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Spinfuel Choice Award 2013UPDATE: January 14th, 2013 – Spinfuel has proudly awarded Prime Vaping with seven (7) Spinfuel Choice Awards! Out of the 12 flavors submitted for review back in July of 2012, seven (7) flavors were worthy of the Choice Award, an outstanding achievement! To read more about the Spinfuel Choice Awards click here.

Jon Pfiester, owner of Prime Vaping, is young and passionate, and ready to fight for the eCig community. For such a young man (he’s 21 years young), and a young company (launched in December 2010), he is making great strides in creating a strong and viable company. And he is well on his way.

Making sure that his product is safe and always fresh, Jon takes every aspect of eJuice production very seriously. Spotless prep areas, FDA approved flavoring, and American made ingredients are just some of the ways Prime Vaping is making sure that each and every customer receives the best eJuice possible. These things are critical to a successful company.

Born in Boca Raton, FL (translated as “Mouth of the rat” for those of you that are not familiar with South Florida), Jon and his family moved to Woodstock GA 7 years ago. In addition to his passion for eCigs and eJuice, Jon is also passionate about web development and graphic design, though Prime Vaping has grown so fast that it has been his full time occupation since the launch.

Jon doesn’t take shortcuts with the quality of his eJuice, each bottle is prepared ‘to order’, with only fresh American-made ingredients (even the nicotine is American) so that when the eLiquid arrives at its destination it is as fresh as could possibly be. Sure, Jon could mix his eJuice by the batch, but in order to maintain the strictest of quality control, he insists making sure each and every bottle has his personal attention.

The Review


Prime Vaping sent over a dozen (12) flavors for review. There was a mix of PG/VG values, as you will see, and all were 24% nicotine. Depending on the flavor and the PG/VG mix, the throat hits ranged from light to moderate, with a couple even reaching ‘strong’. Vapor production was excellent for all 12 flavors.

The eLiquids, for the most part, are more thick than thin, but still easily dropped into our cartomizers with little to no effort. As for prices, they are on par to other American-made eLiquids currently being offered by other brands we’ve reviewed, and will review in the next 2 weeks. A tad more than Chinese produced eJuice, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing its American-made by someone that truly cares about the product…well, that’s priceless, isn’t it?

Bottles start at 6ML in size for $4.50 (at 6ML this size is more a sampler size then anything) and go up to 10ML ($6) and jumps to 30ML for $16. ($16 for 30ML is quite a bargain for the quality we sampled) Nicotine ranges go from “zero” to 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30MG. There is also an option for “extra flavor” for just fifty cents more. While the flavors were always plentiful it’s a nice option for those looking for that extra “something”.

Under each flavor you have the option to leave a comment once you’ve tried it, and we always like to suggest that customers take advantage of that for the benefit of other customers, and the eLiquid company. While we remind all our readers that taste is very subjective, if you see a particular flavor with rave reviews you can usually be assured that you’re really going to like it.

Finally, Prime Vaping offers a great inventory system that allows you to see exactly what they have in stock so that you don’t get your heart set on vaping a new flavor that you are really looking forward to and then seeing that dreaded “back order” in an email. This is something all eLiquid brands should do.

The Team

This time out our review team consisted of John Manzione, Julia Barnes, and Tom McBride. Equipment used in this review consisted of:

  1. ProVape ProVari Mini – 510 Cartomizers and Texas Tuff Tanks.
  2. Apollo TGo
  3. Vapor King Storm
  4. NicStick eGo-T
  5. Various batteries, KR808-1 and 510 from Halo Cigs.
  6. Cartomizers supplied by Vape Dudes, Apollo eCigs & Halo eCigs
  7. DCT’s by Vape Dudes, Totally Wicked, and Apollo eCigs

As always the team vaped Prime Vaping flavors exclusively, for a period of 72 hours. Cartomizers, tanks and cartridges were filled 24 hours prior to the review period.

After 72 hours the team met for more than 2 hours to go over their findings and to do some informal, on the spot vaping. For the purpose of this review flavors were picked at random… That being the case we begin with:

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Strawberry: 50/50 PG/VG 24MG Described by Prime Vaping as “Sweet wild Strawberry flavor. An easy all day vape, very smooth, sweet, and great with many other flavors.” So, what did the team think?

