Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Team Spinfuel

People smoke weed , get stoned, in order to chill out and spend all their time contemplating the grand scheme of things. (Well, I do anyway)

In those moments of being ‘high’, it helps to have something nearby to play around with. Anything too complicated can be too imposing on your predisposed brain. Microsoft says that the average attention span of a person is less than a goldfish’s, which is 8 seconds to be precise— and much less if you are stoned. A person who is stoned out of his wits won’t understand the philosophical rhetoric that plays out between Rick and Morty.

And those video games can be a little… too interactive because you need optimum dexterity levels to constantly move your hands and think on the go. Instead, something more simple, more stimulating, is the need of the hour.

So for all of us who love to fly high as a kite SmokeSmith Gear have come up with a list of these weird websites which bring ‘high life’ into perspective. They offer just the right balance— you are stimulated enough and you don’t have to think too hard.

Let’s get started.

Get Stoned and Visit Ana Somnia

A word of toxic weirdness awaits any stoner who decides to enter the dream world fabricated by Ana’s subconscious. Things can get rather creepy because Ana’s sub-consciousness easily gets under your head. But navigating her room as she sleeps (we know… creepy) can make for a stimulating experience whilst taking a hit through your bong. If you have a webcam, the highly interactive webpage actively reacts to the ambience of your room.

Get Stoned and Visit and Talk to  CleverBot 

Conversations with this bot can spin out of control. At times, its answers will shock the very stoner out of you, jolting you into hyperawareness as you begin wondering why it knows so much about you. Of course, then the not-so clever bot says something stupid and you realize that it’s just a costly algorithm designed to stimulate human consciousness.

I Love You Like Fat Lady Apples

Who doesn’t like stuffing a bunch of apples into an overweight middle-aged fat lady? Observe as she tosses apples down her throat like timber eats wood, only pausing momentarily to chew the apple and to swallow it. Then she begs for another apple with her outreached pointy hand, and then another, then another.

Get Stoned and Watch Some

The sheer randomness of this website will make you feel right at home. It’s just what every stoner needs— mashing away at the mouse button to sift through the most random selection of videos ever. Isn’t that the point of being stoned out?

Get Stoned and Play a Game at  Zoom Quilt

You can’t trust your super baked legs to carry you around town, but you can still navigate through the world with Zoom Quilt. The best part about this interactive game is that it is never-ending. You might just continue to interact with it for eternity or until you snap out of your drunkenness.


In much the same way that your experience with bong can’t be described on a piece of paper with words, words cannot describe this game. One moment you’re driving a jet plane through its head, the next you’re firing a loose cannon off the top of its brain. This “head” is surrounded by an ominous blue color with lots of random weirdness taking place almost spontaneously.

Eel Slap

The world’s best slap simulator with a set of real human animations. All you have to do is navigate your mouse pointer to control an eel as it rolls across the screen to slap this poor person. It is so precise that you can actually make out his eyes as they squint once the eel gets close enough. You can even see the eel’s slime rubbing across his whipped cheeks, as the gooey juices fly off the screen.

Pointer Pointer

Somewhere out there, someone with a lot of free time on their hands decided to give their hobby a real professional makeover. Pointer, if the name confuses you, is about a random collection of pictures where at least one or two persons are pointing their fingers at something. It couldn’t get any simpler than that really. They could be pointing at you, at someone outside of the camera’s field of vision, at a cat, or at each other.

Get Stoned and Roam this Revolving Internet

Revolving Internet does exactly what it’s supposed to. It helps you navigate the internet like a normal browser, with the added difference that your screen will rotate all over the place. It mimics the extent of your euphoric high. It’s impressive what tech can do these days.

Get Stoned and Play THIS Game  Lacquer Lacquer

This game will test your patience just a tiny bit more than the other websites on this list. You’ll have to carefully move your mouse pointer to paint all of the five nails before moving on to the next set of paint. It can get a little frustrating when you miss that one pixel on the screen and have to go back paint it.