With so many amazing regulated devices on the market, I sometimes wonder why purists continue to vape unregulated Mods – especially those with so many “moving parts,” like Squonkers. But the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna makes a strong case for simpler, albeit less predictable performance.

This absolutely gorgeous stab-wood (stabilized wood) Squonker brings together two of the biggest trends in Vape Mods – stabilized wood and bottom-feeding squonk ability – in a stunningly simple and high-performing device. The Luna isn’t quite perfect, but it has definitely gotten more use than I ever expected when it first arrived. Let’s take a closer look…

AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk 80W BF Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE


Like I’ve mentioned countless times since receiving the Luna, the thing is stunning. Stabilized wood is a popular material for a reason, and my red and blue speckled test Model immediately became one of the most striking devices in my collection. With just enough aluminum alloy to offset the stab-wood, the Luna is both beautiful and durable.

Because the Luna is an unregulated squonk Mod, there’s little else to discuss. The wonderfully pliable plastic squonk bottle sits inside a cutout at the bottom of the side panel, easily accessed by a thumb or ring finger, depending on your grip.

Some minor grievances and concerns – the bottom battery door uses an antiquated flush “screw cap” design, which does its job, but it isn’t smoothly threaded or easy to do when out and about. Plus, as a single-18650 device, you can expect to be swapping batteries quite often.

Another concern is the Luna’s magnetic squonk bottle door, which is a nifty idea, but the door itself comes off, rather than sitting on a hinge. I FULLY expect to lose this piece more than once, as mine kept coming off my jeans pocket. I appreciate not having to re-seat my battery every time I fill the squonk bottle, but the two-door approach is poorly implemented.

Finally, the flush, concave fire button is awkwardly located on the top of the front panel, rather than in a more natural position above the bottle opening. If the button was larger, firmer and protruded a bit, it might be easier to access. But in this format, I struggled to operate the Luna in a natural grip, and my finger slipped more than once when firing.

The button itself isn’t TERRIBLE, but when compared to the stunning stab-wood and aluminum frame, the plastic-like offering doesn’t instill much confidence, either.

Operating the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Sqounk Mod

As an unregulated (well, semi-regulated) vape Mod, the Luna has no screens, no menus, no options or special features, save for some protection measures. And those protections are indicated by a tiny LED light flashing scheme that all-but-requires users to keep the manual handy. To its credit, it works well and doesn’t take away from the simple aesthetic, but the nervous guy in me wanted more reassurance from the device.


During my time with the Luna, I repeatedly tested the Mod for both low resistance and low battery warnings and noticed that the Mod continued operating for a short while after the light began flashing, rather than shutting down completely to protect the user. They eventually deactivated once my finger stopped pressing the fire key, but it’s worth noting for those who are hyper-sensitive about safety.

I have no doubt the circuitry has safety in mind, and I didn’t experience any problems with the protection suite, but keep these considerations in mind when shopping, and whenever you use an unregulated vape device.

But the Luna IS easy to use. The 6ml squonk bottles are made from a sumptuous, gel-like plastic that makes squeezing a breeze, no matter which finger you’re using. And as long as you don’t overfill them, you’ll enjoy a dummy-proof vape experience.

Of course, you’re going to have to refill these bottles, and that’s where I ran into trouble. Even with the side opening and bottom access door, the bottles were a bear to remove. I found myself having to pinch squeeze the bottle to slide it off. This, of course, led to unintended squonking which either flooded my RDAs or leaked out the tube as we moved the bottle out of the device.

Over time, the vise-like grip loosened, making it easier to slide the bottle out of the Luna. But far too many milliliters of juice were lost – and far too many paper towels wasted – cleaning up after these incidents.

As mentioned earlier, the awkward button placement made firing more complicated than needed. And the button just didn’t feel good when firing. But there were no misfires, so I suppose this comes down to a matter of preference.

Vaping the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Mod

Considering the Luna is rated to max out at 80 watts, and has just one primary functionality, I expected the vape to be pretty straightforward. I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful and smooth as it was.


First off, once the bottle quirks worked themselves out, the Luna’s squonking performance was outstanding. Using the new Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ as my primary RDA, the gentlest of presses filled the deck with the perfect amount of e-liquid. I never found myself over-squonking or having to struggle to work air through the tube. It was flawless, from first drop to last.

The Luna is also pretty powerful for a single-18650 mechanical setup. Though I’ll never know exactly what the output was, I almost felt the Mod adjust itself when changing coils, never once overpowering a coil, regardless of resistance. My low-ohm builds ramped quickly and powerfully, while my higher-resistance coils delivered appropriate power levels. I wasn’t expecting much, but the Luna delivered no matter what atomizers I threw at it.

As a single-18650 device, the Luna tends to go through battery power pretty quickly. Because of this (and the difficult battery door) I don’t recommend bringing the Luna for a long day out. But at your desk, the battery life shouldn’t be as much of a concern.

Of course, as battery life waned, the Luna sometimes felt a little underpowered. But this is due to the nature of unregulated devices, not the Luna specifically. I wish AsMODus considered using a 20700 or 21700 cell here, to extend power a little longer. Not a deal breaker, but not exactly Modern standards, either.

Wrapping up, and Score

How does the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk Mod Rate?

Despite many of my concerns, I still cautiously recommend the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk Mod. Though the battery door is poorly designed, the magnetic bottle door is prone to getting lost, and the squonk bottles too difficult to remove/replace, the smooth, potent vape is simply too hard to ignore.

If you’re in the market for a gorgeous, unique, simplified vape, you should definitely consider the Luna. While the lack of “Modern” readouts and amenities doesn’t appeal to me, I can see a lot of vapers genuinely enjoying this simple, powerful squonk box.

Score: B-


AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Features:

  • UL-80-JX Chipset
    • Power Output Based on Current Battery State
    • 80W Maximum Output
    • 27A Output Current
    • 3.3v to 4.2V Output Voltage
    • 0.1 to 3-ohm Atomizer Range
  • 6063 Aluminum Chassis
    • Stabilized Wood Body
    • Bottom Feed Bottle
      • 7ml Maximum Capacity
      • Magnetized Bottom Feed Door
  • Single 18650 Battery Powered
    • Tool-less Battery Door Cover
      • Pull up Tab
    • Battery Sold Separately
  • Single Button Control Face
    • Oversized Firing Button
  • LED Light Indicator
    • LED Will Flash Green When Battery is Installed Correctly
    • LED Will Flash Red Five Times When Battery Life is at 3.3V
    • LED Will Flash Red if the Atomizer is Short
  • Reverse Polarity Protection/Under-Voltage Protection/High Resistance Protection/Thermal Protection/Over Voltage Protection/Low Resistance Protection/Short Circuit Protection

AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Includes:

  • One AsMODus Luna 80W Squonk Box Mod
  • One Extra Squonk Bottle
  • User Manuals and Warranty Card