Julia: 5 Stars – Absolutely delightful! One of the best strawberry flavors I’ve ever had. Smooth and creamy, loads of flavor. It doesn’t get any better than this. Definitely an all-day vape for me!

John: 5 Stars – The only other strawberry flavors I’ve tasted were from prefilled cartomizers supplied by branded eCigs. This is a whole different level! Full of flavor, and tons of vapor, Strawberry was very very nice indeed!

Tom: 5 Stars – As a fruity flavor Strawberry was very good. I really enjoyed the throat hit and the vapor production, and the taste was pretty good too, for a fruity vape.

Root Beer Float50/50 PG/VG 24MGDescribed by Prime Vaping as “This flavor is spot on, it took some tweaking but we finally made a match. Enjoy a wonderful Root Beer Float without the brain freeze.” And the team says…

Julia: 5 Stars – An excellent Root Beer Float! I grew up on root beer floats and this is the exact same flavor. I don’t know how they did it, but I agree with their description exactly.

John: 4 Stars – As a root beer float this is an excellent flavor. Definitely got the root beer flavor down tight. My only problem is root beer is a tad too sweet for me as an all day vape, but it would work as a desert vape every time.

Tom: 4 Stars – I agree with John, excellent root beer flavoring. I also liked the vapor production on this one as well as the throat hit. A mild throat hit but exactly what a desert vape needs.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Pink Elephant: 50/50 PG/VG 24MGPrime Vaping says this is their first ‘candy’ flavored juice, “it tastes like Pixie sticks, nerds, bazooka gum or even what a 1UP on Mario would taste like.” Well team? Your thoughts?

Julia: 5 Stars! My-oh-my this is DELICIOUS! This is the flavor I could not put down. I had to move on to the next flavor in order to meet the deadline and almost blew it. Yes, it’s sweet, but more than that, it’s really candy flavored! My favorite of the twelve.

John: 5 Stars – I wasn’t looking forward to this one at all because something described as candy just had to be too sweet. I vaped this flavor first to get it out of the way. Boy was I wrong. This flavor is awesome. Pixie sticks in a vapor, no doubt about it. And, it wasn’t too sweet; in fact it was just sweet enough.

Tom: 5 Stars – Candy people, candy! Way too sweet for me, but their description fits perfectly. So for that reason they are getting the 5 Stars. Well, that and the fact that people looking for a candy-like vape are going to love this flavor! I felt like I needed to brush my teeth afterwards, that’s how sweet it seemed to be. I will admit that anyone looking for a candy-flavored vape would die over this one.

Nostalgia: 70/30 PG/VG 24MGPrime Vaping says this about Nostalgia; “Natural Tobacco E-Liquid version of The 8th Wonder flavor. Same great Malted Chocolate mixed with our Natural Tobacco.” Did the team agree?

Julia: 3 Stars – You know what ruined this one for me? The Malted Chocolate. I think their tobacco would have been fine without it, or maybe just chocolate, but you really get that malted chocolate flavor. If malted milk is your thing, you’ll love it. Unfortunately for me, this was not a good balance.

John: 3 Stars – I think Julia was exactly right; the malted chocolate was too heavy for this tobacco flavor. I did not enjoy it, though their description fit well.

Tom: 4 Stars: I’m rating this a 4 Star flavor because their undertones of tobacco was quite good. I like malted milkshakes, so the malt didn’t bother me. I don’t think I would add this one to my rotation because PV makes better tobacco blends, but it wasn’t bad at all.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Last Tango70/30 PG/VG 24MGPrime Vaping says “An E-Liquid that was tested, approved and loved by Last Tango, we couldn’t be happier to have his name on the label.LT said it best, “it’s luxurious, velvety and still retains its boldness.”This is a unique bold tobacco with a defined sweetness. This is a new tobacco blend to our growing line of natural tobaccos.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I have no idea who or what “Last Tango” is, but whoever it is sure knows there way around a tobacco vape. A bit too bold for me, but still a great vape.

