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4 Eliquids, 4 Vape Devices, 4 Days…  In nearly every review we post, I mention something about “the review process.” But you know what? It’s time we lift the veil and break the fourth wall. Truth be told, there’s not much to the review process … other than using each and every item 100 times harder and more relentlessly than any normal vaper. (Especially when its a “team review.”)


But that doesn’t really paint the picture. Instead of trying to explain it in a few sentences, let’s walk you through my usual weekly testing routine, featuring some of the newest items to cross our desks in the last few weeks.

4 Eliquids, 4 Vape Devices, 4 Days...

Day 1

Banana by FRYD - 120mlMost people dread the mail on Mondays, because that’s usually when the bills tend to show up. But not me – instead of angry envelopes full of angrier demands, I open my door and find my weekly box of vape mail. This is a particularly good shipment, with a nice variety of mid- and high-wattage mods, a few tanks, and a boatload of top-tier e-liquid from some really good companies. Score!


Also in the box is a letter from my editor, assertively demanding reviews and feedback within a few days of receiving the shipment.


(So much for not receiving angry mail on a Monday.)


Since my marching orders were set, I figured it was time to dive in. A few belts of black coffee and a low-carb waffle later, I was ready to tackle any product in the box. The first device – the Sigelei Chronus Baby Mod Kit (with the Shikra Baby tank in tow) was the canvas. And the intriguing FRYD Banana e-liquid was the medium. It was time to create some cloudy art.


Right out of the gate, I have to send a shout to FRYD, and a warning to anyone who might pass on this stellar e-liquid because of the simple name. Don’t be fooled by the one-word moniker – FRYD Banana is actually a ridiculously rich, smooth banana, butterscotch, cream and graham cracker blend, with a strong hint of vanilla pulling up the rear.


In other words, every good moment of your childhood … ever … bottled up into a potential all-day vape. Just when you think the combination of sweet on sweet might get too sticky for extended use, the banana notes actually brighten the exhale, cleansing the palate for another draw.


Maybe that’s a little too much hyperbole for one day’s experience. But while I don’t know if FRYD Banana holds up as a long-term vape flavor, I have enough confidence to recommend you try it, then get back to me.


Likewise, we’ll have a full review of the Chronus Baby Mod and Shikra Baby tank when the time is right, but suffice it to say the 80-watt, integrated battery setup was more than enough to empty the “baby” tank’s 5.5mL capacity in record time, with no dry hits or off-flavors to be found. And this is even with the ample airflow fully open – the flavor never wavered here, and sub-ohm enthusiasts should have this on their shortlists when it comes time to add to the collection.

Day 2

Pye Liquids Butter Pecan Toffee

Butter Pecan Toffee by Pye Liquids - 60mlAfter waking up to an early morning text from my editor, demanding 2,500 words on why JUUL pods aren’t responsible for climate shifts in Finland, I decide to get back to what I do best. Today’s pairing? Pye Liquids Butter Pecan Toffee and the all-new FreeMax Twister 80W mod kit.


I was particularly excited by this combo. Not just because I have yet to try a FreeMax vape mod, but also because I HAVE tried the amazing Fireluke 2 Mesh sub-ohm tank and I wanted to do it again. Pen-style mods might not be my “thing” but there’s always exceptions to the rule, and if any tank pairing is going to sell me on a mod, it’s this one.


Today’s liquid of choice is new to me, as well. I’ve tried plenty of toffee-style juices over the years, usually to little fanfare. But I walked away from this particular Butter Pecan Toffee blend pleasantly surprised.


Toffee, as it turns out, is a tough flavor to capture, mostly because of the slightly burnt nature that makes it so much more than just sugar. Pye Liquids manages to evoke those flame-torched notes, while maintaining the buttery smoothness that’s at the heart of the flavor. On the finish, I got the full effect of the pecan and even a hint of pie crust, completing a complex, layered and very satisfying juice.


