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Vapeothecary eLiquid Delivers Some of the Best Flavors In America - 2014Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – The Vapeothecary eLiquid

When you first enter the website for The Vapeothecary eLiquid you are greeted with a photograph of their eLiquids in bottles and these words:

The Vapeothecary eLiquid brand was founded out of a labor of love. Vaping allowed me to break free of a pack-a-day smoking habit. However, I was often disappointed by the quality of e-juice I tried. At The Vapeothecary we hand mix and test each order to insure you are getting e-juice you will love! Our liquids are free of dyes, Diacetyl and Acetoin for a clean vaping experience. We know you will love our product!

You can tell immediately that The Vapeothecary eLiquid is definitely more than just a business. Read our accompanying interview with Sam Greene to get a glimpse into the mindset that is at work here, I think you will be impressed, if you can believe what he says that is. The problem we all face is, who’s telling the truth and who’s telling you what you want to hear. To be honest, in this particular case we truly don’t know. The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

The Vapeothecary offers ten (10) eLiquids, and this review will cover all ten. Our team, which includes myself (Julia), Tom, Keira, and Jason spent 72-hours vaping The Vapeothecary eLiquids exclusively, using a variety of hardware to do so.

Vapeothecary eLiquid Brand Profile

The Vapeothecary, (very hard to pronounce, and spell!) is a new brand offering a unique take on flavor. You’ll see that below in our individual reviews. All of the eLiquids are combinations of flavorings; there isn’t a single-flavor eLiquid in the lineup. Several flavors are  unique, new combinations that on a personal level I never thought could work, but they sometimes do.

Vapeothecary eLiquid Pricing

Their pricing structure is on the low end of the scale.

  • 15ML glass bottles with eyedroppers are $7.99
  • 30ML glass bottles with eyedroppers are $13.99,
  • 60ML glass bottles with eyedroppers are is $21.99,
  • 120ML glass bottles with eyedroppers are bottle is $29.99.

Vapeothecary eLiquid Options – Plenty

In addition to the several bottle sizes The Vapeothecary offers a wide selection of PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths. Although they do offer recommendations, or what we consider to be their “House Blend”, the PG/VG ratios are as follows:

  • 65/35
  • 50/50
  • 35/65
  • All VG

Our eLiquids in this review are all house blends.

Nicotine Strengths are: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg and a zero-nicotine option.

Vapeothecary eLiquid Packaging and Labels

The bottles arrived safely and were well packaged. However, there were no tamper-proofing methods in place. No shrink-wrapped bottles, no break-seals, and no child proof caps. The labels, however, did include the name of the eLiquid, the company logo, the nicotine strength, ingredients list, and the warning about nicotine. The Vapeothecary will need to take that final step of childproof caps and shrink-wrap or breakaway seals sooner rather than later. Whether they do or not depends on survival. Can this company find success in the eliquid landscape that includes premium labels like Mountain Oak Vapors, Rocket Fuel Vapes, Gingers eJuice, and other “fine” premium labels? Time will tell.

So, what are The Vapeothecary eLiquids like? Read on…

The Vapeothecary eLiquid Lineup

#1 Vapeothecary eLiquid LycThe Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazinean Berry – A refreshing Lychee and Cantaloupe base with hints of Raspberry. This flavor=mouthgasm” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: I’ve gotten to know the flavor of Lychee fairly well and this blend has a strong lychee flavor finish. The cantaloupe was a sweet, light flavor that mixed well with the Lychee. The raspberry is present, but lightly. While I certainly enjoyed the flavor, vapor, and even the throat hit, this type of flavor is not one that I would add to my rotation in the long term. If you’re a Lychee lover however, I think you might find your all-day-vape with Lycan Berry. 3.75 Stars

Tom: A medium to strong Lychee juice with a semi-sweet and refreshing cantaloupe and a hint of raspberry, Lycan Berry will attract vapers interested in Lychee flavors. Unfortunately, Lychee is not something I vape very often, it is a particular flavor and one you cannot miss. Lycan Berry is for for vapers that like the taste of Lychee, and they will love it. Good vapor, and a decent throat hit. For Lychee fans only – 3.5 Stars
Keira: As the only Lychee lovin’ vaper here I think this is one of the better Lychee vapes available. Lychee is a flavor that some people may have to acquire a taste for because while it is definitely a fruity flavor, it’s a fruity flavor from another planet. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Lycan Berry is on the strange side of the flavor spectrum. Lychee vapers, your eJuice is waiting – 3.75 Stars

