John Manzione Talks To Will Cohen About The Vape A Vet Organization

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One of the best charities in the vaping community is the Vape-A-Vape organization. Helping soldiers  any way we can is something every citizen should want to do. They (our soldiers) are on the front line of keeping America safe, and as such deserve not only our respect and undying gratitude, but our financial and emotional support as well. That’s why Spinfuel eMagazine fully supports the efforts of Vape-A-Vet. We have pledged our help, our money, and our hearts to this organization, and you should too. (not that I’m lecturing folks), so please watch this short video interview with Will Cohen, share this video with everyone you know, and most of all, visit and do what you can to help.

Spinfuel will be coordinating our efforts with in the near future. Not only to raise awareness, but to conduct activities that will make sure every vet that uses tobacco will have the opportunity to make the switch to vaping without any startup cost. I’ll keep you all posted about developments as they happen.

EMAIL WILL COHEN – [email protected]


After having smoked cigarettes for over 15 years, Will Cohen had switched to electronic cigarettes and knew the health benefits and wanted to share that with everyone he knew.  In July, The Vape a Vet Project became a registered non-profit corporation and recognized 501(c)3 charity based in Phoenix.

The primary focus of the project is to help Veterans “conquer” tobacco habits by providing healthier alternative at no cost to them.  This focus is reflected in their motto; “Helping Veterans Conquer Smoking.”
From the very start The Vape a Vet Project committed itself to doing things the right way, by having an outspoken 100% commitment to transparency between the project and any vendors, supporters, or individuals working with or interested in Vape a Vet.  The Vape a Vet Project receives donations of equipment, e-liquid, and supplies from generous vendors nationwide and distributes those items to its clients.

In addition to donations the Vape a Vet Project raises money by sponsoring monthly vaping meetups and raffling off items donated specifically for that purpose.  No items donated are ever sold, and The Vape a Vet Project is staffed entirely by volunteers who have chosen to partake on this mission without compensation.  Even the founder refuses to take a salary so that they can provide as many free kits as possible.  And since their inception in July 2014, numerous Veterans have already been served and to date every single one has made the transition successfully.

We strive every day to not only get rid of a habit that kills millions of people, but also find a way to be healthy and happy ourselves.  In electronic cigarettes we have found that opportunity, and are driven to share the health and happiness we have found with the men and women of the armed forces of this great country.

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