than the standard joint makes. Also, a vape pen’s mechanism is sure to get the right temperature to retain those all-important compounds needed to get a fix.

Marijuana is Cheap

Vapes often burn less of the oil needed to get high. Due to this reason, people often get to save more on buying. Duffs, or leftovers from previous vaping can be used to get a similar high. The taste and quality aren’t that great, but at least no material is wasted.

The Takeaway

No doubt that a plant dubbed in the past as the Devil’s Bush is garnering more and more positive results in today’s modern medicine. Marijuana can have a lot of advantages and uses. For a lot of people, the usage of marijuana is often not met with high standards. It is usually lit, smoked, and afterward, thrown away.

With vaping, there is certainly less waste and more times to enjoy cannabis. It yields a cleaner yet more potent high for the people who want this type of experience. Always remember though, that too much of a good thing is bad. Learn how to regulate its use and always think of the positive reputation that people are trying to get for responsible marijuana use.

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