Jason: There is a strong Lychee frontend to this blend, but at the same time it’s cut with a really nice slice of cantaloupe, giving it a very original flavor. If you like the taste of Lychee, with its strong fruity-creamy flavor profile, this is one to try. – 4.5 Stars

blue-peary# 2 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Blue Peary – A blend of blueberry and pear flavors with a smooth apple top note. This is my all day vape and is perfect for vapers who love fruity flavors.” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: More blueberry than pear on the inhale, with a nice apple flavored flair. The blueberry is sweet, full, and will call out to any blueberry fan. The pear and apple notes balance what I think it a very sweet blueberry and all three combine to create this very original, very satisfying vape. Blue Peary will, I believe, become a hugely popular blend in the vape community. I recommend it to any blueberry vaper. – 4.75 Stars

Tom: I didn’t think I was going to like this one at all. I’m not a big pear fan, and I worried that the pear would dominate. It doesn’t. This is a ‘blueberry first’ juice, with nice notes of sweet pear and a hint of fresh apple. Original, unique, and definitely a fruity vape for vapers looking for something new on the fruit branch of eLiquids. I wouldn’t vape this everyday, but I will keep a bottle in my collection. 4.25 Stars
Keira: Blue Peary is my favorite flavor from The Vapeothecary. I don’t think I’ve every vaped a blueberry and pear combination, but it works. Not much of an apple ‘top note’, though, but it is there. In fact, had the apple hit harder than it did it may have ruined a unique and satisfying juice. Adding to my rotation. 4.75 Stars

Jason: Blue Peary is the eLiquid I chose to vape first in this review, which may not have been a wise choice on my part. I liked this one a lot, a blueberry/pear combo with an apple presence that added to the overall satisfaction of this very fruity vape. It kind of set the standard for The Vapeothecary, and at times they met that standard, and at other times they did not. If blueberry and pear sound appealing to you, this is going to be an important eLiquid in your rotation. 4.75 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine# 3 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Cold Snap – “A light tobacco base combined with a touch of menthol to bring you the ultimate frosty vape experience. Perfect for menthol lovers!” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: When The Vapeothecary says there is a ‘touch’ of menthol they mean just that, a touch. So even if you turn away from menthol vapes you might want to consider this deeply satisfying tobacco flavor that gives you an ever so slight ‘snap’ of freshness. I’m not a menthol fan, but I enjoyed Cold Snap a lot. I just may have to bump a tobacco flavor off my rotation to make room for more of this. Very nice indeed. 4.75 Stars

Tom: I really like their tobacco blends, and this one is no different. I liked the way they chose a smooth, sweet tobacco and added just a nip of menthol to give it a slight wake up call of frosty. I didn’t inventory my collection before this review, but regardless, I may just have to make room for this one. Different, tons of vapor, and a truly snappy throat hit. 4.75 Stars
Keira: I didn’t mind the menthol in Cold Snap because it is very light, perhaps just a few drops of it for a sharper edge to this otherwise benign tobacco flavor. Semi-rich, semi-sweet, semi-authentic tobacco, this is a flavor I could definitely see me vaping at least weekly. Recommended for tobacco vapers looking for something a little different…yet… not. You know? 4.5 Stars

Jason: Tom and I discussed Cold Snap during our discussion group and we are both on the same page here. There are many extremes eLiquid mixers can go, and yet this one is a smooth tobacco flavor that I liked a lot, with just a pinch of coolness that gave it that something extra. You have to admire the restraint here. I recommend Cold Snap for people that want just a light touch of menthol. Sadly, I think with a name like Cold Snap people will be expecting more menthol that there is in this one. 4.5 Stars

# 4 Vapeothecary eLiquid Erudition –  “A nThe Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazineice pipe tobacco base with black cherry top notes.”  – The Vapeothecary





Julia: I had no idea what flavorings were used in Erudition before vaping it. I liked the name so I thought this would be the juice I start the review period with. I wished I hadn’t. I do get the cherry top notes in this pipe tobacco blend, but the dominant flavor for me was very peppery notes. I did not like it, the peppery notes, at all. 2.75 Stars

