For World No Tobacco Day on May 31, the Austrian e-cigarette manufacturer VON ERL has publishing the initial findings of the world’s biggest e-cigarette and vaping survey. The findings give insights into the habits and preferences of consumers of vape products.


The results in detail are published HERE.

About the Vaping Survey

More than 5,000 people worldwide took part in this online survey about e-cigarettes and vaping. Depending on nationality and gender, there were interesting results about vaping behavior, flavor preferences, decisive purchasing criteria and acceptance in that particular society.

The vaping survey began in April 2017

In the first phase in May 2017, a global survey was put online on behalf of VON ERL., in which over 5,000 people took part, including the staff of Spinfuel VAPE. The analysis of the questionnaire was performed by the University of Innsbruck and enabled the initial general statements about the worldwide vaping community to be made.

A special focus was put on the European markets of VON ERL in this first step, representative results for Austria, Germany and Italy are already available. Designed as a long-term study, the intention is to repeat these surveys in a yearly fashion, in order to regularly record global developments in the vaping community.

Some of the interesting questions included asking people around the world about their attitude towards vaping in general. The results give interesting insights into why people vape and the acceptance in society in general. Further, the study showed the perceived damaging effects of e-cigarettes and the preferred nicotine content.

The Classical Vaper (or Mainstream Vaper)

… is young, fruity and likes quality. The surveys show that the classic vaper is primarily male and 35 years old. He/she earns between €1,000 and €2,000* net per month, mainly uses open systems** and vapes fruity aromas (e.g. apple, strawberry etc.) with a nicotine content of 1-5mg nicotine per ml.

The preferences of the female respondents are very similar to those of the male ones; only when it comes to what they are willing to pay are men usually prepared to pay more.

  • * Currencies are adjusted depending on the country.
  • ** When an e-cigarette has an open system, it means that the e-cigarette can be filled with any liquid. Closed systems have their own so-called liquid pods, which can be inserted in the model they are intended for.

Spinfuel VAPE Conclusion

This is a very interesting study, and we urge all our readers to jump over and check it out. What does bother us is that the survey has 80% Male Responders and 20% Female Responders. We just cannot believe that the EU market is representative at 80%/20% vaping market. The more likely truth is that the female Vapers were less willing to take the survey. At least, we hope so.