Top E-Liquid Brands You Haven’t Tried Yet

As Spinfuel VAPE’s audience in the UK continues to grow, we think it’s important to bring more original content aimed at UK Vapers. Today we bring several very popular e-liquid brands and flavours that many people may not have tried, but should have.

More and more people are starting off with the more exotic and interesting flavours when they get into vaping. Despite menthol and tobacco being firm favourites still, once you move away from pre-filled pod kits and into a set-up with a tank, you’re open to a much wider variety. With so many brands to choose from it can be difficult to find a new one to settle on, much less a specific flavour. If you prefer something a little more underground or want to try the latest juices before anyone else, we’ve rounded up the top brands to try that you probably haven’t already.

E-Liquid Brands You Should Have Known About

Nasty Juice:

Nasty Juice are still one of the relatively new e-liquid brands in the vaping world, having been around since 2015. Established and based in Malaysia, they’ve created a range of e-liquids that replicate the taste of the tropics to great effect. Having picked up a number of awards at international vaping expos including Best Fruit E-Liquid and Best Menthol across Europe and the UK they’ve rapidly become a major authority in the e-liquid market.


Nasty Juice have grown their ranges significantly since their inception a few years ago and now you can try everything from pineapple or mango to traditional flavours like strawberry or grape. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Sub Ohm liquid in a big bottle or a nicotine salt for a pod kit, Nasty Juice cater to everyone. They’ve even collaborated with one of the biggest manufacturers in vaping, Aspire, to create a nic salt pod for Aspire’s Gusto kit.


With all of that in mind, if you were to choose just one flavour from Nasty Juice the pick of the bunch would have to be Cush Man, available in a shortfill and a nic salt solution. Cush Man pairs mango and mint, two of the flavour notes Nasty Juice are famed for (and have won their awards for).

Vape Dodo:

For one of the most boutique vaping experiences in the e-liquid brands available in the UK, Vape Dodo are the way to go. Created by a team of three well-travelled guys based in the UK, each e-liquid was inspired by one of their exotic destinations. Everything about this brand is unique, carefully planned and well executed. From the unique combinations of flavours to the hand drawn designs on the packaging, Vape Dodo is a one of a kind juice. It’s hard to stand out in such a well established industry where just about every flavour combination and note has been done before but Dodo captured the essence of everything from wine to yogurt.


They first released their e-liquid range back in 2017, having cultivated over 250 combinations they refined it down to just 5 for their debut. Their second range was equally as unique, comprised of just three flavours. Both ranges are large shortfills but one is for more vapour, coming in a 80:20 VG:PG ratio while their second release is ideal for people prioritising flavour with a 50:50 ratio. Out of both selections, Raspberry Moonshine is the major stand out. Combining notes of raspberries with the unusual addition of fizzy sweet wine, it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before.


Dinner Lady:

Dinner Lady have been on the market for a short while but are one of the most well known independent e-liquid manufacturers in their home region of the UK. Since their arrival to the vape scene back in 2016 they’ve enjoyed huge success with ranges including dessert inspired flavours, a Summer Holidays range and a Sweets range. Their Lemon Tart is their best known flavouras well as being their best seller. It even won the vapers choice award for Best Juice at the Vapouround Awards. It goes without saying Lemon Tart is an obvious choice to try if you haven’t already. As with all popular flavours it comes in multi-packs of pre-mixed 10mls, a shortfill and a nic salt so anyone can enjoy it, regardless of how they vape.


However, if you’re looking for something new to try, there’s another dessert vape almost anyone could appreciate. Strawberry Macaroon is made for Sub Ohm vaping and, like all their ranges, is an accurate flavour profile to the real life sweet treat. The flavours of sugared strawberries paired with almond and a light pastry note strike just the right balance between fruit and dessert to cater to a wider range of vapers palates.


Ohm Boy:

Oxford Vapours were established back in 2012 and since then have created other e-liquid brands like Ohm Boy, a boutique brand from the UK with a growing range of unique flavours. The packaging is never the same between ranges and nor are the flavours – their core range included notes like bubblegum, ice cream, coffee and lemonade. Following on from that their Volume II range was made to be more representative of quintessentially British flavours. Like any of the most unusual independent brands, their selection is smaller and more carefully cultivated. Ohm Boy’s Cosmic Coffee won Best Breakfast at Vape Scandinavia in 2018 making it a stand out to try.


If breakfast or coffee vapes aren’t your thing, the Rhubarb, Raspberry and Orange Blossom is a clear stand out. The savoury and almost sour note of rhubarb makes for an unusual flavour, paired with a more familiar raspberry and a floral note of orange blossom it’s sweet while still being refreshing. The whole Origins II range embodies crisp and fruity notes and they’re also available in a larger bottle for Sub Ohm vaping as well as nic salts for those of you looking for a stronger hit.


If you’ve made the switch from smoking to vaping, chances are good e-liquid brands are one of the factors that helped you do it. Aside from delivering the nicotine to your system that your body was craving when you quit, e-liquids are there to add flavour and enjoyment to your vaping experience. Whether you just want something fresh off the production line or are looking for a whole brand to delve into that you haven’t tried before, you can’t go wrong with any we’ve recommended here.