The Mt Baker Vapor e Juice Review


Spinfuel Choice Award 2013UPDATE:

January 10th, 2013 – e Juice review – Mt Baker Vapor has garnered nine (9) Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence in eLiquid Artistry. The Choice Award is given to individual flavors that have earned across-the-board praise for flavor, consistency, vapor, throat, and more. For more about the Spinfuel Choice Award Click Here. This is Spinfuel’s 1st of 4  e juice review for Mt Baker Vapor.


Spinfuel Choice Award

The history of Mt Baker Vapor begins like many other eLiquid companies: starting out as a DIY juice mixer, sharing with friends, selling to friends, launching a website and finally going pro. eCigarettes are a new product; American Made eJuice is even newer. Like a handful of other juice makers, Mt Baker Vapor is a trailblazer, offering Vapers a better vaping experience. Mt Baker Vapor has succeeded where so many others have failed; they built a business through hard work and good products.e liquid review

Our review consists of several selections (a mere fraction of the currently available 198 flavors!) from Mt Baker Vapor, which we believe represents the wide range of their eJuice, from the single-flavor juice to the more complicated two or three flavor ejuice. e juice review

Why Mt Baker Vapor?

Our e Liquid review come from suggestions we receive in email from our readers, as well as from within. When a staff member discovers a new eLiquid or a new-to-us eLiquid brand we will make a note of it and bring it up in the next meeting. In the case of Mt Baker Vapor a friend in the industry suggested it to us. After we checked them out at as well as a few forums or other online sources we decided to invite them to be reviewed.

Our motivating factor to review Mt Baker, beyond the suggestion, was the sheer number of ejuice flavors and the price point. How can you sell a 30ML bottle of eLiquid for $7.49 when all those around you sell 30ML bottles for $13.99-$19.99? “Surely Mt Baker must take some shortcuts in order to make profitability”, we thought. Doing our ‘due diligence’ we began the vetting process and learned that Mt Baker Vapor did indeed have a stellar reputation and had plenty of fans on all the eCigarette forums. But the price? We really have no genuine reason or explanation that would explain why they are able to offer their juice at such discounted prices, but one thing we do know is that Mt Baker Vapor makes high-quality juice. Perhaps it’s nothing more than wanting to offer the vaping public a less expensive product. I’d like to believe that, so I will. e liquid review

The eJuice from Mt Baker Vapor is superb in its consistency and the scope of flavors offered. Some of our staff has already adopted Mt Baker Vapor as one of their permanent eLiquid vendors and plan to reorder time and time again, and at the prices they sell 50ML bottles of eJuice the hit to pocketbook will be much lighter.

Mt Baker Vapor Particulars

Mt Vapor Baker offers more options for the end-user than we’ve ever seen in a while. They have a staff of 9 people trained in making eJuice and filling orders, and we believe this large staff is the reason they are able to offer as many options as they do and still maintain fast delivery times. Frankly, the sheer number of options is pretty astonishing and their ship times are remarkable.

Website – The Mt Baker Vapor website is a neat and orderly site, but it doesn’t appear to the public as an eLiquid website. A first time visitor would not get the impression that Mt Baker Vapor was an eLiquid creator ‘first and foremost’. Instead, the website gives the impression that Mt Baker Vapor is a hardware vendor that happens to make (or rebrand and resell?) eLiquids. e liquid review

Clearly the owners of Mt Baker have their reasons for laying out their website in this fashion, but unlike other eLiquid brands we’ve reviewed here in these pages, their eLiquids take a backseat (on the website). This is unfortunate.

Bottle Sizes – Right now, as we write this, Mt Baker offers a 15ML bottle for $4.99. According to the website the ‘normal’ price is $7.99 for a 15ML bottle, so even without the 10% Spinfuel Discount Coupon (see below), this current sale is an excellent time to stock up, and we mean stock up hard, on some of their excellent juice. (We’ve made some suggestions below for first time customers)

Mt Baker Vapor offers 15ML, 30ML and 50ML bottles. Anytime you can pick up a quality eJuice for $10.39 in a 50ML bottle you should. If you want to pop over right now, before finishing this review, to pick up a few 50ML bottles before they realize the price is extremely LOW, we suggest picking up Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Upside Down, Graham Cracker, Bananas Foster, Coconut, and East Coast Tobacco. So go ahead. We’ll wait right here. You can pick up where you left off. Tick Tock…

Okay, while you wait for Mt Baker to mix each of your bottles (one by one), you can now finish the review; you just may discover some other flavors you’ll want to add to your order. Now where were we? Oh yes!

Nicotine Strengths – 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36mg/ml are available. We can only speak to the 1.8% (18mg/ml), and with a 1.8% nic level delivering a really good throat hit the 24mg/ml and 36mg/ml must be wicked.

Ratio Options – The “House” blend is 80% PG and 20% VG, but you can request 100% PG, 100% VG, 50/50, 20/80 PG/VG and VG at 70%, Distilled Water at 30% (for people with allergies/sensitivities to PG). Our usual mix is 70/30, but we’ve had no issues at all with their House blend of 80/20.

Flavoring Options – We did not ask for extra flavoring for our reviews, but you can. Up to 5X the standard amount of ‘flavor drops’ for just 25 cents per “shot”.

Flavor Choices

The flavor selection was chosen by our team after looking through all the available flavors on the Mt Baker Vapor website. Unlike previous reviews we were instructed by Mt Baker Vapor to choose the flavors instead of having them choose the flavors for us. That worked out wonderfully well and it is something we will consider from here on out. (Although there are 2 other brands in the wings today so that will have to happen afterwards)

In order to get a full representation of their product line we chose the following flavors. (15ML bottles, 80/20 PG/VG ratios with 1.8% nicotine)