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What exactly is Vaping?Vaping, and vapes, (also known as vapour products, e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes) are increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes and they all operate on a very simple principle. An e-liquid (liquid substance) goes through the process of heating and is turned into an aerosol in much the same way that water is turned to steam. When an e-cigarette is used, a wire coil wrapped round liquid-soaked wicking material is heated by an electric current from the device’s battery. When this wire coil has heated sufficiently, the surrounding liquid becomes an aerosol and this in turn is inhaled. As such, users of such devices term themselves ‘vapers’ in order to distinguish themselves from those who use tobacco products.

Who Uses Vaping Products?

The huge majority of people who use vapes have at one time or another previously used tobacco cigarettes. Most of these have stopped smoking completely and now vape exclusively, while some still smoke tobacco products but have reduced their intake significantly and are termed as ‘dual users’. Many of these people vape in places where smoking has been deemed inappropriate, while others are actively attempting to completely stop smoking altogether.

Many people are under the illusion that many vapers have never actually smoked before but that simply isn’t the case. It’s true that some people start ‘vaping’ without having smoked a tobacco cigarette before, but this is by far the smallest group. Indeed, it has been estimated that around 2% of those who use vaping products have never smoked before.

When Was Vaping Invented?

in 2003, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik developed the very first commercially successful e-cigarette. Hon’s father had been a heavy smoker for many years and he had recently died, therefore Hon decided to invent a device which would assist him in quitting smoking and hopefully avoid his father’s fate. Four years later, e-cigarettes had reached Europe and the USA with many using them as an aid to stop smoking. In the following years the technology continued to evolve and today we have a huge array of vaping products available, many online vaping sites such as offering a massive selection of products to suit all needs.

Many claim that e-cigarettes play a very small part in helping people quit smoking tobacco products but recent studies show the opposite is true and that vapes do indeed play a significant part in helping people stop smoking. Indeed, data shows that over three million people in the USA have moved completely from tobacco products to vapes.

What are the Different Types of Vapour Products?

There are a great number of different types of e-cigarette devices and e-liquids on the market to suit almost every taste and preference, from disposable vapes to devices that can be changed by the user to suit their needs. A very important distinction between vapour devices is whether they operate on an open or closed system.

As a rule, a closed system cannot be altered in any way by the user, the battery, wire coil and e-liquid pod/cartridge all contained within the unit. The pre-filled liquid cartridges and nicotine strength can be changed but this is the only flexibility. The open system allows for far more flexibility and these units can be changed to suit thy user’s needs, from the power of the battery to the type of wicking material.

Vaping flavours

Many users of e-cigarettes initially choose flavours which are very similar to the taste of tobacco cigarettes, however the majority attempt to distance themselves by moving to completely different flavours altogether. Fruit and dessert flavours have become extremely popular and these help make vaping a more personal experience for the user. To that end, there are a great many flavours available and many new ones are added each year, many users enjoying several different flavours each day. Vapers are also engaged and encouraged not to return to smoking tobacco products by experimenting with new flavours on a regular basis.

Is vaping safe for users and bystanders?

Many People are under the illusion that e-cigarettes are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes and while making an accurate estimate of just how safe a relatively new product is can be a complex process, a lot is known about e-liquids and how they are used. Indeed, research by the Royal College of Physicians has shown that the health risk posed by using e-cigarettes is around 5% that of smoking tobacco products and could actually be far lower.

Many millions of people worldwide use vaping products on a regular basis and there have been very few reports of anyone being subjected from long-lasting or permanent injury or harm when using a fully functioning e-cigarette as intended. This doesn’t include separate issues such as battery explosions which are extremely rare.

As far as bystanders are concerned, the risk posed is negligible and of no concern whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that all users vape responsibly at all times.

What does the future hold?

Vaping is here to stay and with more and more people deciding to quit smoking altogether and start vaping, the industry will continue to grow into the future with more and more products becoming available. In the twenty years since the development of the very first e-cigarette, the product has changed beyond all recognition with a huge range of flavours and devices and there is nothing to suggest that the innovations and new ideas will slow down in the years ahead.

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