V8P Juice-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

V8P Juice has decided, after months of mixing and testing flavor combinations, to venture out and put their best eight flavors forward, into the hands of vapers everywhere.

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V8P Juice was started by a team of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Chemists & Engineers, and  is based in Delray Beach, Florida. I think it’s amazing that the medical field is getting involved in actually producing eLiquid. They see the benefits of vaping and wanted to produce flavors and even a magnetic vaping pen to help those who have trouble with gripping and screwing tanks onto pens in order to vape them. There were even more interesting facts that had me intrigued before we tasted the ejuice. V8P Juice is mixed with 100% certified USDA organic VG (vegetable glycerin) and plant-based PG (propylene glycol) derived from non-GMO corn. The Nicotine is NicSelect-a liquid nicotine derived naturally from tobacco plants in a FDA inspected facility. From start to finish, the team and I thoroughly enjoyed the four flavors we were sent to review.


Blonde Bombshell: “Our triple vanilla custard with hints of flan & sweet cream.”

Sweet Geisha: “Our strawberry/vanilla milkshake with sweet cream, it will have you begging for more. “

Royal Blood: “ Our grape/triple berry bubble gum. This will make you kick back and blow clouds.”

Latin Lover: “Our tangerine/mango/sweet mint with hints of kiwi and watermelon-just how she likes it.”

 Spinfuel Protocols

Because this is only the third review from the NEW Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews we will do moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the ejuice, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here:

The V8P Juice Particulars

The bottle sizes that are available are 10ml@$10, 30ml@$20. Both a 120ml@$75 and 250ml@$125 sizes will be available soon.

Nicotine Levels Available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg

Ratio The V8P Juice is mixed at a 70vg/30pg ratio, but the owners will mix at a 50vg/50pg ratio if requested when the order is placed. This is a nice option for those of you who would like to try this eLiquid in Protanks, a nautilus, or clearomizer tanks.


The team and I received the 30ml frosted glass bottles with glass droppers. They were child safe and tamper evident which is always important. The frosted glass is a really nice touch in the overall look for this line. The labels are bright and colorful-they POP and will definitely stand out on a shelf amongst other eLiquids. The glass droppers are actually color-coded per nicotine level, which is an uber cool feature. You always know what mg you are vaping just by the dropper you receive!!


This is what it is all about; the flavor. We have four to cover, and they are presented below. I’m Dori, the head writer, and I will kick off each flavor with my thoughts and then the team will follow with their own. Remember, as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for unique blends of sweet delights!!


V8P Juice Blonde-BombshellDori: 4.5 stars. I have to say custards are my favorite type of vapes to review. Blonde Bombshell has a great vanilla flavor; in fact, they call it “triple” vanilla. The creaminess of the custard is nice, but could use just a bit more cream in my opinion. The inhale is full of flavor and very smooth, while the exhale is full of a dense flavorful vapor. If you enjoy vanilla and/or custards, this one is a definite must try! I dripped this using a Doge RDA on an Eleaf 50watt on 25watts. This is where I got the best flavor out of the eLiquid.

I also ran Blonde Bombshell in a Kanger Subtank Mini. I got a nice vanilla flavor out of this as well throughout the inhale and exhale. I don’t believe it’s as intense of a vanilla though, but still very tasty. The vapor is still very nice and throat hit just as mild.

Alicia: 4.75 stars. There’s only one word I can use to describe this, DELICIOUS! It’s just that good! And this is coming from someone who is not an avid custard lover. I started with my HexOhm V2 and Troll RDA with a .45ohm coil. The flavor was amazing-and there was a ton of vapor! It’s a thick-but smooth, rich, creamy vanilla with just the right sweetness to make it a great savory vape. The inhale is sweet vanilla and on the exhale it mellows out to a wonderful creamy vanilla. I didn’t get the ‘eggy’ flavor that usually turns me off of custards. At 3mg, I didn’t get a harsh throat hit. It is a nice a smooth vape that I really enjoy. I switched over to my Delta 2 tank on my IPV2 around 34 watts and the flavor was still fabulous and didn’t alter much. Maybe a little less pronounced but not enough to make a difference in the taste. I don’t have any custards in my rotation at the moment, but I may consider adding this!

Scott: 4.25 stars. This ejuice is for you vanilla custard fans-it will be right up your alley. Blonde bombshell is a great flavor for the everyday custard fans and definitely has an amazing taste. This ejuice has a very good vanilla flavor that is impeccable, but I feel it could use a little bit more of the cream. The great flavor combination makes it a great everyday vape with a good, thick cloud.

