Vape Forward Vaporflask Stout Review

Today I review the Vape Forward Vaporflask Stout, a truly excellent box mod, and the 2nd in our ongoing reviews for all four Vape Forward products. Upcoming reviews for Vape Forward products include the Vaporflask Classic, and the excellent VF Atomizer, a sub-ohm tank I’ve been using more and more. The Vaporflask Stout is available in Black, White and Silver, uses a single 26650-battery (comes with an adapter for 18650 battery) and outputs a maximum of 100 Watts of power with the WISMEC Temperature Control chipset.  While most WISMEC products look and feel like high quality products, the Vape Forward devices are a notch above the WISMEC standard. Like the VF Lite and VF Classic, the VF Stout is a box mod that looks, feels, and performs like it was made by a top American manufacturer. At just $89.99, the VF Stout is, in my opinion, a bargain.

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About Vape Forward

Vape Forward used to be known as VaporFlask. VaporFlask made the decision to abandon the Evolv DNA chipset line and partner up with WISMEC, a company devoted to producing excellent devices under their own brand and to build partnerships with the talented designers that might not have the resources to realize their best ideas. This business model has been extremely successful for WISMEC and the chosen few that have built relationships with WISMEC. Vape Forward, Beyond Vape, and Jay-bo are all designing and producing some of the most exciting new products for the vape community.

Charlie Kauss, Founder of Vaporflask, has built a team with both original and new personnel and immediately went to work to rebuild the Vaporflask line and expand it, the result of which are products that exceed the original Vaporflask while carrying a more aggressive pricing structure. A true Vaporflask device is now within reach of the majority of vapers.

With the Vape Forward team now having considerable resources at their disposal, the first products point to a very bright future. Resources permit the Vape Forward team to build outstanding vaping devices of quality, and at price points the original VaporFlask just couldn’t offer. We can expect more of that in the coming months and years.

The Vaporflask Stout

Vape-Forward Vaporflask Stout Review – Spinfuel eMagazine Tom McBrideThe Vaporflask Stout accommodates a 26650-battery, and with an amperage output of 35a+ can handily reach the 100W threshold without breaking a sweat, providing the battery is what it claims to be. The problem with any battery, but particularly the 26650’s is the claims made by the manufacturer, and whether or not the battery is a fake.

China has a tendency to overstate the amperage as well as a mAh rating, so if you use a 26650 and you can’t quite reach 100 watts under load conditions, it’s not the fault of the Stout. With overstated claims and counterfeit batteries more prevalent then we may want to admit, do some research on the vendor and the manufacturer before making a purchase, and then cross your fingers and hope for the best. I picked up a couple of eFest 40A 4200mAh (purple ones), and so far I’ve had good results. This battery runs about $13-$14 a pop, and if you can get one that isn’t counterfeited you’ll like it for the Stout.

If you don’t have a 26650-battery, or you don’t want to use a 26650, you can utilize the included adapter sleeve to wrap a high-amp 18650-battery. You won’t reach a 100 watts, but you may get 75-80 watts under the right conditions. Here again, buying an 18650 battery is a crapshoot.

Design and Function of the VF Stout

The design of the Vaporflask Stout chassis is ergonomic and designed around the 26650 battery.  The StoutVape-Forward Vaporflask Stout Review – Spinfuel eMagazine Tom McBride has a rounded body that tapers into the front of the device. It has a solid feel while holding it, yet it still feels compact even with smallish hands. That rounded backend tucks into the crux of your palm adding stability and comfort.

The wattage range is 1 to 100W, with 1w increments. Full WISMEC-style temperature control is at the heart of the Stout, with full support for Ni200 (Pure Nickel), Ti (Titanium), and SS (Stainless Steel) coils, and runs the range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accessing the battery is accomplished by a simple hinged magnetized, swing-out door, making battery exchanging simple and efficient. The front face is on the thin side of the Stout, and features a Stainless Steel firing button, the OLED display immediately underneath, followed by vertically aligned adjustment buttons and finishing up with the USB port. The display and the buttons on the face of the Stout are highly polished and very high quality.

