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Alternative medicine has been around for quite some time, but it’s become popular over the last few years. The reasons that Americans take advantage of alternative treatments vary from high deductibles for traditional medicine to wanting to try other routes for an illness that traditional medicine isn’t taking care of.


Whatever the reason, from CBD oil for sale in health shops, and online vendors, to acupuncture, these health solutions work for many. If you’ve been considering one of these methods of health care, but aren’t sure which would be best for you, read on below for a few of the different types of alternative medicines and treatments you should consider.

Alternative Medical Treatments You Might Not Know AboutAcupuncture Treatments


Acupuncture is one of the more popular types of alternative medicines out there today. However, the practice itself is over 2,500 years old and originally started in China. Acupuncture is based on the idea that the body has patterns of energy flowing through it, and that by inserting acupuncture needles into certain energy spots on the body, they can bring pain relief to a patient and even relieve stress. It’s also used to combat nausea from chemotherapy treatments for many patients.


For pain relief acupuncture can be a godsend.  Others say it’s a placebo effect. The biggest positive to acupuncture is that it has very few side effects, unlike many traditional medicines.


Chiropractic Medicine 


In 1895, Dr. D. Palmer brought back a man’s hearing while adjusting his spine, or so the rumor goes, but that rumor has never been confirmed. It IS where the practice of chiropractic medicine began.

This type of medicine operates under the belief that the nervous system affects general health.

Much can be said for chiropractics as an  alternative medical treatment. Patients report it helps them with everything from headaches to extremity conditions.  Some patients have reported negative effects as well.


Energy Therapy Treatments


Energy therapy is another type of alternative medicine that uses energy from the body to relieve stress and tension. This treatment is the art of clearing the human energy field of cellular memory, which then promotes relaxation and balance of health. Designed to promote healing, natural growth, and a cleansing of the spirit, energy therapy is quickly gaining popularity in the alternative treatment industry. If you have a block you’re trying to break through, an energy therapy session can release suppressed emotions without you having to relive the stressful event that caused the energy block to begin with.


Reiki as an Effective Alternative


Reiki is a lesser-known treatment, but effective all the same.  A Japanese Buddhist developed the treatment in 1922 by. It’s a palm healing technique that transfers healing energy from the practitioner to the patient, therefore, healing them. This technique is based on the idea that humans all have life force energy that keeps them alive. Stressed? Tired? Sick? Your Life Force is low. Reiki has no side-effects, and it just might do the trick.


Herbal Medicine Treatments


Herbal medicine is becoming extremely popular and is a dietary supplement that consists of capsules, tablets, fresh and dried plants. People mistakenly believe that if a medicine says it is all-natural, it’s okay to take.

Allergies must be considered when using herbal remedies. Herbals have not proven to be effective. proceed with caution.

These are just a few of the alternative medicines and treatments you should look into if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional medicines. Just remember, do your research carefully first.