A lot of the credit has to go to the Fireluke 2 tank, which utilizes its M-series mesh/wood pulp cotton coils to full effect, even on max VG juices. I juiced the tank several times, and noticed the flavor only got better as the day progressed. Not only was the coil amazing, but I also found myself really enjoying the tank/mod combo, which was surprisingly potent and hard-hitting, even with the throwback dial knob setup. Who knows though? That might be why the Twister is so reliable and frugal on battery.


No Freemax tank stays full for long, but it’s nice to see a kit that can last through a good chunk of the day without sacrificing performance. If you’re considering a pen/stick-style mod for your growing arsenal of vape gear, definitely check out the FreeMax Twister kit before laying out those credit card numbers.

Day 3

Drizzled by Drip Vault

My third day with this latest shipment started with a series of emails from my editor (all of which would have curled the hair of everyone in human resources) demanding 4,000 words on why vaping will soon be banned in Antarctica. When I express Drizzled by Drip Vault.some logistical concerns, he emailed me an MP3 of a dial tone. (ed note* this is true…)


But I couldn’t stay mad at him, mostly because of Day 3’s testing combination – the mighty Dovpo Topside Dual top-fill squonk mod, and a pretty righteous dessert vape.


Putting aside the obvious “Topside,” “Drizzled” and “Drip Vault” adult-entertainment jokes, I think I’m going to be spending some cash on more of this rich e-liquid. It’s too soon to say how long I’ll appreciate it as an all-day vape, but Drizzled brings to mind the most sinful ice cream sundae you’ve had since childhood, right down to the subtle waffle cone notes that come on the exhale. It’s not a unique flavor combo, but it’s the best representation of it I’ve had in a while, and a testament to just how good some of today’s premium e-liquid manufacturers have become.


Part of this has to be credited to the Topside Dual squonk mod, which builds on the original’s promise, all the way to 200 watts of power, long-lasting battery life, 10mL capacity bottle, and near-flawless performance, with just about any BF-RDA.


Long story short? Those hollow, single-battery squonk boxes are starting to look a little dated these days. The Topside Dual is a big reason why.

Day 4

Lemon Berzerker

Lemon Cake BerzerkerBy the fourth day of testing, I woke up to find my editor actually standing on my porch, waiting for the reviews to be completed. And he didn’t seem too happy about his unplanned 4-hour commute from New Hampshire. A cup of coffee calmed him down, but he seemed a little upset I wouldn’t let him stay inside while I finished up. You’d think he’d be used to New England winters by now.


Anyway, I saved my final product-liquid combination for last… and for a reason. Lemon cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite flavor profiles – not just in vaping, but in every aspect of my life. Yet, as a diabetic, I don’t get to eat it anymore, making my palate AWFULLY critical of any “pretenders” trying to pass off a lame mix of store-brand cake and furniture polish extracts as truelemon cheesecake.


Thankfully, Rockt Punch is up to the task. Its Lemon Berzerker isn’t an overly complex flavor, but it’s done well, with a nuanced blend of tart lemon and rich cheesecake, and a graham cracker undertone that doesn’t come on too strong at the end. I’ll definitely need more time with Lemon Berzerker before making a final judgment, but considering I’m already two tanks into the bottle, there’s a good chance it makes my year-end shortlist.


The same can be said for the unexpected Famovape Vector sub-ohm tank. This new entry from a relatively unknown company doesn’t really reinvent the sub-ohm wheel, but it doesn’t really have to, thanks to rock-solid performance and some deep flavor, to boot.


If my editor wants it (after thawing out) I’ll bring you a full report of the 5mL capacity, resin-accented Vector in an upcoming review. But I can say with confidence that it held its own against some much bigger vape tank names, and warrants your attention if you’re in the market.

And that’s (more or less) how life goes for the average vaping industry reviewer. Regardless of how many times you’ve heard about red carpets and swank nightclubs as part of the gig, it’s really not all that glamorous. But it is rewarding, especially when a few choice products come along that help remind you why vaping is great, and why things are only getting better.


Now, if you don’t mind, I have a few thousand more words to write before Monday rolls around and we do this all over again.