How to promote your Youtube channel and monetize your content without waiting for enough views under each of your videos 

Partnering with YouTube has become a career for many bloggers, but everyone should remember that this is not the only way to make money on this platform. Initially, it may seem that nothing else will bring the same stable income – perhaps there is some truth in this, but what should those people do who are still growing and growing up to this most profitable number of views and subscribers? They also have a chance to realize their ambitions on YouTube: all they need to do is get the first few hundred subscribers and start attracting the attention of small and medium-sized brands. What is the point?

How It Works with YouTube

How it works with the YouTube partnering program: huge brands and companies offer Youtube to show ads to all users of the platform in order to earn money and make collaborations. YouTube agrees and offers bloggers (people who upload videos) to put ads at the beginning and in the middle of their videos so that their viewers can see them. But to be sure that these commercials will be viewed a certain number of times (this is the main requirement of the brands that give these advertisements to Youtube), they will be offered exclusively to those people who already have a certain number of views under each video – that is, they have proven their worth.

Gaining Traction by Reaching other Channels

And everything is quite logical, but this excludes from the game a huge number of small channels that would also like to find earnings on this platform, simultaneously communicating with their audience. But, fortunately for such users, there are a huge number of small local and global brands that will be happy to offer them their advertising directly, without the mediation of Youtube. Commonly, such brands have their own channels with their representatives, or pages on Instagram and Facebook, for example, and it is through them that you can contact them. Yes, it is necessary for you to contact them, because the ambassadors of such brands do not always manage to cover all the channels that could help them in advertising.

Speeding up your YouTube Channel’s Growth

But is it possible to contact them with nothing? Of course not: you must have a base of a certain number of subscribers who will help you prove to other people (and advertisers) that your channel is worth it. Let’s say even a few hundred followers are enough for you if you want to advertise a local institution or shop, but if we are talking about something more global, you need to take it further. And if you don’t have time to wait, or have a desire to start managing your business from the very beginning of your channel’s existence, you can significantly speed up this process by taking advantage of the chance to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Getting and Keeping Real YouTube Subscribers

The pack of purchased subscribers will become the very base that is needed to communicate with brand representatives. And there is also a small bonus – if you will be able to buy real YouTube subscribers, then you may also be able to get views, likes and comments in addition to them (that is if your content is good enough for people who will subscribe to you for a reward from the PR company to want somehow participate in the life of your channel. But, by the way, this happens quite often).

And if you want to achieve the best results and buy not only subscribers, but also likes, comments and other features in addition to them, then this way you can significantly bring up the moment when Youtube offers you a partnership. Combining cooperation with small brands and bloggers and partnership with YouTube will give you the best and stable income that you could have online thanks to blogging. It’s definitely worth striving for and it’s definitely worth investing in if you have a goal to work remotely and have a creative profession.

Start Small and Start Smart

But if you are at the beginning of your journey, start small and buy the first package of subscribers, which will allow you to get closer to cooperation with local companies. Of course, success lies not only in buying paid services, but also in working hard on your content and staying in touch with your audience. This way you can not only increase the audience, but also retain people, which is not so easy to do, given the number of competitors in the niche of video blogging on Youtube.

Update Regularly and Promote

Do not try to buy everything at once, it will look as unnatural as possible and can greatly damage your reputation in the eyes of other bloggers, advertisers and, most importantly, your existing audience. You need to try to make the promotion as natural as possible and attract attention not only by the growing number of subscribers, but also by constantly updating (regular!) content that will favorably distinguish you from other video bloggers. If you don’t know how to do this, take one consultation with a social media manager, he will help you develop your own concept and set guidelines for what you can do authentic in your sphere for your viewers.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

If you do everything right, you will be able to monetize your content from your fifth to tenth video, which used to be something unimaginable for video bloggers in the earlier times. The main thing is to make enough effort in cooperation with people and with those companies that may be interested in working with you. Show them your statistics, your increase in followers and views, tell them exactly why you can submit their product in an interesting way – and the collaboration is in your pocket (and the first earnings, of course). Proceed slowly and thoughtfully, good luck!