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Some UK eLiquid From Victory Vapour

A few weeks ago someone from Victory Vapour, a UK e-Liquid company, contacted Julia and John. The company contacts them through Twitter. They wanted to send over some e-Liquid for us to try, not for a review or anything, but they did say indicate that they would like to know what we thought. Rather than email or a tweet, I decided it might make a good review right before we kick off the July is eJuice Month.

Victory Vapour sent over 3 flavors, Devils Juice, Grape Kool-Aid, and Raspberry Ripple, 8MG nicotine in 10ML bottles, It took several days to arrive, so we felt there was no need to let them steep.

About Victory Vapour

This information was gleaned from perusing their website, we did not receive any information about the company, who’s behind it, their mission statement or anything else. So, if I get anything wrong my apologies to the readers and to Victory Vapour.

Victory Vapour sells their own line of e-Liquids in several different flavors, you can purchase them in any quantity you like or opt for a subscription service. A typical bottle, 10ML in size costs $7.63 USD, or 30ML for $15.28 USD.Victory Vapour Devil Juice

Victory Vapour sells a limited number of hardware, an eGo kit, batteries, things like that. Their main focus is e-Liquid, and selling e-Liquid subscriptions that you can cancel whenever you like.

For $15.28(USD) and a $39.76(USD) signup fee you’ll receive a starter kit and a bottle of their e-Liquid. Afterwards, you’ll receive 2 10ML bottles of your choice of flavor and nicotine strength each month for $15.28 USD.

The victory subscription is the ideal subscription package if you are thinking of quitting smoking.  For the first month, we will send you a complete, single, starter kit and a 10ml bottle of e liquid. For the following months we will then send you 2 x 10ml bottles of e liquid at the strength you originally selected. When you are ready to change the strength of your e liquid, please email us with your desired strength.”

Now I know that here in the states we have a lot of issues with “subscription” cig-a-like brands but when you look at the details surrounding the subscription for Victory Vapour it looks to me to be a decent deal. From spending some time with their eJuice I know they sell a quality product, and perhaps subscription models are popular in the UK. In any case, I see nothing wrong with the prices or the terms and conditions. I do wonder, however, is a single 10ML bottle of eJuice is enough to last someone a month.

The Victory Vapour e-Liquid Review

Grape Kool-Aid – (on the website as Kool-Aid  (Grape) in case you can’t find it) – is described like this:

Oh yeah! One of our personal favourites…. bursting with grapey goodness this e liquid will certainly tantalize your taste buds

Available in 5ml, 10ml and 30ml sizes with various strengths.”

My take: I usually stay away from grape flavored e-Liquids because I don’t like grapes, or grape juice. After vaping more than 5ML of grape Kool-Aid I’m beginning to think I’ve been making a big mistake. This is remarkably flavorful. VV doesn’t reveal their PG/VG ratios but by the vapor production of all three of their e-Liquids I would venture to say they are using a 50/50 blend. There is ample vapor from all three and a decent throat hit.  I would score Grape Kool-Aid at 4.5 stars

Next up is Devils Juice. VV describes Devils Juice as;

Don’t let the name fool you, this is one of our finest blends of fruit flavours. This is a juice well worth vaping.”

My Take: Definitely a fruit based e-Liquid, and a delicious one at that. I can’t be 100% sure but I think the predominant fruit flavor coming through is Kiwi, along with a nice balance of other fruits like peach, pear and maybe a hint of apple. Whatever it is it blends nicely and would make a great all day vape. I would score Devils Juice 4.75 Stars.

Lastly, there is the new Raspberry Ripple. At the time we’re publishing this review there wasn’t any description on the VV website.

My Take: I didn’t much care for this one, but I think that if I had the chance to review VV’s straight up Raspberry eJuice I would have loved it. The raspberry in this one is as authentic as I’ve tasted before. A very deep, very natural raspberry flavor that is hard to ignore. It’s the “ripple” part of the juice I didn’t care for. This could be a very “English” flavor because it is a completely new taste sensation for me.

Conclusions and Buying Advice

I can’t possibly give you the complete story on Victory Vapour by trying 3 flavors out of more than 25 they offer, but I can tell you that from the quality of their packaging, from the obvious care they put into each recipe, Victory Vapour puts out a quality product. Had I had the opportunity to choose the flavors to review I don’t think any of these 3 would have made the list, if only because they offer several flavors that I like by other brands and would have enjoyed getting an “English” take on those flavors.

Devils Juice is obviously a popular flavor in the UK, and I can see why. If you enjoy fruity flavors and are looking for one that can take you through the day this is an ideal candidate. Deep fruit flavors, an abundant amount of vapor and a more than decent throat hit, especially at only 8mg of nicotine.

I enjoyed the Grape Kool-Aid much more than I thought I would, and because of that I will have to start experimenting with other grape flavors available here in the states.  As for Raspberry Ripple, well, I’m hoping that in the coming days or weeks some of you might have had a chance to try this flavor and offer your take on it. In fact, if any of you have vaped Victory Vapour before I’d love to get your take on any of the flavors they have. And if e-Liquid subscriptions were common in the UK I’d enjoy hearing your comments on that as well. To be completely open, there are a couple, maybe even three or four, brands that I buy from each month and if I had the opportunity to sign up for a subscription for a certain number of bottles of flavors that I know I will continue using a subscription would be fantastic. I can’t count the number of times I have realized I was down to the last 3 or 4ML of one of my must-have e-Liquids and cursed the fact that I have to rush to the website, place and order, and hope it arrives soon enough so that I don’t run out. Sadly, I run out a lot. And the possibility of getting a bit of a discount by subscribing is icing on the cake.

My experience with just 3 flavors from Victory Vapour precludes me from suggesting that our American readers take the time and the expense to order from them, I would need to review several more of their e-Liquids in order to draw any kind of conclusion on their character profile, but if you decide to do so there are definitely no flags on the play on my end. Victory Vapour is a solid company from what I can tell, and the quality is there.

Tom McBride