Jason: 5 Stars – The description of Last Tango fits like a glove. It is a luxurious vape. I love a sweet tobacco ejuice at times and while vaping this flavor I was vaping a bit of the gods. Honestly, I have no idea why John doesn’t like Last Tango.


John: 3 Stars – I didn’t like this one. The tobacco had a kind of muddy flavoring; to me it didn’t know who it wanted to be. I know that sounds silly, but it’s the best I can do. I couldn’t identify it as a good tobacco blend, there was something else in there, but I have no idea what it is.


Tom: 5 Stars – Un-freaking-believable! Probably one of the best straight up tobacco flavors I’ve had in quite a while. I don’t know who Last Tango is either, but I want his list of favorite vapes!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Boston Crème Pie50/50 PG/VG 24MGDescribed by Prime Vaping as, “It is a true Boston Cream Pie (cake). Flavor will knock your socks off and have you doing back flips. You may think you are eating a rich piece of Boston Cream Pie.” It should also be known that this is an original flavor by Prime Vaping, not just a variation on a theme as most eJuice blends are. Did the team go for it?

Julia: 5 Stars – Here’s the thing, when I looked at the bottle (before the cartomizers were made) my mind read it as “Banana Crème Pie”, so when I began vaping it my mind expected banana flavors and it wasn’t there. So at first I didn’t like it all. When I told Tom that it lacked any banana taste he remarked that it shouldn’t since it was a Boston Crème Pie. The very next drag my brain corrected itself and I knew instantly what it was. This was more than incredible. This is art.

John: 5 Stars – Being from New Hampshire I’m very familiar with Boston Crème Pie. I love Boston Crème Pie. This WAS Boston Crème Pie! Amazing achievement!

Tom: 5 Stars – I loved this flavor, but I swear I’ve never had Boston Crème Pie. After vaping this for a while I drove down to Pubix and bought an actual Boston Crème Pie because I wanted to know how close they got with their original flavor. Perfectly! I’m not much of a desert guy, but both the actual pie and this flavor were amazing! I discovered something new to me, how cool is that?

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Peach Tobacco: 70/30 PG/VG 24MGDescribed by Prime Vaping as “Sweet juicy peach blended perfectly with our natural tobacco.” Did the team agree?

Julia: 5 Stars – I’ve had several Peach Tobacco’s in the past few weeks and this is every bit as good as the best of them. Nice rich tobacco flavor with a good solid peach underneath. Loved it.

John: 5 Stars – Peach tobacco is becoming a staple for many eLiquid brands, and the reason is if its done well it is a delicious all day vape. Prime Vaping did it well. An excellent take on a common blend.

Tom: 5 Stars – They have a really good tobacco base flavor. Throw in some peach and you’ve got a great all-day vape. I was sorry to see this one go. I’ll get more, and soon.

Strawberry Cheesecake50/50 PG/VG 24MGPrime Vaping says “a great vape with a realistic strawberry cheesecake taste”. Did our team agree?

Julia: 3.5 Stars – I loved the Prime Vaping Strawberry but I’m not sold on the cheesecake part of it. Not a bad flavor, and I think it could grow on me. You do get the full effect of cheesecake with strawberries so they hit the mark.

John: 5 Stars – Love cheesecake! This has a real cheesecake flavor that is nicely topped off with their signature strawberry. A great job.

Tom: 3 Stars – I’ll agree that Prime Vaping got the taste right, this is indeed cheesecake with strawberries, but it wasn’t very agreeable with me.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Love From Above70/30 PG/VG 24MGPrime Vaping says Love from Above “is a mild tobacco E-Liquid flavor with nuances of cocoa and a little something special.” How did the team react?

Julia: 5 Stars – Love from above is the perfect name for this amazing flavor. Mild tobacco with a hint of chocolate. Delicious!

Jason: 5 Stars – The more I vape coconut the more I like it. What I like about “Love from Above” is the sweet coconut flavor. More coconut blends should have a bit more sweetness to them. Love from Above is a perfect coconut-tobacco blend.

