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Having had the pleasure of reviewing Vaporetti’s eliquid offerings  (REVIEWS) I am once again fortunate enough to share my thoughts with you today regarding three new flavors, two of which have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Espresso Italiano, Lemon Drop Cake, and Marano Tobacco. All three flavors were generously provided by Vaporetti for the purpose of review, and arrived in 24mg strength (just the way I like it). No information was available to me, at the time of this writing, regarding PG/VG ratios, but I will do my best to estimate those based on the liquids’ appearance.

Sizes and prices for Vaporetti V-Drops are as follows:

10ml: $7.99

30ml: $16.98

Nicotine strengths available are: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

As you can see, the 30ml size actually provides the greater value for your money, with a 10ml going for roughly $0.79/ml, while the 30ml goes for closer to $0.56/ml. And with these liquids, I just cannot think of any reason not to go big.

Each of these liquids was vaped on the iTaste SVD from both X.Jet Spider clearomizers packing 1.8-ohm atomizer heads, and from the Kidney Puncher Long-Barrel dripping atomizer with 1.5 ohms of resistance. In both types of AD (atomizer device), the power output was 8.5 watts.


The presentation of Vaporetti’s V-Drops eliquids is very, very nice, from start to finish. In the FedEx envelope I received, I found first the usual plastic bag in which Vaporetti separates the various items of an order — in this case, the three flavors of V-Drops and a small army of clearomizers and cartomizers.

The three boxes of V-Drops had their own plastic bag to separate them from the other items — handy! Removing the three eliquids from the bag, I found that each was contained within a very stylish black box bearing the name Vaporetti, a logo depicting a Pegasus, and under that, the words, “V-Drops – Premium.”

A momentary aside, which I will probably repeat in the conclusion: This is a premium brand; by every yardstick I use to measure an eliquid.

Removing the 30ml bottle from its individual box, I continue to be impressed with the presentation. Each 30ml plastic bottle is transparent and features two things that absolutely satisfy me as a conscientious long-time vaper:

First, the label: A white label with classical typeface in black announces “Vaporetti Premium E-Liquid” and, under that, the bottle size and nicotine strength — but moving beyond what should obviously be there, where the label really impresses is in the breadth of information it provides, as well as how cleanly and legibly it provides it.

Turning the bottle counterclockwise, a warning is provided regarding nicotine and contact with children or pets. Turning the bottle back to upright and then clockwise, we find not only a list of ingredients but also a “best by” recommendation and a lot number with a born-on date.

Next, lest I overlook mentioning this: have you ever had a plastic eliquid bottle that you practically needed a hydraulic press to get enough pressure on it to get it to drip its lovely, tasty contents into your AD? You don’t with Vaporetti’s. No need to stand on the thing to generate enough pressure, or find an elusive and unmarked “squeeze spot,” either. I have to tell you, that is one welcome change from what I’m used to.

Finally, one more incredibly thoughtful touch is the type of dripping appliance Vaporetti’s bottles use — the long, thin type that makes it incredibly easy to fill the atomizing device of your choice with this eliquid. The presentation of Vaporetti’s offerings shows that they take a lot of care and pride in how they present themselves and their products.

Espresso Italiano – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!ESPRESSO ITALIANO VDROPS

Let’s take these in alphabetical order, and begin with Espresso Italiano.

Vaporetti Says: Strong, dark and rich, our Vaporetti® Espresso V-Drops™ bring you all the notes of a deep shot of espresso, melting warmth over your tongue with a delightful yet slightly bitter aftertaste and an aroma that will make you feel like you are standing in an Italian coffee bar shouting for another “Caffé’!” Perfect way to morning vape.”

In hue, this liquid is a deep, deep brown, though it remains clean and clear in consistency. Based on its quick and nimble movement in the rotational test, which is doable in the bottle, I would guess that the PG/VG ratio on these liquids favors PG pretty strongly, perhaps as little as 60/40 or as much as 70/30.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The nose on this is powerful Espresso with just a hint of cream and sugar. I don’t detect the bitterness that Vaporetti’s description indicates when it comes to the nose; instead, I get just a whole lot of dark, dark Espresso — and not just “coffee”, but honest-to-God Espresso.

Vapor output from this stuff is really interesting, and it’s part of the reason I estimate the VG ratio to be only around 40 percent, but definitely not as little as 20. The visual output of the vapor isn’t big, but it is dense. Flavor carriage is also pretty potent in the vapor; but without the slightest hint of tobacco —and an overwhelming Espresso scent —, you won’t have to worry about vaping this around nonsmokers/nonvapers. You might get complaints from people who don’t like the smell of Espresso… but if such mythical creatures as that actually exist, I have yet to encounter one.

If you’ve had Espresso and you know what that Espresso punch in the brain feels like, you’ll love the throat hit on this. It isn’t shocking, exactly, in its abruptness and power, but it’s damned close to that. You won’t have to chain vape to get satisfaction from this liquid when it comes to throat hit — you’ll feel every drag.

Now, while I didn’t experience any bitterness on the nose of Espresso Italiano, I do get that, rather than the ‘sweet’ perception I got from the nose, when it comes to the flavor. As one of those daring individuals who like a double shot of the strongest stuff I can get, I can tell you with no small measure of authority that Vaporetti has nailed that flavor with this liquid.

Frankly, as authentic an Espresso flavor as Vaporetti has achieved here, I almost feel let down that there isn’t caffeine in this stuff. As it is, this liquid is just amazingly good.

5.0 Stars

lemon dropLemon Drop Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!

