Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

XtremeJuice, the name given to the eLiquid line sold by Vaping Xtreme, is something new to the staff of Spinfuel eMagazine. That being the case we have to trust that what we’re told about them is the truth. We certainly don’t have any reason to believe otherwise, but just the same we felt we needed to state up front that this was a company we remain unfamiliar with.

We were sent six (6) flavors to review, each in unsealed 30ML bottles.  The bottles were packed 3 to a plastic bag with no shrink-wrap neckbands or other safety cap features. The attractive, though minimalist labels listed the volume, nicotine level, ingredients, and so forth, but lacked a date of birth/mixing/creation so there was no way to tell how old (or young) the eLiquids were.

The Vaping Xtreme website states that the eLiquids are made with the highest quality ingredients in US Labs, under the supervision of trained chemists. All flavorings are approved by FEMA and are classified as GRAS.

What is clear from the verbiage is that the eLiquids are not made by the staff of Vaping Xtreme, but rather under their guidance and/or approval by top quality USA eJuice producers. We here at Spinfuel eMagazine have no idea what company produces the XtremeJuice line, but as of now we have no reason to doubt Vaping Xtreme.

The six (6) flavors submitted are:

Great Orange Vape

Apple Martini

USA Premium Tobacco

Morning Orchard

Smooth Smokey Joe’s

Blueberry Waffle

XtremeJuice is available only in 70/30 PG/VG mixes. Our eLiquids were 8mg in nicotine strength. Nicotine options are 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg, along with a zero nic option. 10ML bottles are $6.50, 30ML is $14.25, and 50ML is $23.99.


Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewGreat Orange Vape – “All natural Flavoring, no sweetener. A great Orange flavor burst with every vape with a nice menthol mix.” – Vaping Xtreme

 Tom: Orange is a very difficult flavor to work with in eLiquids. Often times an orange flavor will be too strong or too weak, too bitter or too sweet. The Great Orange Vape has the same orange flavor that you taste in “Tang”, the astronaut drink of the 60’s and 70’s, along with a mild menthol ‘bump’. It’s not a bad vape, if you like orange flavors with a cool hit to it, and the vapor and throat hit were okay. It’s not a “great” vape, but it’s certainly not a bad one either. A solid 3.5 Stars

 Julia: I agree that orange is a difficult flavor, but to be fair just about every orange flavored ‘anything’ tastes like Tang, because that’s what orange flavoring tastes like. For some reason orange extracts taste more like the rind of an orange than the meat on the inside. The menthol bite is just enough to make it interesting, not to overwhelm the Vaper. I enjoyed it, though it’s not a flavor I would normally vape. For orange lovers who want to try something a bit different this could be a good choice. 3.75 Stars

 Jason: Great Orange Vape is one of those flavors that you can enjoy while you’re vaping it but tend to be forgettable afterwards. I liked the orange flavor, didn’t mind the menthol because it was a mild one, but I had to remind myself of the flavor when I sat down to finish my notes because all I could remember was that it was an orange/menthol eLiquid. I wonder how many Vapers there are that would consider themselves ‘orange fans’? 3 Stars

Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewApple Martini – “It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere! Apple with a bite. “ Vaping Xtreme

 Tom: I spent a long time with this flavor because I found it to be a strange flavor to vape. I finally decided that what I tasted was a blend of green apple flavoring and a dash of lime. It was somewhat bitter as well. The vapor production wasn’t bad, in fact it was pretty good for a 70/30 mix, but it left a funky aftertaste I didn’t find pleasant. It has the characteristics of an all-day vape, so if you like the flavor I think you would probably find it a good choice. 3 Stars

Julia: Apple Martini is not something you usually think of when you think of eLiquids, and it’s certainly not a flavor I would buy. But I know some people that would really enjoy this kind of flavor. I think I agree with Tom that the other flavor in this mix is lime. Although it’s a flavor that took me by surprise, the longer I stayed with it the better it got. How many people will give it time to grow on them is anybody’s guess, but there it is. 3.5 Stars

 Jason: I didn’t like Apple Martini at first, but damn if it didn’t get better the more I vaped it. This apple vape is different from other apple themed flavors I’ve had over the past couple of years and if you’re looking for something you haven’t experienced before this might be a great choice. Good vapor, an understandable throat hit (8mg after all), and lots of flavor makes this one the most ‘interesting’ of the six. 4 Stars

Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewMorning Orchard – “A morning blend of creamy sweet peaches and fresh coffee. Natural and Artificial Flavoring, no sweetener.” – Vaping Xtreme

 Tom: I had a lot of hopes for this flavor. Peach and coffee, it just seemed to have a lot of potential and it’s a blend I’ve never tried before. Unfortunately, this particular blend didn’t work. The immediate ‘taste’ is a rich, dark coffee flavor with a light peach note, but then a second or two afterwards the flavor crashes to the ground and falls apart. 2 Stars

 Julia: I didn’t like this one at all. The coffee flavor tasted ‘old’, worn out, and as far as I could tell there wasn’t much, if any, peach flavoring. Like Tom said though, at first you don’t catch it, and then it gets all twisted up. I would love to know if any of our readers have tried this flavor and what they thought about it. 1 Star