John: 4 Stars – I liked this. Although I usually go with stronger tobacco flavors I think the hint of chocolate gave it that extra shove. Definitely a vape for all day vaping.

Tom: 5 Stars – Well, you know me and tobacco flavors! I agree with John, the tobacco was mild, and smooth, and the chocolate gave it the punch it needed.

PV4: 70/30 PG/VG 24MG – Prime Vaping says; “Our version of the Popular and well known RY4, we took it up a notch. We mixed our Exotic Natural Tobacco with the utmost perfect Caramel & Vanilla, this is a signature blend of ours so you know we threw in a little something special.” And the team says;

Julia: 3.5 Stars – I have never really liked any RY4, too much like a real cigarette and when I dumped analogs I wanted nothing to do with an actual cigarette taste. Although better, much better, than a cigarette taste it still reminded me of one. It got too real. (she actually said this –ed)

John: 5 Stars – Oh Julia, so dramatic! This is NOT RY4, this is so much better. A bold tobacco flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla, just absolutely perfect! Live a little!

Tom: 5 Stars – This is what it’s all about for me. A rich, deeply satisfying tobacco flavor that I could vape forever. I can’t say enough about it, so I won’t even try. If RY4 is your thing make the switch to PV4 now.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Oasis: 35/65 PG/VG 24MG – Prime Vaping offers a simple, elegant, description of Oasis, “Smooth, creamy rich vape with an enjoyable tobacco background.” Does it jive with the team?

Julia: 5 Stars – The description fits perfectly; a creamy, rich vape. Very natural. I enjoyed it immensely.

John: 5 Stars – This flavor is more mild than rich, but still something quite nice. I could easily add this to my list of all-day vapes. The only reason its getting 4 Stars instead of 5 is that while it is an excellent vape it didn’t stick with me. I had to vape a little more in the meeting to remind myself what it tasted like.

Tom: 5 Stars – A little too natural for most heavy vapers I believe, but maybe not. I truly enjoyed my time with this one, a natural tobacco that delivers a decent throat hit for mostly a VG blend.

Chill Out 70/30 PG/VG 24MG – Described by Prime Vaping, as “Chill Out is a cool refreshing, peppermint vape. A semi sweet refreshing minty flavor that’ll wake your taste buds up.” Did the team agree?

Julia: 4 Stars – Definitely peppermint, and definitely better than the peppermint prefilled cartos you get from branded eCigs. As far as waking my taste buds up, it was very good, but not superb. Maybe it’s a little too cool for most people, I know it is for me.

John: 5 Stars – I hardly ever vape flavors that are described as cool or menthol tasting so I didn’t expect much from this one. That said, the peppermint was terrific. If you like peppermint than you’ll love peppermint in a vapor form. Tasted like peppermint candy.

Tom: 4 Stars – Sweet peppermint is a good vape for most people and I think that most people who go for peppermint will like this flavor a lot. However, my only dislike was that I would rather have had some tobacco flavor to it rather than a peppermint candy stick.

Final thoughts

Prime Vaping has more than 50 flavors and we’ve only scratched the surface with the dozen flavors we sampled. From our experience with these dozen flavors we have high hopes for the others. If this represents the quality and creativeness of the entire line then choosing Prime Vaping is a no-brainer.

It was unanimous that we would attempt to review the rest of the line before the end of the year, if only to let our readers know about such interesting flavors like; Almond Delight, Coconut, Cinnamon Delight, as well as some of their interesting tobacco blends such as Apple Tobacco, Kongs Vape (tobacco and banana!), and of course Natural Virginia. In the meantime, the flavors we did sample were a real pleasure.

As a courtesy to our readers Prime Vaping is offering a 15% discount to our readers on any of the flavors they offer, as well as any of the hardware and accessories! So, we recommend that you hop on over to their website and give them a try. Of the flavors we sampled our favorite was “Pink Elephant”, a real candy delight! John’s favorite by far was the Boston Cream Pie, with Pink Elephant coming up just behind it.

Upon Checkout type in the word “Spinfuel” to receive your 15% discount…on your entire order!

Lead Writer: Julia Barnes, with John Manzione and Tom McBride