Kris: 5 stars. I used my Atlantis tank to vape this ejuice. When I first opened the bottle, the aroma was amazing. On the first vape, it tasted like sweet Bavarian cream. Over the next two days, I realized more and more how delicious this flavor truly was-creamy, sweet, and delicious!! This is one of my favorite from this line.

Adam: 4.5 stars. This is a very tasteful custard vape. I’m not getting as much vanilla as the other team members-it seems like a subtle flavor to me. The custard flavor is on the bold side and I do get a lot of creaminess. Blonde Bombshell has great vapor production and an easy exhale. I used my Atlantis tank and really enjoyed the flavor while using it.


V8P Juice SWEET-GEISHADori: 4.75 stars. Again, a little extra cream added to this vape would have perhaps earned it the whole sha-bang! The strawberry has a nice flavor and I begin to get the creaminess while I am exhaling. The whole milkshake flavor does come together nicely during the exhale. I would add this into my rotation for a switch up every now and then.

I also filled a Kanger Nano Tank with Sweet Geisha and ran it around 20 watts on an Eleaf iStick 50 watt. The strawberry flavor is really good in this as well. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet. I get the creaminess on the exhale here too, so there isn’t much of a difference in the way the flavor presents itself between dripping and tank usage. I think the flavors are a little more pronounced with dripping, but I will not only drip more of this but also fill my Nano Tank with Sweet Geisha a few more times!!

Alicia: 5 stars. As soon as I inhaled, I knew I was going to love Sweet Geisha. The inhale is a nice creamy mellow vanilla milkshake and on the exhale the strawberry mixes in nicely. It’s a nice, real strawberry flavor. I almost catch myself trying to see if I have any strawberry seeds stuck in my teeth. I tried this both in an RDA (the derringer) and a tank (Atlantis) on my Sigelei 150 watt. In the RDA, the strawberry was more pronounced than it was in the tank-but no matter which one I used; it was still spot on flavor. This is truly a strawberry milkshake. Sweet Geisha is not too thick, not too sweet, and not too creamy. It’s well balanced and perfect for my taste buds! Great job with the flavor. I’ll definitely be adding this to my rotation!

Scott: 5 stars. This is definitely one for you strawberry lovers. This ejuice was an awesome blend of strawberry and vanilla. If you closed your eyes and could imagine, you would get a strawberry milkshake. I got an amazing burst of strawberry on the inhale, making me want more. On the exhale, I also got this unbelievable burst of strawberries and cream. The vapor from this ejuice also had an amazing smell. People around me could tell right away that it was strawberry. The flavor of this ejuice made it hard to put down. This is definitely one that I would have no problem vaping all-day or even when I’m in the mood for strawberries. There is no doubt in my mind that Sweet Geisha could cure a strawberry craving. To sample this flavor, I was using an IPV3 with a Tugboat V2 RDA built to a .4 ohm.

Kris: 4 stars. I used an Atlantis tank while reviewing this at 30 watts. I only got the slightest taste of strawberry. I lowered the watts to 20 and it had a little more flavor. I then took watts down a little further to 8.9 and I got a very sweet strawberry, but no vanilla. I gave this 4 stars because it needed more flavor running at a higher wattage.

Adam: 5 stars. I extremely liked this eLiquid. It was my favorite of this line. It had an amazing strawberry milkshake flavor blended together perfectly. I got a bold taste of strawberries and the cream for the milkshake part with every hit. This is an every day vape for me for sure!!


V8P Juice ROYAL-BLOODDori: 4 stars. Royal Blood has a subtle flavor…but a good one at that! I seem to get a sweet grape flavor as I am inhaling. A slight bubble gum flavor comes into play on the exhale. The flavor is very tasty if you like your vapes on the sweet side. It reminds of a grape cotton candy in a way as well! The clouds are nice and throat hit is medium.

I also put Royal Blood in an Atlantis Tank and ran it around 22 watts on an Eleaf iStick 50 watt. The flavor was a little mellower through the tank. The flavors are blended throughout the vape as well. It still has a nice flavor, but I enjoyed dripping this one more.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. Grape, berries and bubblegum, sounds pretty good right? This is one I can definitely picture myself vaping on while watching a little league game. I’m using my Sigelei and Subtank Mini with a 1.7 coil and around 20 watts. The inhale is a good grape flavor, like a candy grape flavor without a ton of sugar. It has just a touch of sweetness that I love. Too much sweetness would ruin it I think. On the exhale, I instantly can taste the berries and bubblegum. The only thing I would like is just a little more flavor. It’s on the light side but still tasty. The aftertaste just kind of lingers and reminds me of Grape Bubblicious. If you’re a lover of grape or bubblegum flavors, this is definitely one you should try! It’s well worth it!