Tom: I’ve had much better pipe tobacco vapes, and even some with sweet cherry notes, so I was looking forward to vaping this one. But, it just doesn’t cut it for me. This one was too harsh, too edgy, not a very smooth pipe tobacco. Maybe it was the cherry, maybe not, but I cannot recommend this one to anyone, not even tobacco lovers. 2 Stars
Keira: Sometimes you hit a homerun, sometimes you strike out. That’s life, right? Erudition tried to be a cherry pipe tobacco and wound up being one of the harshest tobacco flavors I’ve had in a long time. The Vapeothecary can be much better than this. 2 Stars

Jason: In all seriousness, unless you looking for a tobacco vape that screams out with tingly, peppery notes on the inhale and exhale I’d stay away from this one. Personally, I would love to meet a vaper that loves this one, just to see what he or she sees in it. I want a rich, smooth, satisfying tobacco, and this just isn’t it. 2.5 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine# 5 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Fizzle Pop – “A crisp blackberry watermelon blend with a touch of menthol and milk chocolate top notes. Great for summer nights on the porch with friends.” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: This Fizzle Pop will be one of my heavily vaped potions in the heat of the summer. Loved the blackberry flavor, mixed with a bit of chocolate and a couple of other flavors I couldn’t make out. There is a spark of minty freshness in this one as well.

There is a lot going on here. Funny thing is, as complex as it appears to be, I liked it. Very original, different, almost even a bit weird. Who doesn’t like a little weird once and a while? 4.5 Stars

Tom: After reading the description to Fizzle Pop I had hoped that the watermelon flavor would have been kept to a minimum, unfortunately it’s a little stronger than I would have liked. Still, this very complex layer of flavors was more enjoyable then it should have been. The biggest flavors I drew from this were blackberry and milk chocolate. Had The Vapeothecary kept the watermelon out if it I think I would have loved this one. Not bad though, not bad at all. 4.25 Stars
Keira: Fizzle Pop is my second favorite flavor from The Vapeothecary. Luscious blackberry, sweet and intense, with a chocolate note finding its way throughout the inhale and exhale. Then to top it off, a light touch of mint, or menthol, giving it a third layer of flavors. I’d recommend Fizzle Pop for vapers who are not afraid to tread on complex waters. 4.5 Stars

Jason: While I did like this Fizzle Pop I found it confusing at the same time. You are bombarded with different flavors, from blackberry to watermelon to chocolate. Who would ever have thought that chocolate and watermelon have any chance of getting along in the same recipe? Of course, the backbone of this flavor is blackberry, always the standout flavor when used in a combo blend like this. An interesting flavor, and while I liked it I cannot guess at how many others will. Very different. 4.5 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine# 6 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Nirvana – “A medium strength tobacco flavor with notes of honey and butterscotch. This e-juice is tailor made for those who want a full tobacco flavor with a bit of sweetness.” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: Nirvana is a sweet tobacco flavor that will appeal to practically every vaper that enjoys tobacco vapes. Sweeter than most, but in a good way. Loved the vapor production and the throat hit you get from Nirvana, and if I were someone that vapes tobacco blends on a regular basis this would be one of them. 4.75 Stars

Tom: Not the best tobacco flavor juice I’ve had, but not a bad one either. I enjoyed the honey notes, they were pretty evident, but I’m lost on the butterscotch notes, or maybe what I’m tasting is honey and butterscotch. I really like their tobacco base, and the added sweetness of honey/butterscotch worked terrifically in this blend. I recommend it. Good vapor, good throat hit, a nice pleasant sweet tobacco vape. 4.75 Stars
Keira: As far as tobacco flavored eLiquids go this is about average. It has a good tobacco base to it, but I’m just not sure about the honey and butterscotch. Perhaps if they had dropped the butterscotch from the recipe it would have landed with me better than it did. Pretty good vapor, a medium throat hit, Nirvana is straight up 3.75 Stars