Vaporetti Says: Ciao Sole! Hello Sun! Tart and tangy, bright and yet cool with just enough sweetness to let you know this is dessert, Signores and Signoras! Lemon drenched layers of cake and filling are sunshine on a plate, or in a vape actually, when you choose our Lemon Drop Cake V-Drops™! Inhale and you can almost feel the sun’s rays warming your skin as the lemon flavor and scent envelops you! Nothing is fresher than a limon and what better way to enjoy it than in our tasty lemon cake flavored V-Drops™!

In hue, Lemon Drop Cake is a mild bronze, clean and clear. Shaking produces mild bubbles that tend to fade quickly. The rotational test shows it to be of an even, smooth and nimble consistently well in line with both Espresso Italiano and Marano Tobacco.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The nose of this one is redolent of yellow cake with a strong vanilla note, while — very, very subtly — lemon can definitely be sensed, though it does seem to be lurking far in the background.

The vapor from Lemon Drop Cake indicates that it shares the same moderately PG-heavy ratio that’s evidence in the rest of Vaporetti’s lineup. Low-volume but high-density vapor output is the order of the day, which I personally like better than the opposite — I find it hard to be impressed by exhaling vapor for a solid minute but having to doubt whether or not I really saw it.

The Throat hit from Lemon Drop Cake is a different beast from that of Espresso Italiano — it feels much more gentle, though no less present — because of the flavor, to me it feels more like swallowing a bite of cake than anything. Soft yet solid, and so satisfying without playing rough. That’s probably the power of suggestion for you.

The flavor is just a delight, and I’m saying that as someone who isn’t a rabid devourer of the real, solid article. There’s a lot going on with the flavor of Lemon Drop Cake, from the overt to the subtle, and that’s the mark of a really well crafted flavor.

Right up front is that yellow cake — and I can absolutely taste that that’s what kind of cake it is, too. A little bit buttery, a tiny hint of a bread-like note — and then there’s the vanilla icing, creamy and rich… but then, right on the exhale, there it is — a delicate, tangy lemon, like it was just waiting for the others to finish before tying all the rest together.

I hate to do this twice in one review, but it’s my sincere opinion that Lemon Drop Cake absolutely earns…

5 Stars

Marano Tobacco – New!

Vaporetti has no description available for this liquid at the time of this writing.

Marano Tobacco. When I got this one, I was sure that this would be the only one to achieve 5 stars. I’m getting ahead of myself. In hue, Marano Tobacco is actually identical to Lemon Drop Cake, that same vivid bronze.

As with Lemon Drop Cake, the ‘motion’ of this liquid in the rotation test shows it to be extremely nimble. It leaves only light but extremely even layering, which speaks to excellent purity and consistency.

It does one thing, however, that I don’t find myself comfortable with, as regards the appearance and motion. It lingers. To be fair, all eliquids do that — however, Marano Tobacco does it, for some reason, longer than most. Minutes after having done the motion test and set down the bottle, the interior of the bottle all the way up to the dispenser tip was still a yellowish color with a film that had been left behind by the liquid’s passage.

I shook all three liquids to check how long the liquid would linger near the top — and confirmed that the Marano Tobacco took at least 30 seconds longer to clear than the other two. My hope is that this simply indicates a higher percentage of VG in this specific liquid.

The nose on Marano Tobacco is a very interesting affair. It’s nowhere near as “present” as it is with the two other liquids — additionally, although it’s definitely a cigarette or perhaps cigar tobacco profile I’m picking up, I really can’t tell which of the two it is. On one sniff, I’m thinking, “Camel” and on the next, I’m thinking “Captain Black.” In addition, I’m detecting a “nutty” character that has me thinking this may be a cousin to a 555 profile. But with a more authentic tobacco component than most 555s I’ve encountered, it is excellent.

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The vapor on Marano Tobacco tends to support my notion that it may have a higher VG content, because it’s both denser and more voluminous. But, like its siblings, it does carry a powerful yet brief scent, so be discreet when vaping this in environments where smoking is prohibited. The scent will be noticed.

Finally, the flavor. Ah, the flavor on this. It really delivers on the promise of the nose — but more so in vividness than in presence. On the inhale, there’s a distinct loose-leaf tobacco flavor — not quite cigarette, not quite cigar, but somewhere right in the middle ground between the two. It’s not quite as ‘crisp’ as a Virginia Brightleaf, nor quite as burly as, well, Burley.

Then, on the exhale, that initial flavor combination is joined by a gentle taste of Coumarin and just that hint of nutty character I sensed on the nose — but unlike the 555s I’ve vaped in the past, what I get with Marano isn’t peanut but a slightly savory walnut with that whisper of bitterness at the very tail end.

Overall, this is a very satisfying take on tobacco; yet that faint whisper of bitterness coming in at the end of an overall dry and non-sweet tobacco profile may or may not be a crowd pleaser.

4.75 Stars.

Recommendation & Conclusion

Would I recommend these three flavors? You bet I would. There’s something in just the three liquids I tested here for everyone. To the java lover? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better one than Espresso Italiano anywhere at the prices Vaporetti’s asking for. To the dessert lover? Lemon Drop Cake has it all — warm, buttery cake; sweet, creamy vanilla; tart lemon, and all done with a wonderful, delicate subtlety that’ll have you counting calories. And for the tobacco lover? If you have a soft spot for loose-leaf or 555 variants, and if you don’t mind just an atom of bitter in the mix, you’ll like this.

Overall, Vaporetti absolutely earns the appellation of “Premium” for their liquids. It’s a hard club for brands to get into, where I’m concerned, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re in.

John Castle