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When you walk into a cannabis dispensary for the first time, it helps to know exactly what options there are for strains that are available. Walking into a dispensary and hearing words like sativa or indica or hybrid can be confusing. Add things like terpenes and names like Green Kush or Girl Scout Cookie and a newbie to the scene might find their head swimming, or flashing back to the late 60’s/early 70’s. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a state where cannabis is legal for ‘recreational use‘ or in a state that allows ‘medical cannabis‘, the number of dispensaries are quite different, but the cannabis strains, and other cannabis products, are essentially the same.


In order to avoid looking as though you’ve never been in a dispensary before, whether its because you’re young or old enough to never dare imagine legal cannabis, the knowledge of the different kinds of strains come in, especially the for cannabis strains that most people are talking about, comparing notes, and bringing home for their own uses, is vital so that you leave with the right strains and/or CDB/THC products. While it’s true that nearly every dispensary store in recreational or medical cannabis states have websites that offer up a lot of information on cannabis and it’s benefits, they even have an ordering menu, it’s best to know at least the top dry herb strains being used. One such medical cannabis dispensary in New Hampshire (NH is a medical only state, MA is 7 minutes from our offices, where down there the state is a recreational state)

This is where Spinfuel VAPE and GotVape come in, to offer up some tips, and to talk about the top 5 strains for 2018. This article will also go into these different strains of cannabis and their typical effects. That way, you’ll know what your local budtender is talking about, and have an idea of what you can expect from the cannabis you purchase. And believe us, every budtender takes their job every bit as serious as pharmacists. If you’re 50 years old, or older, prepare to have your mind blown when first walking into a legal cannabis dispensary. The days of sneaking around and buying impure cannabis (cut with almost anything to make it more powerful)  from a neighborhood dealer are over. Legally grown and properly cultivated cannabis is safe, effective, and beneficial for so many modern ailments that come from living in this high-pressure, high-tech world. It might take another decade for all 50 states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, but rest assured it is coming.

As you gain confidence and experience while learning, you’ll definitely want to fill your dry herb vaporizer with one of these top strains for 2018. Though this article today speaks to the best strains we see in 2018, as you gain experience you’ll want to know about cannabis oil concentrates and waxes as well. There are hundreds of devices on the market now, with more to come every week, made not only for dry herb vaping, but for cannabis oil and wax as well. But for now, we’ll stay with dry herb cannabis.

Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2018 - Spinfuel VAPE

What Are Cannabis Strains?


On your first trip to a dispensary, your budtender might ask you if you prefer a sativaindica, or a hybrid. What does this mean, exactly? Pay attention, there might be a pop quiz after this.

Here’s what you’ll need to know

The cannabis strains “indica” and “sativa” first came appeared in the 18th Century to differentiate between two different varieties of the cannabis plant– cannabis sativa, first introduced to the nomenclature by Carl Linnaeus, described cannabis plants in Europe and western Eurasia where it was primarily cultivated for its fiber and seeds. Cannabis indica was given to us by Jean Baptise Lamarck, describing the psychoactive plants found in India, which were still used for seeds and fiber, but also in the cultivation of hashish.

Although science has really found no evidence for the differences in effects between cannabis strains sativa and indica or even hybrid strains, their supposed effects are so deeply ingrained in cannabis culture that it is worth going over. Keep in mind, science cannot tell us why anti-depressants work, and so many other so-called ‘medicines’, but the fact is they do work. Properly cultivated cannabis strains do have different effects, or abilities, that’s just the truth.

(Believe me, there are definitely certain strains that offer different ‘effects’. Working 12 hours days with a person suffering debilitating chronic pain, I can assure your certain Indica strains relieve his pain tremendously, while others make it impossible for him to work at all – ed.)

  • Sativa – These plants are tall and narrow-leafed. Sativas are thought to be energizing and uplifting. Sativa strains pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and productivity.

  • Indica – These plants are generally short and broad-leafed. Indicas are generally thought to be sedating, which is good just before bed or when you need to just chill.

  • Hybrid – May take on properties of either an indica or sativa, depending on the parent strain. These tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum of uplifting or sedating, again, depending on their parent strain.

CBD or THC Dominant

While indica or sativa might not be determinative of how the strains will affect a person, there is one way to tell. Ask your budtender if the strain is CBD-dominant or THC-dominant.

THC-dominant strainswill give you a euphoricexperience. They are also used by patients seeking to treat pain, depression, anxiety, and nausea .CBD-dominant strains usually have a very small amount of THC, so there is little-to-no psychoactive effect. These strains are good for people who are sensitive to THC or need non-psychoactive relief for their symptoms.