Jason: I found Nirvana to be a very good tobacco vape. It’s definitely on the sweet side, but the honey and butterscotch doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. I liked it, and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a sweet tobacco vape. 4.5 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine# 8- Vapeothecary eLiquid NomNomz – A strong strawberry flavor with vanilla cupcake base and a bit of my own secret ingredient to give it an iced frosting taste! If you have a sweet tooth, this juice is for you!” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: The first thing I said about this eLiquid was “Wow! What a mouthful of strawberry!” and it is. NomNomz is an intense dose of sweet strawberry eJuice with a nice slice of vanilla. I’ve had other strawberry and vanilla flavors before but this one seems to be quite delicious and quite different. Maybe sweeter, or maybe its that special component mentioned in the description, but anyway it’s a nice change up for strawberry fans. 4.5 Stars

Tom: NomNomz is a strong strawberry flavor with definite vanilla tones to it. I liked it for a time, but it soon got a little too sweet for me and I had to switch out to a tobacco blend. After several hours I surprised myself because I wanted to get back to this sweet blend. And I did. I’d say that vapers looking for an intensely flavored strawberry vape you’ll find it here. Good vapor, a medium throat hit, NomNomz is good fruity vape. 4.5 Stars
Keira: The level of strawberry flavoring in this eLiquid has got to be the highest I’ve tasted in a while. Either that, or NomNomz uses a concentrated strawberry flavor that bursts open on the inhale. I loved it, just like I thought I would, because strawberry and vanilla go together like milk and cookies. Highly recommended to strawberry vapers and people who want to try a good strawberry vape. 4.75 Stars

Jason: “Strawberry times two” is how I would describe NomNomz. A very sweet, very rich strawberry flavor with the added sweetness of a good vanilla, (or is it vanilla cupcakes), NomNomz will satisfy anyone’s urge to vape something sweet. Not sure I would vape this on a daily basis but it would be nice to have a bottle in my collection. 4 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine# 8 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Route 2 Blend – A smooth tobacco blend with a strong peanut butter taste and earthy and hazelnut top note.“ – The Vapeothecary





Julia: Route 2 is the weirdest set of flavors I’ve ever vaped before, yet somehow it works. The peanut butter flavor was evident at the outset, along with that definite tobacco muskiness. In fact, to me the tobacco flavor in Route 2 was more of a cigarette tobacco than anything I’ve vaped in a while. The hazelnut flavor blended really well with the peanut butter, making for one of the most interesting, as well as weird, flavors to date. I recommend it to vapers that want something truly different in a tobacco vape. – 4.25 Stars

Tom: I thought I would hate Route 2. You just don’t add peanut butter and hazelnut to a tobacco base. Strangely, Route 2 has a real alchemy going on here, and the final flavor on the inhale and exhale are remarkably original and sweet. Mainly a tobacco vape, but that peanut butter and hazelnut make it a very unique flavor. Great job! 4.75 Stars
Keira: Route 2 was a miss with me, only because the tobacco flavor reminded me of cigarettes, not tobacco leaves. I don’t know if that was a reaction to tobacco mixed with peanut butter and hazelnut or something altogether different, but this original flavor was too unfamiliar to me to enjoy much of it. I think Tom would like it, but Jason would not because he’s not a big fan of peanut butter. Julia, well, who knows, right? Not my typical vape, so I can’t recommend it unless you want to try something very unique. 3.5 Stars

Jason: If you really like sweet tobacco this is a flavor you need to try. I’m not sure how to word this, but Route 2 is not a fresh, clear-cut tobacco vape, it’s earthy. The addition of a sweet peanut butter and hazelnut must be the elements that make it an earthy tasting flavor. I enjoyed it, but there’s no way it could be my primary tobacco vape, but it would be a part time tobacco vape for times when I get tired of tobacco flavored eLiquids. You have to try it if you vape tobacco flavors. 4.25 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine#9 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Citramint -“A mix of grapefruit and peppermint with a hint of creamy vanilla to smooth it out. This vape reminds me of a nice, breezy Spring day!” – The Vapeothecary




Julia: I’m so glad I vaped this before I read the description because if I had read it I wouldn’t have given it a chance. Grapefruit? Grapefruit, vanilla AND peppermint? How crazy is that? But, believe it or not, Citramint works! Lots of vapor, a good throat hit, and a strange, but satisfying flavor. 4.5 Stars

Tom: Unfortunately, I did not like Citramint. This is one strange concoction of flavors, and I know some of us loved it but I just couldn’t get over the grapefruit inhale.
Keira: Grapefruit as a flavor in eLiquid sounds just plain strange, but somehow it works. This is a refreshing eLiquid that has almost a sparkling nature to it. Citramint has a base flavor of semi-sweet grapefruit, like Fresca, which then turns just a bit of a peppermint minty flavor. Not sure about the creamy vanilla, it might be so subtle that I missed it.