 Jason: A very strong coffee flavor hits you at first, and then some other strange flavor takes over, making for a very unlikeable combination. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with this particular bottle because that strange flavor tastes nothing like any eLiquid I’ve had before. Very unpleasant. 1 Star

Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Smooth Smokey Joe’s – “Very smooth Tobacco.  This one reminds me of a nice Pipe Tobacco and a nice Cigar. One of our most favorite blends.” – Vaping Xtreme

 Tom: Vaping Xtreme really nailed this one. But don’t think that the “smooth tobacco” taste is a taste you would find in a traditional cigarette because it is far from that. More cigar flavored than pipe tobacco, this would make an excellent choice for cigar smokers looking for a similar experience. As someone that did enjoy a nice cigar, I can say with confidence that this is ‘the’ eJuice for cigar lovers. 5 Stars

 Julia: Not being a cigar smoker I have to take Tom’s word that Smooth Smokey Joe’s is a good cigar vape. I can say that it is not the usual tobacco fare that other eLiquid brands offer. 3 Stars

Jason: Definitely one of the best cigar flavors I’ve ever had in an eLiquid. Smooth, semi-dry fine cigar notes with plenty of vapor and maximum flavor. Even the aftertaste is cigar-like. Any cigar smoker would love Smooth Smokey Joe’s. I know I do! 5 Stars

 Vaping Xtreme eLiquid Review Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewUSA Premium Tobacco Blend – “Our finest USA made Tobacco flavored e-liquid with a little added enhancement. Smooth, enjoyable tobacco flavor in every Vape. This is our middle of the road blend, great tasty and the choice of the great folks over at Vaping Daily” – Vaping Xtreme

Tom: An excellent, smooth, rich and velvety tobacco blend that is definitely the best of the six reviewed today. This was one to write home about, and one I’ll add to my tobacco collection. For every Vaper looking for a fine tobacco experience, this is one you have to try, If they upgrade their bottle packaging.  5 Stars

Julia: Although I may not love tobacco vapes on a regular basis I know a good one when I try it. This is a great one, no doubt about it. Very smooth, very flavorful, and very satisfying, USA Premium is something to be proud of. 5 Stars

Jason: It always amazes me that a flavor extract can be so exacting when it comes to tobacco. There are more tobacco blends then you can possibly try, and when you find one that delivers a great, smooth, rich, and satisfying taste of fine tobacco you want to hang on to it. This is one such eLiquid. I don’t think you can ask for more in a tobacco vape. 5 Stars

Blueberry Waffle – “This amazing e-liquid taste like waffles and blueberry, with a slight hint of syrup.” – Vaping Xtreme

 Tom:  This is a very good blueberry waffle eLiquid. The flavor is true, plentiful, and just sweet enough. You really taste each of the flavors, a nice sweet blueberry and the authentic flavor of waffles. For me, this is an excellent late night vape, like I’m having a late breakfast the Waffle House. 4.5 Stars

 Julia: I enjoyed Blueberry Waffle a lot. Unlike a straight up blueberry flavor this one is loaded with the waffle component. Although the description hints at a sweet syrup note it wasn’t there for me. Still, out of the six flavors reviewed I enjoyed this one the most. Plenty of vapor and a light throat hit, it was the closest thing to blueberry waffles in an eLiquid form. 4.75 Stars

 Jason: There is something about the taste of blueberry waffles that hits home. The real thing is considered ‘comfort food’, and this eLiquid is what I consider ‘comfort vape’. Satisfying, deeply flavorful, lots of vapor, and the sweet, sweet taste of homemade waffles. 4.5 Stars


 Our guess is that Vaping Xtreme submitted these six flavors in order to provide as wide a spectrum of flavors as they could and in that sense they succeeded. Had we chosen the flavors we would have chosen differently, and perhaps that would have been a disservice to both Vaping Xtreme and our readers. The six eLiquids gave us the opportunity to explore flavors outside our comfort zone, and that can never be a bad thing.

As we enter the final months of 2013 we expect to see bottles shipped with shrink-wrap neckbands or other safety cap measures, and Vaping Xtreme has yet to move to these standards. After all the talk this year in our previous reviews about safety we cannot disregard all that here and now. For that reason, Vaping Xtreme’s XtremeJuice is not considered a ‘premium eLiquid’ under our definition.

Except for the two tobacco eLiquids we find that XtremeJuice is an average eLiquid line. Only the USA Premium Tobacco was praise worthy, and it came close to being awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award. What stopped us from doing that was the packaging; otherwise, it was superb.

Buying Advice

Vaping Xtreme includes a warning at the bottom of the XtremeJuice page that taste is subjective and that their eLiquids are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable. They suggest that new customers try smaller bottles, and they offer 5ML sampler bottles for that very reason. We agree, especially here, and recommend that if you’ve never purchased from Vaping Xtreme that you tread lightly and buy the sampler packs. We also suggest that you consider the fact that these eLiquids are shipped without safety caps or shrink-wrap, and therefore they are not airtight. Certainly it is something to consider when being shipped across the country.

Tom McBride, Julia Hartley-Barnes and Jason Little