Scott: 4 stars: I didn’t think I would care for this berry and grape flavored vape. Royal Blood definitely changed my mind. This is a unique blend of grape and berry. The grape flavor was very strong making it hard to notice the berry flavor, but I still thought it had a great overall taste.

Kris: 5 stars. Wow, is how to explain Royal Blood. I get an awesome full flavored grape bubblegum throughout my experience. I agree, this is an awesome flavor!! It tickles my taste buds and leaves me wanting more.

Adam: 4.5 stars. On this one, I definitely got a bubble gum flavor with a decent hint of grape. I got a lot more flavor out of my Nautilus tank than I did dripping the Royal Blood. These ejuices have a super 70vg/30pg ratio also, giving huge vapor production with both dripper and tanks. I feel like there is also a blueberry flavoring added in with this ejuice to give it a surprise POP that you wouldn’t expect.


V8P Juice Latin-LoverDori: 4 stars. I am simply not getting enough flavor on this one except for when I first inhaling. It is a nice tangerine and tropical fruit blend, but it just fades too fast at the tip of the exhale for me. The vapor production is nice and throat hit is mild.

I preferred vaping this one in the Kanger Subtank Mini. On the inhale, I tasted a nice tangerine that lingered into when the other tropical flavors came out at the tip of the exhale, but I can’t quite define the other flavors. They combined as I exhaled and then faded slowly. It’s a good flavor, and one I may throw in a tank to switch up things again.

Alicia: 4 stars. I wouldn’t say I could vape this flavor all of the time, but it would be a nice one to switch to every now again to challenge your taste buds. The flavor profiles states that this has hints of watermelon and kiwi but I can’t taste either of those. I am getting a flavor close to an orange Tic Tac but I want to say it’s more of a cross between a Tic Tac and an orange Flintstone vitamin (Yes, I’m a mom and yes, I sneak an orange Flintstone now and again but that’s a secret!). On the inhale I get both the tangerine and mango, first the mango and then the tangerine swirls into it. At the very beginning of the exhale, I can taste just a hint of mint but it quickly goes away and the tangerine comes out fully. I’m using my Subtank Mini with a coil built at 1.5 ohms and vaping at 20 watts and it’s giving me a rather refreshing vape. Again, not a flavor I could vape all of the time, but definitely a good one to throw in to mix it up.

Scott: 4.5 stars. I’m not a big fan of tropical flavors, but maybe after this one I could be if they all tasted like this yummy. The mixture of this juice was amazing because it tastes of mango and tangerine. Latin Lover made me feel like I just took a bite of a tangerine, but didn’t have to fight with peeling it, lol. After vaping this a few times, I started to notice a tantalizing undertone of watermelon. Then it started to grow on me. I did notice that with this one there was a more pronounced flavor of the mango and tangerine when I used it in a tank then when I dripped it. Don’t get me wrong, it was good both ways. If I were to use this as a juice for myself, I would not definitely use this one through a tank instead of dripping as Dori said.

Kris: 5 stars. I gave Latin Lover 5 stars because I really do like it. I get a perfect blend of sweet Tangerine, with a hint of watermelon and Mango. On the exhale, the watermelon pops out and the other prominent flavor (tangerine) takes a back seat. This is in the top two of this line. It will definitely go in my rotation.

Adam: 5 stars. The flavor was pretty confusing in this one with every hit, but that didn’t bother me. I found it quite intriguing. I would get tangerine once, then kiwi or strawberry, or even a possible mix of both. I disagree with the few that said they couldn’t recognize the fruit flavors that were introduced in the vape. The flavors are very strong and even has a little mint on the exhale. This could be an everyday vape if you love fruity flavors.


V8P Juice was intriguing from start to finish. The fact that is handcrafted and designed by a team including medical professionals is astounding. They saw a beneficial need for the ejuice to help people quit smoking, and wanted to develop great flavors. At $.67/ml for the 30ml size, and a variety of flavors to please every palate, it is definitely worth a try! Organic is the way to go these days for a lot of people, and I am amazed that the PG in this eLiquid is organic and plant-based! All of the flavors received at least one 5 star review-and that is saying something about the flavor combinations and overall performance of this line of eLiquid. We were definitely impressed with what they have accomplished and look forward to seeing more from V8P Juice!!