Jason: I hadn’t read the description for Citramint before vaping it so just from looking at the name I thought it was going to be some citrus fruit flavor and menthol. Like menthol orange or a cool lemon/lime.

After vaping it for a few minutes I kept thinking that I was vaping a minty flavor, not menthol, and… grapefruit! But then I thought I had it wrong, I couldn’t believe it would be grapefruit. Finally Julia got us the descriptions for the eLiquid flavors so we could compare them to our notes, and there it was, grapefruit. And I liked it.

Citramint, of course, is a very complex blend. The top-level flavor is grapefruit, but dig deeper down and it does reveal a nice sweet peppermint, and something else. The description says it’s a vanilla, and I would agree with that, but it is so light, so hinted at, that I kind of think it’s there as a mind game component to it. 4.75 Stars

The Vapeothecary Review by Spinfuel eMagazine#10 – Vapeothecary eLiquid Toffee Cups – Do you like peanut butter cups? How about toffee? If so this juice is for you! A peanut butter base combined with dark double chocolate and toffee brings you the ultimate sweet vape experience!” – The Vapeothecary



Julia: I don’t know about the “dark, double chocolate”, but this is definitely a peanut butter and chocolate vape. Toffee Cups has a flavor of a Reese’s peanut butter candy, wrapped around an extra layer of chocolate sweetness. Toffee Cups is one of my favorite eJuices of the ten, but not because I was able to vape a real “toffee” flavor but because the peanut butter and chocolate worked so well. Definitely worth a taste, I recommend it to sweet tooth vapers for a satisfying vape. 4.75 Stars

Tom – This Toffee Cups is supposed to taste somewhat like toffee and peanut butter cups. I suppose if The Vapeothecary was going after a real toffee they could have gotten there, so I’m not that surprised that this flavor has a certain unique quality to it. I liked it, but do I like enough to recommend it? I think I can, as long as I qualify it by saying that if you expect an English Toffee vape you’re going to feel a little letdown. So instead, order a bottle of this sweet, dark chocolate and peanut butter because you like each of the components. If you like a peanut butter vape you’re going to love this one. 4.75 Stars

Keira – Another one of my favorites, and when I let a friend try a 1.6ML of it in an clearomizer she feel in love with it so much she jumped on my computer to buy a bottle. I have a feeling she’ll be back for more 120ML bottles.

I like Toffee Cups a lot too, but not as much as my friend. I expected this to taste a lot like a “Heath” candy bar, that hard, brittle toffee covered in the chocolate. It’s almost there, nut not quite.

On it own, without knowing the name of it, or what it’s named for, you would probably consider it a good chocolate and peanut butter vape, and if you like the sound of that, well chances are you’ll love this juice. – 4.75 Stars

Jason – Toffee Cups is a sweet vape with dark chocolate and peanut butter components. This is a blend that you will reach for when you have to have something that will satisfy your urge for something sweet. Plus, it’s a real vapor producer. Although the throat hit isn’t as big as it is with some of the others in the The Vapeothecary lineup, there is nothing more physically satisfying then the intense influx of sweet vapor. 4.5 Stars

Vapeothecary eLiquid Conclusion and Buying Advice

While the pricing of The Vapeothecary eLiquids is competitive in the smaller bottles, 15ML and 30ML sizes, the unbelievable pricing of 60ML and 120ML bottles is almost too good to be true. For what some brands charge for a 30ML bottles The Vapeothecary charges for 120ML, that’s four times the amount of eLiquid for the same price. Remarkable!

The Vapeothecary delivered some great tasting eLiquids for this review. In fact, right now the eLiquids above are the complete lineup from The Vapeothecary.

Our collective recommendation for trying out The Vapeothecary is to pick a couple or three flavors that you might be somewhat familiar with from other brands, their basic components anyway, and try them out at the 15ML or 30ML size. Once you’ve had the opportunity to try them we strongly recommend reordering in the large 120ML size in order to save money and further cut down on the expense of vaping.

Thank you for reading this lengthy review, as always, we welcome your comments below.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little

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