Cannabis cultivators are always trying to breed the next big strain. They give them names, which can describe the buds themselves or the effects. Sometimes the names are given based on their flavor and aroma profiles.

Here are the Top 5 cannabis strains you want to put in your dry herb vaporizer in 2018.


Indica and Sativa Strains at a Glance

Comparing the effects and usage for indica and sativa strains

Although every cannabis strain will have nuanced effects on the mind and body, indica and sativa categorizations can help in determining just how a strain’s “personality” can present.

The Effects from indica strains are largely in the body of the user, though with hundreds of hybrids now available, they differ tremendously when it comes to exact effect profiles.

Indica strains are said to be





Many cannabis consumers look to the indica-dominant strains to manage physical recovery times, or other chronic issues like pain. Indicas are preferred for nights spent at home, perhaps watching a movie or, better yet, binge-watching Netflix or Hulu. Putting it another way, indica strains are used as a way to disconnect from the high-pressure world around us. I prefer calling it a way to go off-grid.

The amazing relaxation effects are excellent for unwinding from a long day at the office. Some of the heavier indicas are perfect for sleeping. They can help to clear the mind and allow the user to physically fade into a nice, deep sleep.

Sativa cannabis strains, on the other hand, tend to foster their effects on the mind, giving the user a more “cerebral” effect.

Sativa strains are said to be:





The ‘euphoric’ effect produced by sativa strains often inspire deep and meaningful talks between friends or even strangers where common ground is easily found.  They can boost creativity, which is one of the reason it’s often suited for daytime use or in social situations. Because of its uplifting effects, sativa strains used as “medical marijuana” are best used by people having difficulties with mood stability like depression and anxiety.

White Tahoe Cookies

Indica Strain

Created by Kush Breakfast, this plant is a sedative variety, made from breeding The White, Tahoe OG, and Girl Scout Cookie. It produces a happy and relaxed effect, good for treating stress, insomnia, and pain. It can also help to a lesser extent depression and inflammation.


Hybrid Strain

Symbiotic Genetics, a rising star in the cannabis community brought us this combination of Clementine and Purple Punch. It produces a mid-level buzz with an uplifted and focused effect with a bit of relaxation. It can help with feelings of fatigue and depression as well as cut through pain so you can get your workday done without feeling sluggish. Keep this in your dry herb vaporizer to take hits when you need it.

The Vision

Hybrid Strain

Bred by Archive Seed Bank, this strain combines Lemon OG from Ohio with Do-Si-Dos to create a euphoric and arousing effect. On the medicinal side, it can treat cramps and pain well and can be deeply relaxing. This might not be the best strain to vape when you don’t have a bevy of munchie foods nearby as some people have reported cravings for things like Cheetos dipped in Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Seriously…


Indica Strain

Packed with THC, this strain was brought to us by Exotic Genetix. Coated with resin and a colorful combination of purple with orange hairs, it has a sedative effect that relaxes but can also focus. Great for insomnia and stress, Tina might be the go-to strain after a long day at work when you just need to relax or as a nightcap to get to sleep. (Note* John Manzione’s current favorite – ed.)


Indica Strain

This strain is a collaboration between the creator of OG Kush, Josh D and Karma Genetics. By breeding Tahoe OG Kush, Triangle Kush, and Biker Kush, they have amplified the best qualities of each. This produces a sedative, relaxing high. You might want to have good company to enjoy it with as it’s said to produce some talkative effects as well.


The above cannabis strains are just a few of the many new strains for 2018. If you’re an experienced cannabis user you probably have your favorites as well. These 5 strains are definitely getting the bulk of attention right now, and with good reason. While cannabis use is certainly suitable as a replacement for heavy alcohol drinking, or more powerful recreational drugs like cocaine, and prescription opiates, it is infinitely safer, non-addictive, and even beneficial. And for those that need relief from chronic pain, anxiety disorders, insomnia, IBS, and dozens more medical ailments, choosing the right strain is vital for the best results.

Ask your local budtender about some of their personal recommendations for strains that might work for you, and don’t hold back when discussing exactly what it is you want to seek relief for. Lastly, don’t forget to ask about concentrate oils and waxes for your vape mods. Dabbing, e-rigs, e-nails, and others terms used in the world of legal cannabis can be sought out when you’re ready.


Michael wrote the bulk of this article, and he is a marketing and creative content specialist at with  a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined with healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points. Dave Foster, a contributor to this article, and the managing editor of Spinfuel VAPE, has been studying cannabis for about a year, and has just begun his journey a few short months ago.