Feature Highlight of the Vaporflask Stout

 Upgradable Firmware

The latest Firmware upgrade is V2.00. It adds the TC-SS (specifically for SS316 coil) and TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) modes, which can change the resistance range to 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes. This also allows you to manually adjust the TCR Value.

Manual TCR

Vape-Forward Vaporflask Stout Review – Spinfuel eMagazine Tom McBrideFirst and foremost, the Vaporflask Stout includes manually adjustable TCR values. This feature is beginning to show up on newer WISMEC, Joyetech and even eLeaf devices, and it’s a nice inclusion on the Stout.

With the Vaporflask Stout in the off mode (click fire button 5 times to turn off), press and hold the fire button and down button for 5 -6 seconds and you will see the Stout’s remaining battery voltage.

Then, still in Off mode, press and hold the ‘up’ adjustment button and ‘fire’ button you’ll see the remaining voltage and a 4-digit number. This 4-digit number is used to set the TCR value for the wire you’re using. Say you’re using Ti (Titanium) wire, which has a value of 0.0035, you can use the M1, M2, or M3 preset to hold the TCR value of 0350. Once you’ve set the TCR value you can click the fire button 5 times to turn the Stout back on, then click 4 times to access the temperature control menu. Click the ‘up’ button and cycle through to the preset you want.  Choosing the correct preset puts the Stout in the correct TCR mode for the wire you chose to use. The Stout has 3 memory presets so you can also set the TCR for Ni200 and SS.

Like the other Vape Forward Vaporflask devices, the Stout also features Bypass Mode. This basically sets the Stout as a mechanical mod, but a regulated mech mod.

Lastly, the Vape Forward Vaporflask line, including the Stout, features all the safety protections found in modern mods, including Low voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Low resistance protection, Reverse battery protection, and Low battery warning.


The Vaporflask Stout is sleek, compact, and affordable. This is a mod that doesn’t disappoint. I will admit that Vape-Forward Vaporflask Stout Review – Spinfuel eMagazine Tom McBridethe three Vape Forward Vaporflask devices are very similar when it comes to the internal electronics and build materials. Making the decision on which one is right for you depends on your power needs and aesthetics. I chose to review the Stout for just one reason; the rounded wide backend of the Stout fits inside my palm like it was made for me. I like the body designs of the other two, and would be perfectly happy with either one, but the Stout is the one that feels best to hold. I did not choose the Stout because of the 26650-battery, although I do use one in it, nor for the 100W of power. The 26650 will add some weight that the 18650 doesn’t, but it’s not enough to be a factor. As for added battery life with the 26650; it is better than the 18650, but not ‘earth shattering’ better.

Grade: A+

Recommended for all type of vapers, including newbies and advanced. The $89.99 price tag makes it an affordable choice, and the build quality is phenomenal.

Tom McBride

Vape-Forward Vaporflask Stout Review – Spinfuel eMagazine Tom McBrideOfficial Features and Specs of the Vape Forward Vaporflask Stout

 1 to 100W Output Range

    • 0.1 to 3.5-ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • Upgradeable Firmware
    • Wismec Designed Chipset
  • Three Mode Temperature Control Output
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • Stainless Steel Support
    • 0.05 to 1.0 ohm Resistance Range
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bypass Mode
    • Fires Battery Voltage
    • Mimics Unregulated Output
  • Trim and Compact Chassis
    • Ergonomic and Slim
    • Fits With Curvature of Hand
  • Three Button Control Face
    • Signature Vapor Flask Rounded Firing Button
    • Adjustment Buttons Align With Face
    • Micro USB Port
  • Wismec Display Screen
    • Two Line Organization
    • Output Power
    • Output Temperature
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Voltage
    • Battery Life Indicator
  • Single 26650 Battery Powered
    • Magnetic Swivel Battery Cover
      • Hinged for Easy Access
      • Radial Vent Hole Design
    • Battery Sold Separately
  • Stainless Steel 510 Thread points
    • Gold Plated Spring Loaded 510